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  1. I'll go for Fritsch or Jordon. (In reply to B-Bob) Enjoyed all the reports - thanks to all!
  2. Deakin Smith is the academy kid (spelt a funny way)
  3. Thanks for the excellent reports! Anyone know what's up with Spargo? It's a helluva long time to miss with a supposed rolled ankle!
  4. I cant edit the original but I probably should've put Hunter in instead of Mcrae as a true wingman.
  5. Yep, hard to put together B Laird J McGovern Saad HB Harbrow Tarrant Sicily C B Hill Cripps Mcrae HF R Gray J Cameron D Martin F C Cameron Franklin De Goey R Gawn Fyfe Dangerfield
  6. Seems a bit rich when they only played about 8 games last season.
  7. Just to finish with a trivial one: Daisy Pearce has had twins, a girl and a boy. If both of them turn out to be potential AFL players, what is their eligibility to play for MFC as Mother son/daughter?
  8. Meek Lloyd from Fremantle finds himself in the same boat as the Jordan James. Top notch reporting and attention to detail from Fox Footy
  9. Questions: Can he give us a rundown on who the demons might have coming up as potential academy picks (or whatever they're called)? There are clubs that seem to be dripping with options and others (like us who have very few). Can he clarify our (NT) zone in this regard and has any of it been lost to GCS. I believe we have the Alice Springs area but is that the extent of it? Can he also talk about father-sons coming up in the next few years? Is Jeff White's son automatically tied to GCS with these new gift rules or can he still come to us (assuming he makes the AFL grade)? What is the departmental structure now that T Viney is behind a tractor? Who's the list manager etc? Cheers
  10. I think they'll struggle on all three. I also think live coverage of the draft appeal is pretty limited to footy tragics and there's nothing wrong with that. The AFL should give up on its lame attempts to broaden the appeal with bells and whistles. I'll be on the edge of my seat at the kick-off, when Gil runs through the riveting draft rules.
  11. FMD They're going to drag out the first round for 2 1/2 hours? That's scaling new heights in dull for the AFL. Lucky we have two picks to break up all that excitement.
  12. Attention Mods: A bunch of old farts have stolen the training thread! Bring it back
  13. Guess: Jackson Pickett Sharp or a random Want: Jackson or Green Stephens Taylor
  14. One of the better Phantom Drafts has been released on BF and it extends to rookie draft too! Snoop Dogs Mock National & Rookie Draft - a good read/assessment.
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