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  1. A Tempting trade, if we could just get a top two pick for Max, it’s all true unfortunately, for all his prowess we can’t clear the ball cleanly from a balls up, and his kicking is diabolical , pushing thirty, would be a win win if he got to play with a decent team with a premiership prospect, if it happened we could be holding draft picks one and two, worth plenty of thought.
  2. So what about Mahoney, Viney , Taylor, walking the plank, seriously blame a few peripheral assistants, not their fault, what a train wreck this club is.
  3. Simon should have taken his tent and esky and gone camping in spite of the limp players, I bet a few would have joined him, then at least he would know who was up for the battles ahead.
  4. So that’s it, bone Macca, not surprisingly that’s the management response, good ole boys can’t blame themselves I guess, if we have an active board of directors the only answer is to drain the swamp directly under them, it’s not a job for life you know boys.
  5. The issue is with the Viney family and Mahoney, find a scapegoat here and there, time to go to the root of the problem, executing some Joe Blow as a sacrificial lamb, that’s going to help, business as usual, what a laughing stock this club is.
  6. So nobody has noticed Maxy can not even carry out the most basic skill, kicking a football, and for all his so called great tap work, we lose the clearances every week, that’s the truth, yeh sure a quirky guy, who has bad feelings about losing every week, built like a matchstick man, that’s the club all over, losers in denial from the President to the bottom, laughable.
  7. In Frost we trust, future captain.
  8. What is wrong. Creating some separation on the forward line. Delete the overhead backwards handball. Onballers not setting up in a fashion to take advantage of Gawns prowess. Losers blaming Oscar for the clubs woes. Goodwin needs to get on the front foot, the man is in denial, and has been since Collingwood beat us in the unlosable game to make the finals, round 22, 2017, then arranges a training camp in 2018 but the players told him to get stuffed.
  9. We led all day, except for two minutes, which was due to having no bench and some dodgy umpiring when the umpires seem to become stimulated by the Blues surge, we had more shots, clearly deserved to pull the game out of the fire,
  10. Notated my disappointment on the online survey, but yes I could imagine some office youngsters rolling around in laughter as they read the responses from passionate members over a morning cappuccino. It is what it is.
  11. Officially in crisis mode, nothing’s off the table from here on in, including all coaches, players and the bored!
  12. Unfortunately Goodwin is a bust, a mistake, we have moved better people on, Daniher, Bailey , Balme, it’s all over, will not last the next few weeks, in there trying his hardest, but it’s not good enough, and while we are at it move the good old boys on as well, Viney, Mahoney, and Taylor, and Pert was another blunder, just sitting back praying is not an option, disgraceful.
  13. The games changed, new rules and setups, unfortunately the football depot are still clinging to last years semi successful plays, the seasons over and a few careers with it.
  14. They said the same rubbish about John Northey, no need to sign him he won’t be going anywhere, he loved the club, and still hasn’t recovered from the way he was treated. .
  15. Better off throwing Tommy Bugg a life raft, delisting was the making of Jetta and I reckon Tom will step up to the plate rather than Joe Bloggs at pick 91.
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