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  1. Get the ball and kick it correctly, if you canna do neither all the science in the world not going to help.
  2. Yeh, swap the bro’s Wagner, Sparky and the hard running Preuss for Dangerfeld, should be some picks coming our way as well.
  3. These people are completely delusional, they think Vines and Jones are like Ablett, Danger Fyfe or Pendlebury.
  4. Hopefully Viney will walk the plank as well.
  5. Well they just sacked five coaches, the list Manager, and the fitness Svengali, so I’m done thinking “someone” on a high may just understand what’s happened, I doubt too many people believe the chaff they have been fed about injuries being the reason, for the club reclaiming it’s basket case status so quickly.
  6. I believe we are toasted as well, no coincidence in losing our respected CEO and hard [censored] coach and then dropping back to our comfortable couch at the bottom of the table. Too cute by half, talking too the little birdie we will hand in pick two for picks 16 an 18 or thereabouts and select two more duds. They will also give away Frosty and sign up a couple of battlers like ANB and, Sparky, too long term contracts, Its what they do! And yes at least attempt to move on, get rid of the funeral dirge about some emblem and an old flag that was probably shredded in a Sou Easter 50 years ago.
  7. Richmond have members, and a decent song.
  8. Simon appeared quite distressed when being interviewed by a girl regarding the teams failings the other day, hope someone is looking out for him
  9. Good riddance, eight years of failure and that’s all he can come with, lack of runners, lucky he’s got a bro in the business.
  10. Well at this rate they won’t have to worry about doing a review, unless they look in the mirror.
  11. Corcoron was running the club at the time, not Neale, he made all the Mahoney decisions, he later drove Athletics Australia into the ground flogging off Olympic Park and handing a part of it to Ed, he then patched things up with Sheedy and Tird, and took them for a long walk down a short pier.
  12. When the siren sounded Lewis seemed to make a beeline to him, I seen it on my Tv, seemed to be questioning why he made the Hail Mary inboard kick to a badly out numbered player instead of following team rules, kicking down the line to where the on ballers had gathered to kill the ball, and kill the game, Tatts just shrugged his shoulders and walked away, I imagined that would be the last time those two players would ever speak, that’s the club at the moment, it is what it is.
  13. So the Skip is holding the ball, all good , just follow team rules, kick it down the line, we are in front, one minute to go and kill the ball, Jones kicks to a contest where we are out numbered badly in the middle of the ground, and the game is over, and on that last kick Mahoney can’t get his ink on a contract quick enough, that’s leadership, that’s deflating.
  14. Typical, not surprised at all, Hawthorn move on Hodge, Lewis, Mitchell, Roughead, and we cling to the turnover merchant, it will finish badly of course, it always does at the MFC.
  15. Couple of years working for Maloney and Viney, nope, you would finish up selling used cars on Sundays, it’s everyone else’s fault, especially that old Macca guy, singlehandedly drove our great club into the ground. Glad these successful people got to the bottom of it.
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