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  1. My personal favourite is where you hope to package up ordinary player x, y and z in exchange for a gun - as described above.
  2. I watched some of the Freo game yesterday. For three quarters (or the bits that I saw) they couldn't hit a target by hand or foot. It was laughable (yet sadly familiar). They put it together in the last quarter and played very well. Hogan was same old with the body language. I'd never noticed before, but he was useless at 'playing on at all costs.' Stopped every time he marked the pill, with or without options and Freo kept losing the run of play. According to the commentators, he had a very good game, which is entirely possible, as I didn't see the whole thing but he looked to be still finding his feet. I wish him all the best but would be happy if he stinks this weekend.
  3. Dunkley - Composed, good user, goal kicker. Ahead of most of our depth. Sign him up. JKH - Works incredibly hard, no doubt still rusty and can probably work space better at AFL level. Had a good game but this looks like his gig to me. OK for depth.
  4. MFC Listed Players (that I can think of) Lockhart - Had a great game. With a little more composure his kicking skills will take him further. Should be at the front of the queue as a depth player. Scope to take his game further. Bradtke - Wasn't expecting much impact but I thought he was incredibly clean with the footy for a big guy. Shot off some nice hand passes and kicking was good for a ruckman. There's no need to judge him on his ruck work (IMO) until he puts on some serious kgs. Lewis - Had a very good game but I suspect his on field coaching was the most value. ANB - Did some nice things but looks comfortable at this level Chandler - Has a crack. Goodwin would love what he brings. Coming along quite well. Not a bad kick. Is he quick enough for a small forward? Bedford - Finding his feet still and had a great goal assist bursting out of the centre in the last quarter. Applied good pressure but will need another year or more to have more impact/consistency. Hard at it. Petty - Reliable in defence. Not too many errors. Lack of speed is a concern but not much got past him. Preuss - Would be happy with his game but he reminds me a little of Gawn in his early years in that he hasn't worked out how to maximise his height and size advantage. Was competitive but has no tank whatsoever. Jordon - Didn't notice him that much. He had a little stint on ball and found a bit of it. Reserving judgement on the young fella. You can see he can kick in spite of a few turnovers. KK - Made a few errors (rusty) but is obviously the go to man for delivering the footy. Found a bit of it in a very outside way. IMO, might need another game or two to pick up the pace and get a bit more contested. Kielty - Smooth mover for a big guy. I'd love to see where his game went if he could impact the game more (more possessions and involvement). Wagner - Another solid game. Looks like this is his level.
  5. Agree. The support base is for SA and WA in Darwin and Alice. If the AFL want to show their wares in the NT and the the 4 SA/WA clubs wont partake (sacrifice a home game), then they shouldn't benefit from it. We should play eastern state sides.
  6. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Brayshaw 3. Fritsch 2. Viney 1. Harmes
  7. I recall Viney as having a very wooden action and ordinary ball drop, so I'm not sure he and Petracca should be allowed near each other with a footy. Yes he improved later in his career, but as far as kicking coaches go - prefer others (just about any)
  8. Not really newsflash worthy but as @TRIGON said, he definitely went to Melb Grammar
  9. Not only will we have to win games, but we need to win big to get our percentage out of the toilet
  10. It would be very helpful to him and the club if his media work was better. Unfortunately it stinks, but I don't think that hasmuch bearing on his captaincy credentials around the club and on field. I think that's why he's doing the podcast thing - to improve it and try and be more media savvy.
  11. Plenty of crud posts on this thread.
  12. Clearly you haven't heard Freo's song! Or Port's
  13. Also weren't we saddled with a couple of years of Watts' contract (a chunk of it, that is)? That should finish this year too.
  14. Our forward line already sucks. You want to go with those two as our key forwards (assuming TMac stays back)?
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