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  1. There are three occasions/memories with me/my family where his qualities as a person shone, firstly at an after game function at the tennis centre where he took the time to chat with my mother in law who at the age of 85 had a long discussion, and at the end of it he was calling her Nanna- made her night she still has the photo, secondly at a pre season function at Caulfield racecourse where he was kind enough to share a tip which duly saluted and thirdly where he came to our school and talked to my year 12 PE class regarding training and game preparation. To his family and friends my prayers and thoughts are with you. RIP Colin
  2. R.I.P. Hibby, I enjoyed teaching him at Warragul Regional College, not many Dees supporters in Warragul. Always passionate about the Dees, former player with local club Dusties and enjoyed his cricket with Western Park. Sympathy to his family and close friends.
  3. It is also a result because we are playing a lot more team orientated football rather than blazing away. Jeff Garlett has been super impressive in regards to this, he is always looking for someone in a better position which can create these opportunities.
  4. Emergencies Anthony Miles and Simon Lloyd did not play in the VFL game against Sandringham. Common to hold one player over, not two. Could we see a late change to the Tigers team, maybe Dusty is still struggling with his groin.
  5. Good example on the weekend, we are prepared to play Sam Weideman over a Cam Pederson where Carlton are not prepared to play Harry Mckay over Daisy Thomas.
  6. Did Garlett ping his hammy when he kicked his final goal yesterday, seemed to grab at it and ran straight to the bench and did not reappear.
  7. Not one of my favourites, I don't think Peter Giles and Stephen Smith enjoyed being taken out behind the play either, Lethal became an expert at taking out a player who was beating him. Still baffles me he how he got a statue at the " G" when he faced criminal charges for an incident on the football field.
  8. Played football with my son at Warragul, plenty of upside- December born so nearly doesn't make this draft- moves well for a tall- his twin Ben also has the potential to develop.
  9. Unfortunately Jake did not kick any in the grand final, although was the leading goal kicker in the league- he kicked bags against the minnows of the league which included Warragul where my son played against him. Leongatha lost the grand final to Traralgon, Heppell was named best for Leongatha. On his day Best is too good for this league, however I don't think he would make it at the elite level.
  10. The debutants, Hogan, Brayshaw, vandenBerg and how they handled the situation and left me looking forward to watching their future development. In regards to a previous post regarding Toumpas becoming the whipping boy. Toumpas would benefit from a few lessons from Jack Watts. Toumpas has the skills, however at the moment, whilst he is trying to do the team things, he is rushing, which is resulting in skill and decision making errors. Watts was similar in his early days.
  11. Not much mentioned about Cross with how many years experience, did he call for the ball or was he just playing the loose player near the goal square in case they tried to dribble one through. I know it is frustrating with young players when they make mistakes, it is how they respond to the mistakes that count. Judge Viney on his future actions, not on that one kick. One big problem I think we have at the moment is that play that Viney attempted is always the first thought players have in the backline and we are missing opportunities down the line/ through the corridor, watch footage of Garland/Grimes(especially after marks) , ball in the range of defensive 50m to the square they and others often look sideways and kick sideways, missing out on better opportunities closer to goal.
  12. I bought my first membership as a 16 year old in 1981, there were days during that season and following seasons that despite a loss I would still leave the ground with a feeling that I had witnessed something special. There were things that Robbie did that no others could do, he was a true champion and always played the game showing the utmost respect to the jumper, the opponent and the game. R.I.P. Robbie
  13. Evans played footy in the Ballarat Football League when it was a strong league(not sure what it is like these days), surely he understands from a footballers point of view, that this was not a bump but rather bracing for the unavoidable contact that occurs when players are attacking the ball. If players are outlawed from doing what Viney did then you change the spirit of the game.
  14. Barrett " In footy in 2014, if you break someone's jaw. no matter how, you need to know you will be sanctioned". Not quite sure this is a rule in the AFL. George Burbury, Viv Michie and probably others have broken jaws this season, these incidents involved other players and no reports came from the incidents(I think). Just reinforces what a poor journalist he is. To get the message through about his ineptitude people should send a message to the AFL, so that he does not report on the status of rules as he does not understand them. Also a message to Channel 9 Footy Show. A mass turning off during his segment on Thursday night would send a suitable message.
  15. Based on tonights tribunal decisions it is now allowable in the game to elbow an opponent in the head when the ball is not in play however it is not allowable to attack the ball in play and protect yourself.
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