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  1. Umpires making things difficult so far with separate interpretations of holding the ball for each team!
  2. Scrapping the barrel here I fear. Neither Oscar or Harrison have done enough consistently at VFL level to warrant a call up. But these are desperate times so let’s hope they put in blinders or at least contribute.
  3. It was a jumping head shepherd two weeks in a row. Similar to jumping up a goal post. Nothing reportable here.
  4. Apparently God told him to do it! Can’t see how any of us can argue against what he did now that now.
  5. Odd strategy to rest him when he needs game time to build his confidence and touch?
  6. My wife, a hawks supporter attended the match and said they refused to chase or tackle hard enough, allowing the Hawks to possess the ball. They were looking for the easy ball and made no attempt to change their game plan. Thought they would just walk away with an easy win. Hard to know where the Giants are at.
  7. Except Weid didn’t play, he is injured I think.
  8. Yes had a look at it twice. He jumped off the ground to put two arms across the players face running past. An almost exact replication of last week’s assault on Shiels, so it must be unintentional again and low impact so we move on😏! Oh and his exemplary record will stay intact I suspect.
  9. Can’t kick straight for goal from set shots or snaps cant kick to a target inside 50 cant kick to the advantage of a leading forward Ball carrier tends to just bomb long from outside 50m very few forwards lead toward the ball carrier and when they do we kick it over their head no crumbing forwards who make position or have goal sense Melksham doing time in the midfield Jeffy dropping easy overhead marks need two key targets who separate in the forward 50. Where is Pruess? Other than that I can’t workout why we are crap! By the way: Where did Keilty play, he seemed to be in the ruck or on the bench?
  10. 6 Oliver 5 Harmes 4 Salem 3 Jones 2 T Mac 1 Frost
  11. How many minutes did Keilty spend forward last week? I was at the game and he seemed to be on the bench or in the middle for a good part of the second half?
  12. So he gets off because it was not intentional! Well what was he doing then? He did not need to make contact with the Essendon Player as I saw it. It wasn’t vicious by any means but it seemed deliberate contact to me. Happy for him to get off based on his exemplary record but really to overturn the MRP must give Christian the Shytes.
  13. On That shot on goal on the weekend, I said at the time watching it live I was amazed he even made contact with the ball. I haven’t watched it again but I think he was spinning it in his hands then dropped it from too high and the wrong angle onto his boot. And we saw the result, a wobbly floater. What happened to simplicity? Just drop the ball from a low height or better place it onto your foot as many indigenous players seemingly do to devastatingy effect. These people are full time professionals so there are few excuses for this [censored].
  14. 6 Harmes 5 Gawn 4 Hibberd 3 Salem 2 Oliver 1 Jones
  15. My three word analysis for this match is everytime you beat those bastard Hawks is: Everyone’s a winner End of Story.
  16. Gee being an old bastard I can remember reading about the Wedge in a Surf Magazine when I was about 10 years old and surfing at Scarborough Beach Perth all that summer. Great memories.
  17. I wouldn’t bet on that. Hey, your avatar, is that Kelly Slater pulling out of a wave at Bells last week?
  18. With that ball drop he did well to make contact!
  19. Hey we turned the disposal deficit around that quarter.
  20. Dear Uncle i am sorry I am not living at my Fitzroy address as I suspect you may already know! My inner city warehouse was invaded back in February this year by the Special Operations Group on an anonymous tip-off about synthetic drugs. The damage done is still being dealt by my insurance people, trade persons and talented designers. I am currently living in witness protection down on the Surf Coast!
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