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  1. Think it's too late now. If we had of gone for him instead of a may then sure. But with May and Lever to come in can't see us going for him. Woul've been keen last year though (similar for darcy moore).
  2. I think Josh needs to clean up his 1v1 work and tackling. Heeney out bodied him to come in and mark in the forward line over the melbourne player who was lose - if he keeps heeney out we have an uncontested mark. The high tackle and free-kick goal in the first quarter (i think) - he knew he tackled him poorly and hopefully goes lower next time. As both were in the backline they stick out & i hate those sort of errors. I haven't seen enough of corey to make an opinion of him as yet.
  3. CLearly we need to play on at all costs, when we dont stop we play exciting footy..
  4. But it goes back to wagner not being able to outboddy heeney - wagner has done SFA so far
  5. Glad flranklin missed but they were sooo clean.. amazing how clean they were - its the difference.
  6. Disapointing start with 3 late goals from sloppy possession by us and clean by them. I bet the oppo have that sticky stuff on their hands whereas we don't. Hopefully sopmehting changes after quarter time.
  7. My issue with this is putting his hands up afterward - which is a clear sign to the umpires that he did something wrong.. Keep your hands down and pretend you did nothing wrong!
  8. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-08-06/future-trading-given-goahead-but-with-restrictions Not sure if this has been since updated but it says: Clubs can trade one year in the future only. - Clubs must make at least two first-round selections in each four-year period. If they don't, they will face restrictions from trading any further first-round draft picks. - If a club trades a future first-round selection, it may not trade any other future selection from that same draft. But if a club keeps its future first-round selection, it can trade any of its future selections from other rounds. So by this article i would think trading a third round pick won't affect their ability to trade their first round pick too. Plus we know hawthorn got omera even though they had already traded too may first round picks. So if the AFL will bend the rules for the Hawks then this is still a viable option.
  9. And May has been painted as a bit of a negative influence for thier young team, so although hes worth pick 5, they wouldn't want him to be there for just one more year (due to that negative influence on him). I think MFC is fair so will do it for pick 5 and maybe KK gets included in it as the sweetener.
  10. So pick 5 and 11 for hogan (if neale gets traded and hogan wants to go). Would we be happy with that? we paid 3 and 12, so similar to what we paid. I think gold coast would want pick 5, but i reckon dees keep 5 and say 11 and our next pick and get a 3rd round back
  11. Don't forget that Hogan is a restricted free agent next year (surely hes in top 25% of earners at club). So if freo and the media think we will get him for nothing next year they are wrong.
  12. Or think Kelly next year as a restricted free agent, if GWS match us having the dockers and our own first round pick available next year pretty much makes it a done deal to us
  13. id guess at May and Kolodjashnij for Hogan is being floated. I'd still want more, but thats just me. KPF are harder to find than other players. Although on the opposite if freo wait one year and hogan leaves for restricted free agency we'd get crap all (so hoping we play hard ball.
  14. Watched the wash-up on the AFL website and M Lloyd said: O Mac isn't a number 1 defender If may comes he thinks May, Lever and Frost is a better combo than May, O-Mac and Lever (which i like the idea of more). To me Frost is just so exciting/a point of difference with his speed (sure he can drop a simple mark or two, but this second half of the season hes been hitting targets by hand and foot, whilst still dropping some easy marks lol).. O-mac is solid, good at out-bodying smaller opponents 1v1 and when we control the midfield looks like a general down back. Just need Hogan to let us know what his thoughts are.
  15. I actually felt Smith was having a break out game when he was injured. I saw great kicks, pressure, dash and thought he was finally looking above average in the position (and bang shoulder). My point is that last week dom Tyson was ranked worst on the AFL app statistically for any person in our team playing as a winger/not a midfielder (week before 4th worst). I saw him being played out of position and i thought that it was a weakness in the team (not a strength that he could go through the midfield and make us bat deeper). My thought is that we have a number of elite midfielders who i want in the middle when they are on the ground. If we play dom in the middle then these better midfielders have to be played in another position FOR SOME PART OF THE MATCH (and we go from being super elite, to above average in that area). A little like having hogan, petracca, salem, ANB in the middle earlier in the year - that's great that they can play there, but in my view by playing them their and our first choice midfielders in other positions we lost a big advantage. Yes there will need to be rotations but i haven't seen dom as being involved in those starting midfield rotations from memory (did anyone see him in a center bounce?). As a result, I see a strength having Smith come in and swapping Fritsch to the wing (team balances out a lot better). I see Smith > Fritsch as a defender (bigger, stronger and faster - can't kick the ball as well though). I see Fritsch > Tyson as a winger (every statistic required for that role & better disposal going inside 50). But i also understand we might want stability and if we make no changes i can understand (& won't be unhappy as smith has been out injured / may have lost some touch, which we can't afford). I've always felt that when viney came back at the start of the year we were 1 contested ball midfielder too heavy (and tyson was dropped, but then viney got injured again and our team had a much better make up with tyson in for viney). Either way i hope we play well & win
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