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  1. Not really newsflash worthy but as @TRIGON said, he definitely went to Melb Grammar
  2. Not only will we have to win games, but we need to win big to get our percentage out of the toilet
  3. It would be very helpful to him and the club if his media work was better. Unfortunately it stinks, but I don't think that hasmuch bearing on his captaincy credentials around the club and on field. I think that's why he's doing the podcast thing - to improve it and try and be more media savvy.
  4. Plenty of crud posts on this thread.
  5. Clearly you haven't heard Freo's song! Or Port's
  6. Also weren't we saddled with a couple of years of Watts' contract (a chunk of it, that is)? That should finish this year too.
  7. Our forward line already sucks. You want to go with those two as our key forwards (assuming TMac stays back)?
  8. I didn't see Bedford in your list. Any thoughts?
  9. The TMac injury is IMO common knowledge and don't know why it was missed. If you're less lazy than me you can trawl back through preseason training reports for the other two where they both spent a chunk of time in the rehab group. ANB's was brief but I recall Hibberd being longer and before Christmas. Neither had surgery AFAIK.
  10. After the first quarter, I thought - we're back! The intensity was up and we looked like we meant business. 2nd quarter - yep, we can still do it. Players are up for this...lots of mistakes, stupid frees...toigs seem to be at the ready for every spill. If Vlastuin played for us we might have won - we seemed to pick him out every time. Last quarter we threw in the towel Kent Kingsley award to Ellis. Opp players I'd like to punch award - Costanza In spite of all the wrist slashing I foresee, we would have won more games than we lost at this point in the season if we played with this intensity from round 1. But yeah - we're slow. Much as I love him, Jones gave the Toigs a lot of opportunities with his turnovers.
  11. The MFC website. And when they say 4, they might've meant 6 or 8
  12. ANB - knee Hore - ankle surgery TMac - Ankle surgery, both ankles Hibberd - He missed a chunk but cant remember - quad or calf maybe? I think the latter two, particularly TMac have been affected. On top of a shortened preseason, I expect it would be quite telling. For Hore, he missed a bit pre-Christmas but was also learning our system / game plan (such that it is) as well as getting back to fitness.
  13. Just on a technical note, I've crossed out those that didn't have a full preseason and or had surgery. (* ANB Minor setback IIRC)
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