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  1. When did Frost become Gary Ablett? Hehe, a little overboard. Howe is revered now, but wasn't at Melbourne. I, with obviously many think it's part of a bad pattern our club.
  2. The comparison is of Frost now and Howe back when he was at Melbourne, why do you state that Frost isn't half the player Howe is? They're at different stages of their carrers. I think the comparison is about highlighting the difference between clubs ability to get the most out of players. And if Melbourne can't get the best out of the raw talent that Frost has, other clubs will.
  3. I had a bad feeling the other day that a club like Hawthorn would definitely want him and support him to the next level. It's like a recurring nightmare. Us giving up talent for some low (who cares) draft pick and Hawthorn scouting talent from everywhere. The thought is making me sick.
  4. One word respone to this thread - Pessimism.
  5. It seems the turd still hasn't been flushed!
  6. You've got a right to have your opinion of course; but so do May and Frost, and they have to work together and build a relationship. They need space. To squelch any passion from our players right now seems totally regressive.
  7. You'd want to pacify a player (May) that plays like a beast that isn't afraid of anyone? At a club (our club) who haven't had anyone so fearless and impassioned before in my short memory?
  8. Mmm.. 5 million Jeff Kennett's... yuk! One is more than enough. Hehe. I get your point and agree.
  9. Cool mate, i'll keep it in mind next gameday. Touch base for future matches.
  10. A thread for all the Gold Coast Mebourne fans to engage in, catch up to watch the match somewhere, discuss getting to the grounds up here. I'll most likely be watching Melb v Freo at Fisherman's Wharf Tavern. Would be great to catch up with some others Dees for the match! Go the Dees!!
  11. I think there needs to be more sophisticated methods used to ensure fans treat other fans with respect. Perhaps replace the wages for the new crowd behavioural officers (watch dogs) with wages for a team of people who conduct surveys pre and post gameday about their experience. This is just a quick thought that came to mind as an example. I don't really care what the method is, but i assume it's better to work with fans rather than alienating or punishing them.
  12. Prohibiting alcohol takes away from fans who 'do the right thing' as well. I don't believe in blaming alcohol helps.
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