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  1. Up against a true ruckman, Frost would undoubtedly be found wanting. Tomorrow, Geelong are putting up Stanley with Ratugolea as relief - neither of them are true ruckmen but both are fast/mobile. Frost would be a fair chance to match them in short bursts when relieving Max
  2. Frost retained = relief/chop out for Max (therefore allow TMac and Weeds to play foward fulltime) ? Alternatively, gives flexibility to allow May to spend some time up forward (which IIRC was one of the 'teasers' that persuaded May to choose us)
  3. Spot on - the composed but intense stare that he gave Duckwood whilst Duckwood was doing his best to rile/provoke Harmes clearly worried the Cats skipper and of course led to the momentum killing free kick in the 3rd quarter
  4. Wonderful news ! - surprised (but delighted )
  5. Jeffy is your classic old-fashioned 'will-o-the-wisp' opportunist small forward. As others have commented, he is simply never going to string together multiple 20+ possession games at Casey - if that is the KPI for his recall he will never play another senior game for us. Jeffy has kicked 300+ goals at senior AFL level - yes, he wil be crap for 5 - 7 games per year and probably just OK for another 9 - 10. BUT, for those other 6 - 8 games, he could well be the difference between winning and losing. Is there any one of us who does not feel a quickening of the heart rate when Jeffy gets 'out the back' and there is nothing but space between him and the goalmouth ? How exhilarating for the fans (and inspiring for his team mates) when he gathers the ball, looks over his shoulder, and just knows that the bloke chasing has Buckley's of being able to catch him ? Question is, will Goodwin and the coaching staff accept the "Curate's egg" offering that Jeffy represents ?
  6. Lachlan Filipovic might be feeling a little bit nervous.....
  7. That's all folks - after the final siren goal to Dolphins. 21.13 to4.9 Pedo & Bugg - 6 each
  8. Dolphins score a point - lead cut to 99 points
  9. Jeffy with a lovely steal and left foot snap for another
  10. Scott again - 2 in a row Very much one-way traffic 92 point lead
  11. Angus Scott runs 1/2 the length of the oval to nail another one after a nice pass from Bugg
  12. Another goal to Munro Clearly the whirlpool is working well....
  13. Bugg runs into the open goal for another one. Building up for a real blowout
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