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  1. If we have the poxy twilight time slot, I doubt it. We need the 7:30pm game!
  2. Preuss is a must if Gawn is injured. Outs: KK, Nietschke (injured) For me the rest would be: Jordon, Hunt, Baker, Wagners (x2), Smith (no match fitness), Bradtke, Brown (assuming Petty is ready to go, or swap), Rivers. If Bennell was aiming for the middle of the year then he might be on track, but it's a massive risk Vanders is in the same boat given his constant injuries - it might be better to bring both in for the second hub (or whatever they do)
  3. Lol. With Harley Bennell's reputation (in term of injury and off-field behaviour), he's hardly anyone's idea of a PR exercise!
  4. Here it is! He was talking about his grandson Noah Gown who unfortunately plays for Essendon: https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/04/28/the-essendon-youngster-who-was-nearly-lost-to-football/
  5. I'm very happy we have another voice on the MCC board! To me it's critical given the profile of the other (unwelcome) existing tenants and wannabe tenants. I suspect Howcroft's place on the board has a bit to do with his advertising nous/experience.
  6. What a line-up! Clint Bizzell then.........that's it
  7. That's a tough one. Lovett is clearly the better player, but Stawbs was one of my all time faves.
  8. Isn't James Hird in the buying / selling clubs caper these days? I thought it was soccer clubs but maybe not exclusively? I'd laugh if Hird sold the bombers.
  9. That's a good effort getting the Geelong 'born and brewed' beer sponsoring the Dees. Bad luck [censored]!
  10. I believe the issue with the many young players was they'd gone to painstaking lengths with their individual programs of adding kgs in the preseason and off-season, only to see it all blown at the camp. The players were then back to square 1 (or worse) and spent their two week Christmas break recovering and trying/failing to get it back on. Personally, I'd be filthy and wonder why I'd bothered. Then there's the well documented lack of medical supplies / treatment. To me it shows the club hadn't thought it through resulting in a communication breakdown. It certainly wasn't a good look in the media and we had certainly moved on ....thanks Jordan!
  11. As great as Clarkson is as a coach, surely we can come up with a better player!
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