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  1. Dee-listed no more! Mitch Brown joins his third club after Melbourne throws lifeline
  2. I want this bloke AFL or WWE? Former Eagle in draft mix makes wrestling debut
  3. Good to see the Trumpster working with the brother of our man David ...
  4. 6. Max Gawn 5. Clayton Oliver 4. James Harmes 3. Christian Petracca 2. Jake Lever 1. Sam Frost
  5. We really missed the boat with the smaller type player when we (along with most others) elected to play it safe and ignore Sydney Stack when he was available because of our “no d***heads” rule. We now have a number of midgets on our list who are a long way off getting a game while Garlett’s injured and probably need to trade/delist a couple of them before considering bringing in more of the same.
  6. So, in effect, the Casey Demons could recruit a young ruckman like Riley Bowman from the Stingrays, give him an apprenticeship and then rookie him next year in the PSSP. Handy to know that. I think we can keep an eye on who Casey recruits now.
  7. Nice way to beat the salary cap rules and being so far away from Victoria, Gil would surely never investigate let alone suspect.
  8. So there is absolutely no value in any phantom drafts at this juncture but it’s still worth looking at who the top 20 or 30 prospects are - even as a matter of curiosity.
  9. You need a lot more to deliver a premiership than one trade, even if one of the players traded is as highly decorated as Judd. Carlton’s strategies throughout the period after they recruited him were not good enough to deliver a flag. The Eagles finally got it right yesterday but I would argue that they got more over the years from their players than Carlton did with Judd. Irrespective of the outcome yesterday, Kennedy & Masten we’re part of 2 grand final teams and have been regular finalists. Carlton fell in and out of the finals quickly on two occasions and one year only made the finals courtesy of the doping going on at Essendon. Basil’s right this time.
  10. That's right except that it was a year. They committed to each other in July of that year and everything else about Judd picking four clubs for interview, to be narrowed down to two and then one and even his grandmother's views on the subject were fake news.
  11. I think it might have something to do with the fact that clubs will have the ability to trade draft picks during the draft and therefore prolonging its duration?
  12. Perhaps the type of player we would like Jeff Garlett to be if only he could be consistent both during games and from game to game and season to season.
  13. Yeah, these threads only tend to get serious when they pass the 100 page mark. Be patient.
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