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  1. Steven May Jay Lockhart Bayley Fritsch Christian Salem
  2. Why is Martin’s manager writing off Melbourne’s interest so easily? Shouldn’t he be best representing his client by encouraging another club to deal with him?
  3. Apparently had a cyst removed. Can worry someone playing in heat and humidity in the few days after the operation. Good thing was that he didn't use it as an excuse.
  4. Definitely Preuss and Nessie were separated at birth.
  5. If only the umpires gave us a run like this when we played them there we would probably have finished top 4.
  6. Thanks for the sentiments fifty but I reckon that most of us are pretty die hard, rusted on Demons and we'll always give the club our wholehearted support no matter what.
  7. Is there any danger that we can try being humble and magnanimous and stop this stupidity about JW? He's wasn't a [censored] like Scully. Let him be.
  8. You would prefer multiple threads on Demonland about the Fockers?
  9. The noise of affirmation has always been a factor when we play the Eagles. A few years ago when we were really pathetic they led us by 21 - 1 in frees at half time. Last year, we beat WCE and the umpires who gave them 27 frees to our 16. How about we have a closest to the pin on their stats for Sunday?
  10. On a smaller ground Tyson would be more valuable. I have him as a definitie "In" for Hannan.
  11. Even a broken watch tells the right time twice a day. All of BP's many failed early draft selections say hi as well.
  12. Based on the stats alone, Pedo would have had to have been considered if not concussed. Has anyone heard any news on his injury?
  13. Timmy thinks they're making a mistake. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/05/28/fool-to-you-watson-surprised-with-blues-priority-pick-stance/
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