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  1. So in effect, the recovery time from when he had his operation in July is almost 12 months. There would have to be a reasonable amount of confidence about his prospects for a recovery to consider offering a playing contract. I’m not 100% sold on the wisdom of doing this given the club’s injury record of 2019, the fact that we already have a few players on our list coming back from long term injuries and only five places available on our lists.
  2. I think it’s pretty clear that every individual instance is different and the risk is different in every case. Mental and physical fitness are all taken into account in the analysis of risk.
  3. The reality is that GWS has apparently offered us Pick 6 and their 2020 first rounder for Pick 3. This effectively gives them two top five selections while we go down three places in the draft order with Pick 6 and could possibly get a pick in the late teens in what looms as a highly compromised draft next year. If we were to accept that offer, we would be royally screwed over and our recruiting people would deserve our contempt. GWS need to work a lot harder, otherwise we take 3 and 8 into the draft or simply split our picks with someone else.
  4. I think we need to cut him some slack because of his age (born 20 December, 2000) which means he just misses the cut off date for this year’s draft. There are plenty of potential draftees with his size and weight. A full pre season or two will make a big difference on that score.
  5. Needs to get fit, add a few tricks to his game and take a few steps forward. Perhaps a few tips from grandpa on how to harness his aggression in the contest and at the football might assist?
  6. It’s being reported that Richmond won’t stand in the way of Butler moving elsewhere and a fourth round pick has been suggested as adequate for a trade. Problem for Melbourne as things stand is that we don’t have a fourth round pick after yesterday’s trading.
  7. Please feel to put that interpretation of a contract to any competent court in the land and we’ll see how far it gets you.
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