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  1. It would be nice to see the coach show some passion like Horse in the other box. Get stuck into them Simon because this stunned mullet look is working wonders....
  2. O Mac to Lynch? Or Omac to Riewoldt? that is absolutely terrifying 🤦‍♂️
  3. He’s too slow to play against the saints, we need a smaller more agile team to match up correctly, they cut us to ribbons early this year, dropping Pruess is the right call. Amazing JKH isn’t a call up, clearly his papers are stamped.
  4. I really cannot believe I am mentioning this, but watching the show Bob tonight with Fev, he discussed kicking coaching and Ross Lyon simplified Fevs kicking action. Fev was a complete idiot but he was an amazing set shot, his larrikin attitude that has matured might be a good pairing to work on Tracs set shots. Fev spoke about playing forward similar to playing chess (yes you did read that correctly) knew when to be in the right spots through training drills.
  5. There is no one else mate......
  6. What terrifies me if there isn’t any changes to the list, especially the forward line and they blame injuries on the poor year......
  7. Agree to disagree mate, you don’t coach at the highest level for 9 1/2 years if you aren’t very smart. He knew he always had to keep North some what competitive due to their small supporter base. How is I wasn love some ruthless backmen in our team. was just a thought... 👍🏻
  8. Brad Scott could be let go as Kangaroos coach at seasons end or even sooner, what are everyone’s thoughts on getting in his ear about the defensive assistant coach for 2020? cons- strong personality that may be hard for Goodwin to rein in Pros- was a phenomenal backmen in his day, could he be our Leppa that got sacked at the Lions, went back to Richmond before their premiership and improved their defence out of sight?
  9. I’m still really annoyed no one flew the flag when Vardy was into Maxy. Was a goal anyways, we needed Viney/Jones to make a statement there and fire up the boys and more importantly stick up for Max. the score board pressure was the most disappointing part of last night, so many positives, we looked quick and agile.
  10. I watched him against the hawks and GC live mate, tonight has been the same, if we didn’t have so many injuries he’d be playing are casey we’re he belongs this year
  11. Fritsch is doing my head in this season, he’s a turn over merchant
  12. Another piece poor effort from the boys when Max was down, fly the flag Viney or Jones for [censored] sake
  13. I don’t know what’s worse, Tracs set shot or Ben Simmons Jump shot.....
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