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  1. Sounds like Aaron Black has asked to be traded (due to Waite and Higgins) 24yrs 192 cm 59 goals in 2013/2014 Not sure if he is tall enough to be 2nd ruck (although same height as Dawes) Could be worth a look. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-10-05/roos-may-have-blackout-as-forward-looks-for-opportunities
  2. Vandenberg's aren't made in factories you know
  3. I seem to remember him taking the game on a lot more under Neeld (and getting more of the ball). Hopefully Goodwin can reignite that while keeping Roos defensive foundations
  4. He is 26 - how many chances does he need? Id keep him only if we don't plan to bring in another small back (Jetta and Salem definitely ahead)
  5. Hogan probably gave him a dirty look and Garlett got scared
  6. So is Kent - looking forward to seeing him again. Pace and a good kick.
  7. Don't think Hogan will win it but I can imagine him on stage receiving it. Fixing his hair then pointing to the trophy and saying "is that it?"
  8. He is improving but still is one of the first to go missing when momentum goes against us.
  9. Wow the opportunity to break the Etihad curse. An injury stricken GWS team. The chance to finish the season with 7 wins and let Demon fans enter the off-season with a smile. Farewell a legend in Cross. GWS by 50 points
  10. lol - I expected this. Will probably have a good 3qrt when the game has been lost
  11. Classic Carltank. These are the games we love to lose though - so it will be a hard fought battle to see who can get the worst disposal efficiency
  12. Surely after so long on the sidelines he would need some match practice (NAB might not be enough). I am guessing they will increase his running very slowly hopefully he is basically into full running come start of preseason.
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