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  1. Thanks mate. Look forward to it. Finished 253rd last year so I'm back with a vengeance!!
  2. Would like to have a go again. I didn't participate last year or I don't think the year before (?) in the Demonland SC comp but have done previously. Team name is Megalomaniacs. Thanks.
  3. Hey DeeVoted. Keen to go again. Team name last year was Megalomaniacs. Thanks
  4. I must admit the first thing I looked for was where he had placed any (playing) Bombers players. I was surprised to not see any there. Thought he might have snuck a Goddard or Daniher in there somewhere.
  5. Going through the 2016 AFL Prospectus. At the same age Ollie Wines is averaging more contested possessions than Fyfe, Judd, Selwood and Pendles at the the same age! What an amazing stat. Let it sink in. Yes I'm still shitty. What could have been. And to everyone that tells me "move on" - get stuffed.
  6. Like getting Danger, another Selwood, Henderson, Zac Smith wasn't enough. Not their fault I know but it puts a cherry on top for their top 4 aspirations. Frustrates me
  7. Hi Deevoted. Beast Mode here. Count me in again. I will have a different team name but will advise you when I think of one. Thanks for organising this.
  8. You can accept training and in game injuries. They happen. But these sorts of injuries are inexcusable quite frankly. Roos has every right to be shitty.
  9. We need Dom Tyson to get back to his 2014 form. I am referencing the club website here but he finished 2nd in our B&F and polled 11 Brownlow votes (3 times three votes in a losing side) in 2014. It's fair to say he stagnated last season but he has got the the talent. I am tipping a marked improvement in 2016.
  10. Jack Watts has had more than enough opportunities to prove his worth to Melbourne FC. Unfortunately due to our dismal situation this past decade he has been given games where, if he was in a stronger team those opportunities would not have been there. He is a soft footballer and I have NEVER seen that mongrel instinct that other players have and surely 2016 is his make or break year. I actually wish he was offloaded last year but he wasn't so I will support him, but I have zero confidence in him finding that desperation required to become the footballer many thought he would be.
  11. Thx for the pics Six6Six. Awesome. It's especially helpful for us country or interstate guys that can't get to Melbourne to see them training in the flesh.
  12. Where are you located Gorgoroth? I'm in Ballarat and got mine yesterday.
  13. Is it just me or does Parish have that Scully, Gysberts, Toumpas build that cost us so badly a few years ago when recruiting whippets was the way of the future. We all know how that panned out.
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