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  1. As far as im concerned, the deal is over, Freo have no early !st round pics to trade now. Hogan is easily 2 Early first rounders. He stays with us and win a flag next year.
  2. Havent been in the finals for 11 years and the first time we look like making it, i have a holiday booked for all of September in Canada. Who would of thought?
  3. Wrong colour jumpers mate, imagine that was Bernie Vince that hit some one in the head.
  4. They are cooked, right on track for 100 point loss.
  5. Fellow Demonlanders, I don't post on here often, but after reading and hearing about the Howe situation, I feel I must, Who does this bloke think he is? He is not Judd or Abblett. FFS what has he done to warrant all this attention? He can go to the Filth next door and be just as bad as he is now. Just imagine him and that other [censored] Elliot flying for the same marks while there opponents run away with the crumb while they are still picking themselves up off the ground. MFC will deal with whichever club he want to go with but the deal will have to suit us so a straight swap for Ben Kennedy wont get it done you Collingwood scumbags. I am over all these footballers thinking they are bigger than the game and clubs. There is a name for bloke like you Howe, its Mercenary. get your money and [censored] off.
  6. Is it just me or does Salem remind anybody else of Yze. Very similar types and seem to be developing in the same way. Yze went to half back early on in his career and then went midfield. He is going to be a really good player. If you watch Ross presser what he says is exactly right, last year or the year before, we would of got smashed but at least 15-20 goals, improvement is not just about winning, although that would be nice, we have the building blocks of a good quality team here, they need to keep working hard and stay together.
  7. Watts must be a chance to play at Casey this week. He was shocking on the weekend. Not sure why he trained in the midfield group all summer not to play in there. Put him in the centre and give him a job on someone all day. Needs a couple of big game I think if he wants to be with Melbourne in the future.
  8. What about Jack Viney in 12? That would be cool.
  9. He takes stabs at us because we are an easy target. We haven't been awarded a PP yet so the other clubs a whinging about nothing. Image the uproar if the AFL actually give us the PP. Personally,i don't want one. If we don't get the PP, it shifts the focus of the rest of the clubs to some other issue that s going on, hopefully not at the MFC. Some of the other clubs understand and agree that the AFL should help MFC with cash, they need 18 clubs and a club called Melbourne in a national competition. But I do agree with you Deez, that Damien Barret is a giant [censored].
  10. Count me in, who dosent want to play golf instead of working. Which course do you have in mind?
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