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  1. Yes there were at least two Dusty miraculous ball releases while being tackled that should have been penalised. Hannan’s was diabolical, then there was the obvious blocking for Lynch marks! Interesting.
  2. You did note that Townsend opportunistic goal came off Smith’s smothered kick after he made position to receive a 7 meter handball from Oliver that should have gone straight to his midriff but instead dropped to his feet. He did well to scoopthe ball up in full stride but then it got smothered. Who do you blame?
  3. The trouble with demanding excellence is you will only have a very few lining up, Max, Tracc.......the rest are mortal and need coaching and guidance.
  4. Well the AFL did announce that they would reward the tackler if the ball carrier did not release the ball when tackled. He had to make a genuine attempt to release the ball and if he did that would be play on. So as usual on the first week of the new interpretation they got it wrong. The free against Petracca in front of goal was ludicrous! Then there were two similar frees for us that were just play on. But that is footy when you keep changing the interpretations.
  5. Why blame Jones or Jetta for today’s debacle?
  6. Think about it for a minute. Jones in next week might just provide some on field leadership but even more importantly Jones so often provides an option, a release for a player under pressure. That was a real problem today, players getting the ball surrounded by Tigers and either coughing it up or going for a laser like pass to a player that was often covered. Why did so many 50/50 chaos balls in contention that were slapped, punched or kicked to no target nearly always go to a Tiger on the outside? Says a lot about our game strategy.
  7. On a related note I intend to watch the replay to count the number of times Reiwolt blocked a Demon defender, usually Smith to let Lynch take a mark unopposed in the forward 50. I thought with 3 umpires they were cracking down on this stuff but not this week.
  8. Well I was saying that Goodwin should make a statement so I would drop Oliver myself. Brayshaw and Viney are limited players but trying hard. I am sure Oliver is trying but he is potentially elite but not getting better, something is not right, maybe he needs a wake up call? Give him a rest to reflect and get some hunger. We are shot for the season, let’s face it so I would be trying some new talent and maybe even Jones comes in because our on field leadership is rubbish.
  9. Didnt have a great game and the smothered kick out of defence that resulted in an opportunist goal wasn’t all his fault, he made position for an Oliver handpass. Oliver was under some pressure and managed to give off a 7m handball to a running Smith’s feet that he gathered well but the delay was enough for Tigers to intercept. Not sure what was going on with Oliver but he had a 27 possession shocker! Repeated kicks and handballs to no one at best and opposition at worst. But OK he still gets to the contest, that is something Viney used to do, but he seems to have dropped off.
  10. I think I would make a statement and drop one of Oliver or Brayshaw and bring in one of the young mids, Dunkley, Jordan or Sparrow and we have to bring in Weideman, let’s see what he has got.
  11. Well I thought TMac did do that last week on a number of occasions and watching the game again he did. But he needs tall support to spread the defence, he was double teamed all day but was competitive. Our mid sized forwards struggle because our delivery is poor and they aren’t exceptional in the air or on the ground. Melk crumbed a couple for snaps but only kicked points. Kossie looks dangerous but needs more games under his belt and I wonder if we are better to have Bedford up forward for the chaos ball rather than one of Hunt, Melk, Hannan, AVB?
  12. Interesting I watched the game again to look at our ball movement and we do seem to have a problem seeing the best loose man option down back and obviously up forward. I thought one of our problems for years is players who don’t present as an option forward of the ball carrier and I believe it is still not perfect. However watching the replay we often had players running into space but were ignored by the ball carrier who then kicked down the line. I noticed Lockhart repeatedly running into space to be an option only to be ignored by the carriers. Is it that hard to see free options at ground level? It’s too long since I played and back then you just kicked it forward so I can’t remember. Reminds me of when we used to see Jack Watts alone on the half forward line yelling out for the ball only to see Maloney or Jones bomb it long to a contest. Things don’t change much.
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