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  1. I never like any players highlights. But i am also warry of players who are more physically built for their age getting an advantage over others (Serong is a short tank relative to the other players). Hopefully melbourne pick the best player.
  2. Unless the player we want at 3 is there at 6. Then we get a free 1st/second round pick in next years draft. E.g. Young might be the logical pick 3, and say we want serong or another.. makes it interesting.
  3. It's okay, if we finish last we get a priority pick right? Gold coast made a few shocking trades and traded away picks like this and got rewarded, so i'd be looking forward to getting pick 1 too
  4. And don't forget the benefit is getting someone a year earlier and putting that year into getting them ready etc. Although i can't see a draftee improving us too greatly (if it does it shows how far off our entire list is). I'm not confident in us rebounding either, this year was such a drop off and the lack of possession chains through poor disposal/tactics worries me no end. Fingers crossed we rebound well.
  5. 2 years, two pick ones for sweet FA lol. Well played.
  6. I have faith in Petty being able to cover lever as the intercept/ second tall - think a lot on here are underrating him :). But yes sad to see him go, hope we have fewer injuries next year.
  7. It's funny, we want to give up next years second, but that pick might help us get King next year if we want him. By giving it up we hurt our chances (maybe we are no chance anyway).
  8. Someone suggested Noah Bolta for the Blues on the radio. He did do well against us lol.
  9. I think the obvious move is to go for freo's 2 first rounders for our pick 3. Say 3 for 7 and 18 - suits our needs best, but they would want something in return. Or go 3 for 7 and langdon (probably we win that one) or 3 for 12, langdon and a later 3rd round pick).
  10. My issue is everyone is saying saints need to clear space to get king. If we grab him we have no room for king (salary cap wise). So if we want king it's a no, if they want a second round pick (one to Freo and one to saints to me is a no as well as the draft is so even this year especially). But the club will do whatever it wants.
  11. I'd personally take it with the aim of going for ben king next year and having multiple 1st round picks available.
  12. I want to give him a good 10 matches to start the seasonon the wing and see how it pans out. With Langdon on the other we hopefully start to get more 2-way running happening which was a major flaw in our game this year. Who knows, maybe will spark something :). Go dees!
  13. I love frost and thought his 2018 season he barely missed a kick in the finals (disposal was awesome). But Frosts weaknesses and reason we are letting him go are due to his ability or inability to read the play. Every now and then he doesn't read the play and loses his man (ball watching) or goes and leaves his man but doesn't impact the contest. He also is a poor uncontested mark in games. The amount of times he comes 3rd in or another defender blocks for him to mark and he drops the easiest of marks was poor compared to other defender on our list (even omac). But frost can run and take a screamer across the pack in the next effort (hence frustrating). I think the coaching group wants stability and consistency from the backline. I don't see smith going down back. May is the direct replacement and upgrade on Frost for speed. lever and petty for height and intercept marking and Omac as back-up if someone get's injured.
  14. I'd give pick 3 for papely and get pick 9 back and grab a stephens or someone. Also those 2 video highlights of flanders and was it ash were horrible haha. I was laughing at them and their poor disposal (thinking how well they would fit in here). But as people say they are just highlights. In the end, i hope we trade pick 3 out and get 2 picks for it in top 20. I like the look of stephens for sure (greedy, fast and evasive - exactly what we don't have).
  15. I love listening to Terry Wallace. I agree that Tom's last 2 games were like his 2018 form and Wallace didn't mention that. But the rest was spot on to me. Something else i want to get off my chest: I didn't want May for pick 6 when we could get him a year later for free (although he wanted out last year and collingwood likely would've gotten him, so wouldn't have happened - i would've loved Moore or ALir Alir due to their age demographic - now it sounds like Moore could be gettable next year if we played our cards right & if collingwood got May then they would be soo tight on the salary cap..). I said that Melbourne should be courting tom lynch if hogan was going to leave. AKA Hogan out and Lynch plus pick 6 in. Yet no talk of chasing Lynch ever came. Can't help but feel that that was a mistake. AkA get aggressive melbourne and if your going to swap out players for picks make sure we have as good coming back in for cheaper. Interesting that they reckon around 10 wins next year. Now that we have May and Lever, i really hope to see them up and firing next year.
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