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  1. Normie is my first cousin twice removed i.e: My grandfathers cousin. Norm's Uncle Billy Albress also played a handful of senior games for Richmond in 1917/18. In the past year Glenn McFarlane has written some nice pieces about him for his books and the Collingwood web site. I fell across them on Friday, pity that the bit about him being Collingwood's first ever indigenous player is not true. I am happy to say though that after making a bit of noise, I can't locate the same articles on Collingwoods site today. I suspect someone at Collingwood wanted to be able to say they had an indigenous player proir to the 80's and he was conveniently a bit dark. It's not hard to trace his heritage from sites such as Ancestry.com and the National Archives etc. I can point anyone interested in the right direction if required. Unfortunately not aware of any relationship to Bolt.
  2. Norm Le Brun was not an Indigenous Australian. His Mother was of Cape Verdean / Jamaican background. His father's parents cam from Jersey and Scotland. It's nice when history is accurate
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