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  1. Howdy all. I thought I'd start a discussion on the above position. I don't believe we haven't had anyone capable of playing this position all year, and it has probably cost us a few games. Currently we have on our list - 5 key backman (in no particular order) - Dunn, Garland, Frost, & The Macs. Now compare this to our Forwards - Hogan, Pederson, Dawes, Watts, Weed & Hulett Out of all of those keys listed only really 1 or 2 are ready to play this position now (Dawes & Pederson). Wattsy is too small and a better 3rd Tall who floats and Hogan is our FF (we are not going to rob Peter to pay Paul here). We know the Frost experiment has failed at first attempt. Dawes we know can play this position but has also failed The Mac boys are possibilities but really we are clutching at straws there (Depending on matchups I wouldn't mind T Mac playing CHF from time to time, surely he can't be much worse then Dawes & Pedo) Weeds and Hutett I have not seen live but the reports are promising - but let's be realistic these two boys need development and probably won't be ready for another preseason or 2 I believe it's our coaching groups biggest challenge at the moment. Assume we lose no key personnel over the offseason its our No.1 priority IMO to get this position right for 2017. Can anyone else see any short term solutions, I can't.
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