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  1. We had 8 so not a point of difference. The point of difference is we are [censored]
  2. Pass on Ellis - prefer Tomlinson Bombs it long then drops/shakes head after another turnover. Rinse and repeat
  3. Questions - 1)To echo Deetox, how's Darcy going? Obviously with the changes to VFL list structure it makes it harder to see him play. 2) Fritsch was one of the very few players to put in a strong preseason. He amped up his running capacity to add to his versatility. I know he'll trot out the old 'I'm happy to play wherever the coach wants' blah blah but if you can get out of him his preferred position that would be great 👍 3) Did he frame his AFLX premiership jumper, or better still, the fluro shorts?
  4. Are you confusing your Tom's stone? Or, maybe I am. I thought the muck-raking, drop the Dee's in in at every opportunity one was toe-cheese Tom Morris. I'n not trying to lend credibility to the Browne Tom's 'suggestions' - just checking though.
  5. Hunt's played in the backline the last two weeks with a few cameos in the forward line. I've loved it because he swapped with Fritsch and we got to see Fritsch in the forward line. If only they'd done it earlier. Hunt's been quiet but, in the scheme of things, I'd rather see Fritsch out of the backline. If Salem played in the midfield (and not fussed if he does), then Lewis or Melksham would have to go back to cover his role - not Hunt
  6. I'm thinking (preying) for late changes. Either that or May / O'Mac up forward. O'Mac spent a quarter up forward at Casey some weeks ago. It wasn't pretty
  7. I'll be ropable if they get pick 2 as well. It wont do squat They can have an end of first round pick or, better still, decent but fixed term salary cap concessions. They should be able to get in a position to do something similar to Brisbane. Get in a Burgoyne (Hodge), trade for player upgrades with the lure of the dollar. Brisbane hit the jackpot by bringing in Neil and McCarthy. They just need to manage it so as not to get an pensioners chasing a superannuation bonus.
  8. Isn't there a date in August when assistant coaches must be told they are no longer required? Exit Macca
  9. Last year he reliably butchered the ball in his quest to get the ball forward quickly. I recall watching him routinely ignore a free player facing the play as he thumped it over his shoulder to no one. It went by largely unnoticed because a) he was in such good form and b) the chaos ball was working well for us. It strikes me that he hasn't been able to eradicate it from his game as he continues to do it with a turnover typically the end result. He's definitely more composed when actually running with the play but seems to (infuriatingly) ignore better options when running against the play. I hope his future is with with us and fitness, form and confidence (and a better defensive side) brings back 2018 Angus! We also know squat about what injury he may or may not be carrying. I doubt the club would trade him out if he's played the season under an injury cloud.
  10. The inclusion of Preuss would suggest so
  11. I really like this idea. I haven't seen him play this year but he looked like he had all the attributes we need apart from size (which will come in time I hope). Good smart user of the footy, good mark, poise. Could be the power forward we are missing and will be entering his 4th year of AFL footy in 2020. Anyone know much more about him? Has played 6 games in 2019.
  12. Storm in a Teacup - my guess is toe-cheese Tom's got wind of the fact that Jones' is in contract negotiations and he's been offered one year. The rest he's made / stirred up.
  13. I think he will either go to Freo as they've shown interest (He's from WA) or stay at Toigs.
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