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  1. Does anyone know who the top ruckmen in the under 18 competition are and when Bradkte’s likely to play against them?
  2. I really don’t get people worrying about how the results of other games are going to help our cause at this stage of the season. Being 15th or 16th after round 4 means Jack Shyzen. Our job ATM is to string some wins together and not worry about the others.
  3. I don’t think Salem was given nearly enough credit for his game on Thursday night.
  4. Good get. I don’t understand why it took so long for the club to play the Gawn/Preuss card. I think that as long as they both remain for, the combination will be potent against many of the other teams.
  5. Prefer the races at Moonee Valley myself.
  6. 1. Neville Jetta vs 6. Tom McDonald 3. Clayton Oliver vs 2. Max Gawn
  7. Damn, I was so looking forward to him taking on my childhood comic book heroes.
  8. 1. Neville Jetta vs 5. Jake Melksham 6. Tom McDonald vs 4. James Harmes 3. Clayton Oliver vs Jack Viney 2. Max Gawn vs 8. Angus Brayshaw
  9. 1. Neville Jetta vs Jordan Lewis Alex Neal-Bullen vs 8. Jake Melksham Charlie Spargo vs Jack Viney 6. Tom McDonald vs Billy Stretch
  10. Christian Petracca Tim Smith Michael Hibberd
  11. Aaron vandenBerg vs Kade Kolodjashnij James Jordon vs Tim Smith Braydon Preuss vs Tom Sparrow Toby Bedford vs Jake Lever Corey Wagner vs Sam Weideman
  12. Corey Maynard vs Joel Smith Bayley Fritsch vs Oskar Baker Josh Wagner vs Harrison Petty Tom Sparrow vs Marty Hore vs Guy Walker
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