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  1. Clarkson , and three previous assistants Dimma , Bevo and Simo Lions ,Tigers or West coast favs this year
  2. AN OVERATED LIST OF B grade plodders, throw in lack of culture, willingness to win at all costs, no polish or X factor and a history of unaccountabiltity and no real relentless desire , congratulations welcome to MFC. Our long history of pathetic losses continues. Our recruiting regardless of draft picks has been poor. The last diamond in the rough uncovered was Harmes. Where is our Willi Rioli, Stack, etc etc just must have X factor. 15-18th next year Richardson caretaker coach at the bye. Lastly Clarkson and his clan will win another flag this year 7 in a row. We backed the wrong horse . Needed a Clarkson assistant.
  3. Trade for 1. Hill and Langdon 2. Wright and Martin 3. Take the best player.
  4. I respect Jones , but I don't think he should have ever been Captain, but unfortunately due to mistakes made in the past , there was on one else. Viney has shown by leading by example in the past he could make a great Captain but this year has been terrible. Looks injured and a yard off the pace. Watch the elimination final you'll see what I mean. I would hand the job to Gawn.
  5. Let's get YZE back Add Butler , J Thomas, Langdon , Crocker and J Martin. Keep pick 2 .
  6. My List Appraisal A+ Champion All Australian A Consistent Good player A- Gets a game at any club B+ Shows potential could rise to greatness or on the slide. B - Average B- On thin ice C+ - Delistable C- Vfl quality only MAY A- JONES B- SALEM B+ HARMES B+ PETRACCA B+ Viney B BRAYSHAW B+ OLIVER A GAWN A LEVER B FROST B HIBBERD B FRITZ B+ TMAC A- WEIDERMAN B- MELKSHAM B JETTA B HUNT B- BAKER C Lewis B LOCKHART C+ OMAC C+ HANNAN B TSMITH B- JSmith B KK B JKH B- PETTY B PRUESS C GARLETT C+ KEILTY C AVB B Spargo C+ Stretch B- CWagner C+ JWagner B- ANB B- Hore B Dunkley C+
  7. Goodwin reminds me of Buckley , if he doesn't change his attitude I think he'll be lucky to make it past the bye. His game plan doesn't stack up anymore. I was disappointed when he took over and tossed out our defensive setups Playing guys out of position last year I thought cost us games. I think the list is not as strong as most think, we have some very capable players who don't have enough strings to their Bow. At seasons end Jones needs to give it away, he really gives us little. The guys we rookied two yrs ago from Casey, just aren't up to it, that was another set back. We weren't bold enough . We need X factor players who don't miss, there are still a few in the NT And let's go get Josh Thomas, Brad Hill & Connor Menedue.
  8. Oh Pruess was pathetic , Tim Smith a better option Thought Lockhart was actually playing on Jetta and he had no impact on the game either. They got on top of us in the midfield in the last was it fitness, Oliver had just two disposals. Man our turnovers hurt us, we deserve to be 17th. The year has thrown up three things. 1. Our list lacks class 2. Goodwin is struggling bigtime 3. We need X factor. PS let's go after Josh Thomas at seasons end!
  9. OUR lack of CLASS was the difference again in the end.
  10. Likes; Hore, Hunt, Petty, Baker, Harmes, Smith, Garlett ,Gawn Dislikes: our set shots , Oliver hit the scoreboard, Petracca ball drop from the heavens. Umpires , Brayshaw looks sulky not in the midfield. Over its; Billy the Butcher, last kick into the fwds, ANB gets in the way. Want to sees; Salem and Fritz play further up the ground. ??????? we have alot of defenders if Lever and May fit. I was proud of the effort , their class in front of goals was the difference. Game should have been over at 3/4 time. We still lack X factor and polish.
  11. Said it last week and I'll say it again Billy Stretch is not AFL standard just butchers the ball . Turnover King
  12. No rain forecast that I can see. Radar is clear. We need a miracle tonight!
  13. Port fwds bought the ball to ground , ours get outmarked or don't compete!!
  14. When we do finally get some players back we need to rejig Players who can hit targets inside 50. Lewis to h/f ,Salem to a wing ,Fritz to a wing. KK/Nev HB Hibberd-HB, Lever CHb, May FB, Frost/Wagner BP, Hore BP.
  15. Out Billy the Butcher in Baker Out Keilty in Pruess Out Hibberd- in Smith Lewis to half forward
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