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  1. Lol. Imagine if he turned up to his MFC meeting in that rig.
  2. Bedford As mentioned by Goodoil below - it could be Lockhart!
  3. Anybody know who the longer haired one was? Cheers
  4. I watched a couple of his games and saw some really promising signs: - he can kick the footy - he's quite clean with the footy below his knees for a giraffe If you can overlook the rag-dolling he got in the ruck which is to be expected from a stick insect, we might have a player with a few more years of weight/strength gain and development. It's hard to judge his ruck capability at this stage. It did improve in his first (VFL) game when instructed to jump over his opponent rather than be easily brushed aside.
  5. And Josh Kelly (GWS) is not. Lol
  6. No it was not. He (Howe) said on radio that MFC offered more than the pies.
  7. Reminds me of Stephen Morris from Richmond before he was delisted - hard working, mouthy, in your face, pain in the [censored] with not much else to offer..
  8. This is a thread about drafting Brodie Kemp. Can I direct you to the delist section with that line-up. Cheers
  9. I like Weightman, but not at pick 8. There are reports the dogs will take him at 13, so if we want him, it has to be before then. My guess is if we split the pick with Freo, we'll take him at 10. If we don't split it we'll take him at 8 and miss out on Kemp, Serong or other top pick 😞
  10. The coincidental one against Richmond then zero. If we do jag one, it will be as the away team. Hello Sunday twilight graveyard shift to be shared with North, Saints (with a few cameos from the Dogs) and interstate teams.
  11. I don't think anyone is questioning his talent, more his ability to get on the park. It's fairly common knowledge Gold Coast wanted him off the list and that we were happy to take him on, possibly given how Brayshaw came out the other side of his concussion issues. There was an article on the MFC site recently saying he intended doing a full preseason, so he may be back to full fitness. Whether or not he plays again is another thing, but I'm pretty sure everyone wishes him well and to be back on the park.
  12. I think @adonski is referring to Devastating Boris on Big Footy. He seems to have solid sources/info (well he doesn't get shot down) but would appreciate feedback on his form from Big Footy lurkers. According to D Boris: Just some bits and pieces I heard yesterday. Sounds like we’re confident of potentially turning 3&8 into two top 10s and a 15-20, or just 3 into another top 10 and two future firsts. Haven’t got specifics, that’s just the talk. GWS desperate to get 3. Sounds like they want Jackson and Green. There is no scenario that Green is not matched. Suns could call him first and GWS would match, ignore the inevitable bluffing. We’re right into Young, Serong, Weightman & Gould. Ash and Kemp are looked at as contingencies apparently. 8 is most likely going on Weightman if we have it. Crows likely taking Flanders. Swans likely Serong or Young. Both crows and swans will nominate green (depending on GWS trades)
  13. hmmm..... footy training in socks and sandals Footy passion with fashion? The boys are looking in great shape, above the ankles.
  14. He looks like a horrible kick, but wouldn't be the first ruckman to kick like a mule.
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