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  1. Likes; Hore, Hunt, Petty, Baker, Harmes, Smith, Garlett ,Gawn Dislikes: our set shots , Oliver hit the scoreboard, Petracca ball drop from the heavens. Umpires , Brayshaw looks sulky not in the midfield. Over its; Billy the Butcher, last kick into the fwds, ANB gets in the way. Want to sees; Salem and Fritz play further up the ground. ??????? we have alot of defenders if Lever and May fit. I was proud of the effort , their class in front of goals was the difference. Game should have been over at 3/4 time. We still lack X factor and polish.
  2. Said it last week and I'll say it again Billy Stretch is not AFL standard just butchers the ball . Turnover King
  3. No rain forecast that I can see. Radar is clear. We need a miracle tonight!
  4. Port fwds bought the ball to ground , ours get outmarked or don't compete!!
  5. When we do finally get some players back we need to rejig Players who can hit targets inside 50. Lewis to h/f ,Salem to a wing ,Fritz to a wing. KK/Nev HB Hibberd-HB, Lever CHb, May FB, Frost/Wagner BP, Hore BP.
  6. Out Billy the Butcher in Baker Out Keilty in Pruess Out Hibberd- in Smith Lewis to half forward
  7. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx factor
  8. Omac aka opium(slow moving dope) I think its time to bring in Petty.
  9. Realistically we are no chance 6-8 goal loss . Out of form and 8 of our best 22 sitting in the stands. Not sure things can get much worse. Cursed this club!!
  10. Chocolates to boiled lollies, is there another team in world sport as pathetic as us. I'm now convinced that we will never win a flag in my life time. Seriously mentally weak!!!!!!!
  11. Our disposal is rubbish, we got away with it last year as our fwds were in form and we were able to lock it in our fwd line. This year it's coming straight back out, our midfielders won't chase and the zone defence is embarrassing.
  12. X factor that hits the scoreboard last one was Jurrah, why didn't we chase some of this talent Cameron, Wingard, etc . Wingard will be a star under Clarkson. Where are our goals coming from TMac can't get near it. Weiderman developing , Melk inconsistent, Trac poor set shot, Garlett finished.
  13. Buddy will kick 7, I suggest we employ an individual to run him over with the rescue cart. Do we really have anyone available who is not a fringe player.
  14. What an insipid performance, from a club that has done nothing for almost 20 yrs. I knew this would happen when they inflated their egos in the off season. Let's evaluate last night's team. Jones- done nothing this yr , runs one way poor disposal Viney- underdone no mongrel TMac- out of form can't get near it Max- improving Melk-- big head needs to stick to the basics Oliver- down last night needs to hit the scoreboard. Petrracca - bighead needs to stick to the basics Brayshaw- great player only runs one way Oscar- CASEY ANB- fringe player loved by coach. Hunt- Wingman likely peaked FROST- Casey 2nds Weids- improving slowly. C Wagner- fringe J Wagner-fringe Nev- hindered by our ridiculous zone defence needs one on one Lockhart- to early to say KK- Not fit looks lost. Salem- doing his best. Harmes- doing his best Fritz - improving played out of position Hibberd- not enough run looks out of form. The same defensive issues were around last year. We were scored heavily against by good kicking teams who kick through that defensive zone or that's what they call it. Surely we couldn't be worse one in one like the Swans, Afterall as soon as they get it they just bash it fwd like we do. Our fwd line, just a clogged up mess of players competing for the same ball. Last night reminds me of 2013, letting a team kick more than four goals in the first quarter is just unacceptable? Gutless performance what team do we play into form this week. Disgusted
  15. Was gifted games in my opinion, like so many other 1st Rd picks at Melb. What is wrong with developing at Casey. If you're out of form go back. I fear the club doesn't have the balls to drop him. Might sulk and ask for a trade!!
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