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  1. Great training report. As a track watcher through most of last season I think the biggest challenge will be for the team to play how they train. Last year my opinion was that we consistently failed to play in a style that did not resemble how we trained. At training we moved the ball quickly but judiciously to a free target, switched across the ground to change the angle of attack, hand balled to advantage just like we all did at training in our suburban careers. However all I saw in most of our games was see ball, get ball and kick long to a contest and just keep bombing it long etc. we all saw it but as I said repeatedly last year that is not how we were training. Maybe that was all about lack of personnel, lack of faith in a constantly changing line up due to injury and form? May this season be totally different and we play how we train and bring some subtle finesse added to a physical and brutal game plan.
  2. Great example and if the momentum of that tackle took them both players forward as seems likely, the maggots would pay in the back! That is why I believe tackles should be judged for legality on where they start, not where they finish.
  3. Good to see AVB in the thick of it and looking fit, also Joel Smith looking good early with the main group drills then was sent to the rehab group to do sprints when the match sims started. Joel looks super fit to me. One guy who caught my eye was Tom Sparrow he looks like a footballer now, Built up his body, is moving beautifully and has clean hands, disposal needs some work of course. He played a few games last year but then got injured. Any thoughts from others where he might fit in?
  4. For heaven’s sake Uncle you know only too well that I have been in the Old Dart these past two weeks, not suffering the vapours but busy providing what little help and advice I can to our glorious Majesty. Oh what a tawdry affair I find at the Palace with that American upstart but the Prince is besotted so my counsel is futile, despite the fact as you know, Harry has always sought my advice in worldly affairs. Really you expect me to be involved with your petty interests and concerns at the Manor or at that lowly Demonland site when I am busy providing solace to our very own Prince Phillip. God bless his soul. How much more [censored] can he absorb from this new generation of Royal ingrates.
  5. Baker was in the rehab group on Friday. Struggled in the sprints and stood out of the agility drills. Can’t accelerate, can’t change direction? Saw him pointing to his groin muscles in discussion with one of the physio’s. I would venture a touch of osteopubis? Not a good sign on the first day back.
  6. It is interesting that the sprinklers go on before Melbourne Victory train, so the ground is soft and the grass wet. I have only been to a few soccer matches and they have had the sprinklers on before the game each time. Not sure what that is about.
  7. It looks good to me. I noticed the Punt Rd side just outside the fence is very damp so there has been plenty of water spread about recently.
  8. What from mowing the lawn? The guy can’t take a trick.
  9. Got down there today early for a short time. Everything has been covered by others but I can add that watching Baker in the timed sprints he was just going registering 5s plus while Jones was a consistent 4, as was Tomlinson and then Hannan 3.8 etc. Then the rehab group did some agility work moving quickly between cones, but not Baker who just sat to the side. At the end he was in discussion with a physio and looking at his groin muscles. May have a touch of OP?
  10. JAG!!! No way I am driving a jag, apologies to Youngwilliam but I am talking about a real car that needs an MFC sticker.
  11. I didn’t get any stickers this year. Can’t understand why as these are advertising for the club and I have a new sticker less car as well.
  12. Can’t say I am a beer man, craft or non craft. More partial to a vintage wine myself but I was just thinking there are about 6 pubs inside or very close to inside 1070 m from the Warehouse, the Rose, The Marquis of Lorne, the Robert Burns and the Gasometer, the Town Hall and the Rochester. Robby Burns used to be my public house of preference when they had the Spanish kitchen going.
  13. Yes that was the artist who pocketed the money and then ate the banana! The world gets more looney by the day.
  14. My hatred is for the dorks myself, Lethal, Dipper, Brereton....87 final loss, 88 GF and on and on.
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