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  1. The replay showed Lever probably letting go an expletive but to the ground in frustration, it wasn’t directed at the umpire, certainly not in his face but he gives a 50 penalty saying Lever knows what words he said. What now players have watch their words, nothing vulgar or it’s a 50? The umpiring started to even up in the second and third Quarters but again deteriorated in the last, after the 9 to 0 fiasco of the first Q. All their decisions were arbitrary all day for both sides but we got the rough end of the 50/50’s that is for sure.
  2. Lockhart needed a rest last week, let alone this week. But who would you bring in?
  3. BT saying the breeze has swung to favour our end for the third quarter! Can we take advantage, does our coaching staff realise this (if true).
  4. Umpires gave us a fair go that quarter and we kicked straightish to get back into it. also I love how both Ryan and Rioli have flown on top of packs taking out defenders with no realistic attempt at the ball, allowing Their big forwards to Mark unopposed. OK by the umps it seems.
  5. So Darling gets their first shot at that end and aims left post and goals!
  6. Interesting that BT said from the start that you have to aim at left post at our end and we have missed right 3 times. Nothing wrong with Lewis’s action they just can’t read the breeze. Petty misses as well. Unprofessional by our forward coaches it looks to me.
  7. Geelong has been infected by our goal kicking yips. Missed 3 in a row from inside 30m almost dead in front! Then misses a fourth on the run from 30.
  8. What’s the go with Bedford? He looks pretty sharp at training, moves well and has clean hands but his stats in games are not good. Just can’t get his hands on the ball any reasons?
  9. They just showed the last 3 minutes on Fox to review the umpiring and it was exemplary, the umps let it flow and Freo got up by a point. In total contrast to the Brisbane effort. Yes there were a number of technical frees that could have been paid but none where a player was definitely infringed to put them out of a contest so it was play on. That is how umpiring should be executed, especially in the last 15 minutes of a tight contest.
  10. The umpiring is a total mess. That second last free against Thompson just sums it up. I nudge the biggest bloke in the side, not the back, take the mark and get pinged, really for in the back, umpires please note about 10 other examples of a similar nudge in the same match that were deemed legal, but no that’s quibbling.
  11. The stats say our problems are up forward. The midfield is still winning contests and clearances but conversion inside 50 is woefull. We know delivery has been haphazard for much of the season, just bombing it long to a pack and hoping for a mark from TMac, Weid or Max if he is there. For 90% of those bombs the ball has spilled to ground and come straight back out and shown up our lack of two way running. Time and time again I have asked where are our crumpers, goal sneaks, they don’t seem to exist unfortunately. Now it has occurred to me that the 20 or so times I have attended training this year I have never seen us simulate what is happening every game day, that is having our small forwards roving off packs to shark the spilled ball and kick a goal. All our game simulation has us moving the ball quickly and finding a forward target. Great practice but it is not happening game day and our small forwards are not learning or practicing to crumb off a pack. Just an observation, we are not practicing like we are playing up forward.
  12. Yes DC I watched Footy Classified where she labelled our injury excuses pathetic, although I don’t know that the club has officially been claiming that as the main issue, others in the media have but there was the Misson injury analysis given to the board that got out I suppose. But then Caro just 10 minutes later was defending the GWS’s drop off in performance listing their injuries over the past 3 years! I mean injuries do make a difference and if any team could cover injuries it should be GWS with their extensive list of high draft picks, surely. Injuries don’t fully explain our fall from grace but they are part of the equation and I was not aware of Goodwin going on and on about them.
  13. You have to shake your head with the Fossil, Sam. At one point he lists the various days celebrating minorities like the indigenous or same sex people and then asks as a WASP male when is it my time! Sam when it has never been your time you dolt! Look at your life, private school education, 300 games of elite sport, millions earned in the media as a so called footy expert and character, come sporting legend. Sam it has always been about you! For a guy who achieved so much he has the IQ of a peanut.
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