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  1. I am shocked we have only delisted two players...unbelievable. What are they waiting for?
  2. Of genuine concern is the lack of talent on our list Under 22. on the same level, the lack of talent on our list above the age of 28.
  3. Some people are awful at judging sarcasm... and just football in general
  4. I was simply suggesting that the MFC would never release anything about sacking a coach via another announcement... Hence the rumours about Sunday's announcement.
  5. Sorry, yes - they should have written: "The 54 year old will be able to offer strong support to the next coach of the MFC, with Simon Goodwin expected to be sacked on Sunday"...
  6. Think people are forgetting that: Richardson worked under/with Hinkley at PAFC. Burgess also worked with both above. There is zero chance Richardson would be announced as assistant today and coach on Sunday - he would have been unveiled next week if so. Richardson is an assistant in 2020: confirmed. What is unconfirmed is who the MFC senior coach is in 2020.
  7. Don't be surprised if Ken Hinkley is the next coach of MFC. Bulldogs won't lose to Adelaide. Port miss out (again). Watch this space...
  8. Probably one of the better posts on this website. We were always going to be 6-12 this year. Injuries have meant that we are definitely outside of that. DO NOT underestimate the scarring a prelim final loss like that has. Had we lost by a point, different story. Sides that get belted/completely outplayed in Grand Finals are exactly the same: Port 07...never got back there (and played well above themselves that year). Sydney 2014 - haven't got close since. Adelaide 2017...
  9. Think we'll find Tom Sparrow goes to the Crows at pick 24 Gutted. Thought we'd really try hard to get into that first round...especially with two picks in the 20's as it was. probably hurt we didn't get one more pick back in hogan deal. Hopefully there's someone still half decent - might be a chance to look at state league players that are that bit more mature and ready. Jack Henderson from Werribee (19 yrs old) would be well worth our late pick/rookie spot.
  10. would we entertain trading 23 and 28 to get a pick inside the 20s? That would mean one less pick but could use 62 to promote Tim Smith (guessing 91 to promote Maynard is a lock)
  11. I have had a lot to do with Ned down here in Geelong...I teach him and he's been in our footy programme. Simlarities to Jack Higgins in personality. A running machine. A good kid at heart. Hoping he gets picked up. All the best to him
  12. I make it 7 spots left on primary list - May and KK brought it to 33. You're allowed 40 + 4 rookies. picks 23,28,54,62,91 is 5 draft picks....so there's 2 extra spots? one rookie position currently available with/if they remain rookies: maynard, smith and keilty.
  13. I make it 7 spots left on primary list - may and KK brought it to 33. You're allowed 40 + 4 rookies. picks 23,28,54,62,91 is 5....so 2 extra spots? one rookie position with maynard, smith and keilty currently rookies.
  14. We got May, KK and pick 23 for Hogan. Huge result. As good as Hogan was/is and as much as he may turn out to be a star, we had some of our best wins in the last three years without him. Including our final 4 games of this year (2 finals included). Put May and Lever into that side and Darling and Kennedy probably don't do as much damage. Midfield show up and we probably win. Bring on 2019
  15. This has derailed our attempt to get Steve May. Club are extremely frustrated with Jesse - they have gone ahead to negotiate with Freo. Seems as though for the first time in a while we are going to be involved in the deal that holds up the whole workings of others.
  16. Long bow here but Johnstone's delisting to me would suggest Hogan has told club he is going. It leaves 33 spots on primary list (7 remaining...). We only have four 'live' picks as it stands...32,43,50,86. Preuss and KK to come in potentially, but Kent, Hogan and maybe Vandenberg and Tyson out... Something tells me we are going to be fairly active. I have it on very good authority that if Hogan does go to Freo or West Coast, Melb would be asking for 2 x top 10 draft picks minimum - not two first round picks as being communicated through the media. They will play hard ball. Key forwards (think Josh kennedy/judd trade) do not happen often, so the price is more than a premium mid.
  17. His debut was an absolute shambles... Unfortunately for us, as good as Frosty/Oscar have been, they were shown up in finals - they are not known for their disposal and when the pressure was on (first half) they absolutely torched it. We should be throwing everything we have at Steven May, but it is pretty much a done deal with the Pies. I know Steven quite well and in speaking to him (to quote him "you know I can't say anything") in my response to him watching the pies/tigers final and whether he liked the look of his new team
  18. the bloke might win a brownlow and who knows beyond that... hardly shameless.
  19. Would be interested to know from someone who has watched Casey this year as to how he is going. Hard to crack into the side with so many good pressure players. With minimum of 4 list changes, he is in the firing line. But highly rated small forward when drafted to us. Would be prepared to give him another year over people like JKH.
  20. What is the infatuation with Keilty? He's played one AFL game and hasn't shown anything... if you can't crack into our backline then...
  21. If too expensive make an offer. i think Gawny is worth something
  22. Selling a Max Gawn signed jumper enquire within https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302784466198
  23. Ned McHenry. Get this kid in. Elite endurance, skills, can play both inside and outside. Lightly built...two years with Geelong Falcons and Vic Country.
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