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  1. The games changed, new rules and setups, unfortunately the football depot are still clinging to last years semi successful plays, the seasons over and a few careers with it.
  2. They said the same rubbish about John Northey, no need to sign him he won’t be going anywhere, he loved the club, and still hasn’t recovered from the way he was treated. .
  3. Better off throwing Tommy Bugg a life raft, delisting was the making of Jetta and I reckon Tom will step up to the plate rather than Joe Bloggs at pick 91.
  4. We have improved our list, that’s what it’s all about.
  5. Losing Hogan frees up a lot of cap space, if it’s true he’s after a million a year, don’t know what May is on, maybe a bit more than half that, so it’s not just Pick 5 & 23.
  6. AFL trade mediations over deadlocked negotiations have occurred at least twice before, Ryder, Essendon-Port, and Warnock, Carlton-Freo.
  7. At the end of the day it is going to be very difficult for Hogan to waltz back in, on a temporary status for 12 months, maybe he’s been taken for a ride by his manager and Freo, or maybe on the couch is the right place for him.
  8. Take your footy and go home, there’s always tomorrow, but nobody will want to play.
  9. Gone for 65, that’s a head scratcher.
  10. Well they aren’t going to give up Lachie Neale for pick 6 , on swap it and pick 5 for Hogan, Hogan would be lucky to be worth a direct swap for Neale, I reckon they would be very apprehensive after the bad experience with Col as well.
  11. If it’s a deal it should be clear cut, we are still up for some of Jackie’s Port salary for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019, hopefully we won’t be paying Freo for a whack of Jessie’s contract. Mahoney has stated we can’t afford both May and Hogan, it’s either. It is what it is.
  12. Rosco is not easy to work with I believe, not sure if Hogan has ever been barrelled by Roos or Goodwin who appeared to tread lightly around him, bet they locked Ross away when Hoges toured the “facilities”.
  13. Club has pushed him out the door, ridiculous 30 metre wind up kicks for goals struggling to make the distance, poor body language, injury prone, leadership issues, like the share market, sell at a high, it’s over, we want you to stay bro but you know, do what’s best for you, like leave.
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