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  1. I just want him actually on the field all season. This is a positive step, hope he keeps moving forward
  2. I mean sure give them an assistence package but if the same people are in charge of gold coast who did the awful deal with Brisbane and crap deal with Freo what can we expect except a stupid deal with geelong being the icing on the cake (Gold Coast is taking the theme 'Bottom Feeder' to a new level.. not just loosing good players a few years after drafting, loosing them before they have even drafted them for crap all return hahaha).
  3. If we can split and get ports pick between the hawks and dogs i think we split (as picket or weightman will be there still). Otherwise go witht he flow.
  4. I've always thought that the plank isn't that good of an exercise as the ability to consciously contract the muscles is poor after a short (20/30seconds). As a result the plank very quickly starts challenging tissues of the body it shouldn't be (ligaments etc) rather than the muscles of the core. I much prefer the idea of 10x 30sec planks with like a 3second down reset and up phase. Just my random thoughts
  5. Or until the GF - aka richmond last year haha
  6. I like the idea of him, but can he even run anymore? what's his base conditioning like (should we be treating him like a player out of the U18's and not plan to play him at all)? Happy to get as i don't think there is potential talent on list, expecting nothing, but if he manages to regain conditioning and can actually play well - well that's great (i.e. thinking trengrove at this stage and hope for pre injury Bennell).
  7. We can live trade. so why don't we wait till the night, then when pick 7 goes and we see if the player we wanted at 8 is there. If he is then we don't swap, if he isn't then we consider the swap. But really it's not worth it relative to what we gave up to North to then swap with Gold coast. I.e. say we finish outside the 8 and get pick 9 next year. We traded 9, 26 and 50 for 8. To then give up 8 for 15 and 20 means we gave up 9, 26 and 50 for 15 and 20 😕 (and if we actually finish worse it's an awful trade lol).
  8. Yea. the article was saying that he may go back to where he came (like the geelong ruckman who is back at the Suns).
  9. SEN reporting GWS is likely to pick him up
  10. I had a dream last night we got Young at 3 and Kemp at 8 (would be happy with that).
  11. My bad - I'll bar myself from posting for a week or two as a fitting punishment haha. I wish he was coming to us though.
  12. I'm unsure whether M Rosas was ever coming to us - e.g. this website mentions nothing about it (sounds like hes going to the draft and this rule change now gives him to gold coast - nothing about us): https://www.aflnt.com.au/news/2019/rosas-invited-to-2019-afl-draft-combine Although his highlights are quite nice - rioli like: https://www.facebook.com/ntfootball/videos/818462481860553/
  13. I never like any players highlights. But i am also warry of players who are more physically built for their age getting an advantage over others (Serong is a short tank relative to the other players). Hopefully melbourne pick the best player.
  14. Unless the player we want at 3 is there at 6. Then we get a free 1st/second round pick in next years draft. E.g. Young might be the logical pick 3, and say we want serong or another.. makes it interesting.
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