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  1. 1964 was a long, long time ago for our last premiership flag. Why is it so?
  2. Can’t see it at pick 10. Try 28 where most experts think he should be selected.
  3. Adding to the hype is Jay Clark who is also tipping we’ll take Kossie with pick 10. Jay-Z says Melbourne are looking at selecting a draft bolter with Pick 10. Not so sure about taking a 170cm small at 10.
  4. Meh - no biggie in naming the best 40 in alphabetical order. Stick your neck out Shifter and make some real predictions by revealing where they’ll get selected.
  5. Yes - there’s a bit of a shock at No. 2 but not much of a shock for those who have been following this draft for longer than the last month. Tom Green is very, very, good. But the real shock might come for those of you who are fixated on us picking Brodie Kemp at No. 8 - have a look at where he’s rated here. Top 30 AFL young guns revealed — and there’s a shock at No. 2
  6. But it can be a bit concrete than that in cases where information somehow leaks out - either via club recruiters mentioning that they have an interest in a particular player or via a player or his parents telling others that they had been interviewed and been given an indication they might be drafted.
  7. Is that sort of thing is considered draft tampering given some of the things the AFL seems to be suggesting in the context of live trading?
  8. Just to add some perspective to Jack Martin, these are his career averages (per game): 16 disposals, 5 marks, 0.8 goals, 3.7 tackles, 2 inside50s, 1.7 clearances https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/pc-gold-coast-suns--jack-martin
  9. What now with Billy Stretch? Delisting?
  10. Did we have any Academy players in this game?
  11. They say that Melbourne cooled on Gray as it ramped up its efforts for free agent Magpie Jamie Elliott, but is now the time to consider him again.
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