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  1. Strewth as I remember it we kept selecting him in spite of his form issues as he was chasing Jimmie’s consecutive games tally? He finally dropped himself if I remember correctly to break the record run. A great talent and player who played a year too long, not sure where MFC did him an injustice?
  2. Think we will need to talk to Dad about this issue! The child will need to be disciplined!
  3. I worked back through the threads looking for an Yze thread but couldn’t find one to reopen, sorry. I happened to be chatting with Barry Rowlings ( 3 time premiership player for Hawks and Tigers if you don’t know and currently director of footy for Caulfield Grammer) today about all things footy. He proposed that Yze might be our next coach but that is just his opinion but what was of interest is that he was a big wrap for Yze’s son, playing under 14’s somewhere out there with Balwyn. Just said this kid can play! Wondering does anyone at Demonland have any intelligence on Yze jnr?
  4. Does the AFL have any rules to cover draft tampering? Obviously not it seems, GCS play hard ball for once but he gets to nominate a ridiculous front end loaded contract to put off potential suitors. Rules are too skewed toward the players at present.
  5. Oh for heaven’s sake we want all observations from anyone who attends training sessions! We want information, it will always be subjective and most of us work out the regular reporters style and preferences. What we crave is content. By the way I get there every now and then but don’t report too often because Saty and Kev have it all covered and I must admit I don’t pick up the detail they do.
  6. You forgot “gaslighting”. I had never heard of woke until last week when the term was used by Barack Obama, since then I keep hearing it from numerous right wingers re The Deputy Prime Minister and his woke inner city lunatics.
  7. Yes me too! This the second time I have attended at the advertised time 10.30 for them to finish up at 11.00. They are starting at 9.30 or earlier why advertise the wrong time repeatedly?
  8. Jamie, very talented just couldn’t find his own ball enough in a poor side as I remember. More talented than Neville but playing as a small forward his opportunities were limited in a poor side. Great to see him putting back in for young indigenous talent.
  9. And let’s hope AVB and JSmith are pushing hard to get into that first 22!
  10. Earl Hood


    He fell through the glass working as an apprentice builder I think. You know in the days when players had weekday jobs.
  11. As long as we are not playing the Suns in Darwin as the away team!
  12. If we are so hellbent on Weightman then let us hope we can split pick 8 into a pick 15 and a second rounder with someone. But really let’s just pick best available with pick 8 and forget so called needs. We have heaps of needs, but we have a half dozen so called small forward types on our list and there are a few recently delisted that we could work on. Meanwhile our key position forward stocks are as thin as!
  13. Interesting idea. First thoughts for me are third tall forward but I think Fritsch has taken first dibs on this position, that is as a half forward, with Melk/Tracc/Harmes on the other flank. So maybe a fit Joel looks to play half back or back pocket. He will need to work on it. But for what it is worth his dad made the swap from high flying, mercurial forward to dependable full back in my memory re 1992/3?
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