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  1. Ratton has got the saints playing a great brand a footy, Roughead has the saints forward line sorted (what could have been). i always liked Kent as a footballer, he’s started this season strongly.
  2. He’ll keep doing it while the umpires call it unfortunately.
  3. He needs to start putting them on notice, come in and preform (forward pressure, running patterns, blocking for one another) or you’re out of the side. I’d love to see some offensive for once, swing the pockets, block for one another to create space. Two forwards drag their defenders up the field to create space... give us something different....
  4. Here’s a radical thought: I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t play all 3, tmac, Weid, Brown, Kozzie, Fritter, Melksham with Hannam/Hunt on the bench, with Trac and Brayshaw rotating throwing there with Hannan/melk in the guts. If we’re going to continue to bomb it in, give the big boys a chance, just instruct them to not all jump at the same ball. we cannot continue to do the exact same thing every week.
  5. I don’t want to sack another coach, but the board signed off on his contract and he needs to be held accountable for the teams performance. Personally I’m hoping for a Hardwick situation where it all clicks and he comes good. He needs to change to get us better at: - forward line entries have/has been disastrous for two years now - forward pressure needs serious work to lock in the ball and play his chaos ball - Needs to rotate midfield bulls and some outside class at bounces, not 4 bulls in at once - Use Macy’s taps to our advantage, we lose momentum when the taps end up in the oppo’s hands - Learn how to wrangle back momentum when we’re up against it The players appear to love Goodwin, that’s only a good thing, I’d love to see some enthusiasm in the box, the continuous whites in his eye is getting tiresome.
  6. Our forwards defensive pressure was poor again, look how many turn overs the cats got on us for pressuring back. Why do we always have multiple players run past the ground ball, for then the opposition to mob it up!
  7. It’s frustrating out only goals come from player brilliance and not structure. The boys looked confused inside 50, they don’t know where to run, where to stand, where to block etc. this has been happening for two years now!. Salam is absolutely wasted down back, he should be a high forward or is leading up and delivering to the forwards.
  8. Jump onto google mate, you’ll find them, I’m sure Demonland don’t want them mentioned on here.....
  9. MFC were more then happy to move him on to get May. Goodwin has made a habit of getting rid of players that have off field issues (Watts, Hogan). I agree with everything you have said above, the thought Tmac was the way of the future (maybe we thought Weid would come on as well) but it clearly hasn’t works over the past 1.5 years. We need to trade in a decent forward next year to ease that pressure.
  10. The MFC rolled the dice on Tom Mac after his 2018 form, they got rid of Hogan and replaced him with an expensive defender. That’s how confident they were in him. Tmac hasn’t fired a shot since 2018. He looked as agile as cruise ship on Saturday night. He has 1-2 matches to turn it around or he’ll be sitting next to his brother on the sidelines. Play him as a goal square forward with Fritta and Bennell Delivering the ball, that’s his only hope.
  11. I’ve always liked what I’ve seen from Lockhart, he’s had limited games to under his belt, he’s quick, tough and composed. Might just be me though.....
  12. If Smith is doing SFA down back, I’d be throwing him in the ruck with his athleticism.
  13. I absolutely admire the defensive run of the hawks, they set up perfectly behind the ball as well.
  14. Lever needs to start earning that money, the $500k isn’t far off what he has produced for us. $800-$850k is for a superstar, we’re paying that to 2 defenders. Plus We don’t have dominate forward to help us win games.
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