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  1. Is that sort of thing is considered draft tampering given some of the things the AFL seems to be suggesting in the context of live trading?
  2. Just to add some perspective to Jack Martin, these are his career averages (per game): 16 disposals, 5 marks, 0.8 goals, 3.7 tackles, 2 inside50s, 1.7 clearances https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/pc-gold-coast-suns--jack-martin
  3. What now with Billy Stretch? Delisting?
  4. Did we have any Academy players in this game?
  5. They say that Melbourne cooled on Gray as it ramped up its efforts for free agent Magpie Jamie Elliott, but is now the time to consider him again.
  6. Not good to get dropped for a final after being a regular for so long. We need a player of his type in our forward line.
  7. Melbourne’s overall percentage for the season is 77.9%. It’s percentage in time on is 77.2% so there’s no significant difference. The stats that I would be interested in would be our scores for and against (and percentage) in final quarters this year and also our relative shooting accuracy percentage (last week 29 v 75 for the Swans). I suspect both figures will go a long way to help us understand what ailed the club in 2019.
  8. Allowing Stephenson to play in this round is yet another outrageous aspect of the AFL’s handling of this scandal and goes against all logic and the way suspensions have been dealt with in the past 120 years. But ... as a sign of how the way the competition is run, we will gratefully accept the decision to allow him to play if it helps Casey make the finals :😎
  9. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Bailey Fritsch 4. James Harmes 3. Christian Salem 2. Christian Petracca 1. Jordan Lewis
  10. Jordan Lewis could be in a bit of strife for an accidental head high bump.
  11. Does anyone know who the top ruckmen in the under 18 competition are and when Bradkte’s likely to play against them?
  12. I really don’t get people worrying about how the results of other games are going to help our cause at this stage of the season. Being 15th or 16th after round 4 means Jack Shyzen. Our job ATM is to string some wins together and not worry about the others.
  13. I don’t think Salem was given nearly enough credit for his game on Thursday night.
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