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  1. I’m still really annoyed no one flew the flag when Vardy was into Maxy. Was a goal anyways, we needed Viney/Jones to make a statement there and fire up the boys and more importantly stick up for Max. the score board pressure was the most disappointing part of last night, so many positives, we looked quick and agile.
  2. I watched him against the hawks and GC live mate, tonight has been the same, if we didn’t have so many injuries he’d be playing are casey we’re he belongs this year
  3. Fritsch is doing my head in this season, he’s a turn over merchant
  4. Another piece poor effort from the boys when Max was down, fly the flag Viney or Jones for [censored] sake
  5. I don’t know what’s worse, Tracs set shot or Ben Simmons Jump shot.....
  6. This is what I don’t understand, how isn’t this addressed, Carey, BT, Dunstall have all spotted the issue, yet he’s shanking them left and right every week. Trac needs to chat to a specialist goal kicking coach, clearly Melbourne don’t have one.....
  7. How has Sam Frost become our most composed players? That’s how well we’re travelling.
  8. It might help if we stopped kicking to him as a 6”4 forward and not a crumbing forward. Give the bloke a chance...
  9. Petracca has the yips! Why are we continually playing him as a forward?!?
  10. 2-3 i believe he was supposed to be. I can't see him being back in 3-4 for some reason...
  11. I was down for the game and I was amazed at the aggressive nature of a lot of blokes there. I left level 3 just after half time and went to the bar in level 4, we started to turn things around so I stayed there as I thought I was bad luck. There were hawks supporters behind me, yelling into our ears when they kicked a goal in the 4th as they could see us cheering on Melbourne. i haven’t experienced tension like that watching a game before with Melbourne involved.
  12. That is true, but Simon doesn’t have a Jordan/Pippen or Bryant/Shaq to take over games singlehanded. Phil was blessed with that. i cannot remember the last Melbourne player to continually grab a game by the scruff of the neck and will us over the line. Phil never had to Tell MJ or black mamba to do that. They took it upon themselves. Goody needs the Gawns, TMacs, Oliver’s, Melks to stand up, it can’t all be on Simon, the players have to appear to care. We have slotted back into the Melbourne before Roos, get smashed, boys out having fun on the socials.
  13. May should be removed immediately from the Demonland banner....
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