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  1. The problem is that the Suns have two captains with one all but out of the door and the other being courted by one of the strong established AFL Clubs. This is not only going to be terribly destabilizing for the Suns internally but it’s also going to make it very hard for them to recruit players to the club.
  2. If James was seeking a crown he need only seek out a fellow North Melbourne president Allen Aylett who was also a fine dentist.
  3. According to a local real estate agent the Bentleigh site could be worth around $20m. If you measure that against a debt of under $5m, we are traveling along quite nicely on the finance front.
  4. Meanwhile, over at Collingwood Lynden Dunn's career is on the slide along with his new number - 15.
  5. Wrong again ENYAW. It was the Gardner admin that overlooked Sheedy in favour of Dean Bailey. Long before we picked Neeld. Sheedy would have been as effective at Melbourne as a senior coach as Bailey because we were suffering from poor recruiting and even worse player development. He would not have helped us.
  6. The TAC Cup Team of the Year has been announced at the Morrish Medal presentation evening:- 2016 TAC Cup Team of the Year B: Brodie Romensky (Western Jets), Josh Patullo (Gippsland Power), Mason Blakey (Northern Knights) HB: Andrew McGrath (Sandringham Dragons), Jack Maibaum (Eastern Ranges), Taylin Duman (Oakleigh Chargers) C: Willem Drew (North Ballarat Rebels), Dylan Clarke (Eastern Ranges), Jo Atley (Bendigo Pioneers) HF: Daniel Venables (Western Jets), Josh Battle (Dandenong Stingrays), Tim Taranto (Sandringham F: Brett Blair (Geelong Falcons), Patrick Kerr (Oakleigh Chargers), Sam Fowler (Dandenong Stingrays) FOLL: Lachlan Fillipovic (Sandringham Dragons), Hugh McCluggage (North Ballarat Rebels), Will Brodie (Murray Bushrangers) I/C: Josh Begley (Eastern Ranges), Callum Brown (Eastern Ranges), Luke Bunker (Northern Knights), James Cousins (Murray Bushrangers), Sam Hayes (Eastern Ranges), James Worpel (Geelong Falcons)
  7. Spy v Spy even before the first ball is bounced. Carlton FC statement
  8. Heard there was training today. Did anyone go?
  9. Absolutely. The four points are invaluable at this time of year ... oh wait
  10. Agreed that the Geelong team was top heavy, especially up forward. Question is what does that do for Mitch Clark and his chances of getting back into the side after last year's injuries and other dramas.
  11. Anyone not happy about us drafting the 181cm Darcy Parish on the grounds that he's too small, should take note of Lovell's height and weight.
  12. Jack Watts, a late inclusion, dominates the game and sets up five of Hogan's seven goals.
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