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  1. FB: Jetta - May - Lever HB: Salem - McDonald - Hibberd MID: Langdon - Viney - Tomlinson HF: Petracca - McDonald - Bennell FF: Melksham - Weideman - Fritsch R: Gawn - Oliver - Harmes INT: Brayshaw - Petty - Young - Hunt Depth: Sparrow - Lockhart - Pruess - Baker - Smith - Vandenberg - Hannah - Pick 8 - preseason draft pick 2 With all the doom and gloom that came with the 2019 season, I genuinely think that this club can take a huge step forward this year if we have a solid pre season with a healthy list. Ive been a bit optimistic with my 22 (including Bennell and young before they’ve been picked up and weideman still unproven). This was just to show how good our side can look with a bit of luck and good health. It’s easy to forget how well a lot of these players played in 2018. I am very excited for this season.
  2. I think it's a great idea, although i'm not sure if the bottom two teams would bring a massive crowd with them
  3. I played footy with Callum Mills last year.. there was a game where we were down to the best team in the comp by 25 points and Millsy came on and kicked 5 goals in 10 minutes out of the midfield to win us the game. This guy is an absolute freak! is there any chance at all that Sydney wont be able to get enough points to bid for him? if so, any chance of him slipping to us?
  4. I think you have summed it up perfectly although, If we trade away our second third and fourth round picks it doesn't leave us with much to trade for a potential depth player or a ready made player like we did with vince and pick 23.
  5. I thought i was forgetting someone!! Put him on the wing instead of Toumpas and maybe Toumpas on the bench instead of Newton... Hard to pick a best 22
  6. FB: Jetta - Frost - Dunn HB: Garland - McDonald - Grimes C: Lamumba - N.Jones - Vince HF: Howe - Dawes - Watts/[Pedersen] FF: Garlett - Hogan - JKH/Kent FOL: Jamar - Tyson - Viney INT: Cross - Gawn - Toumpas - (SUB)Salem/Petracca/Newton
  7. Jetta - Dunn - Garland Lamumba- McDonald- Grimes Vince - Viney - M.Jones Howe - Pederson - Watts Garlett - Hogan - Kent Jamar - Jones - Tyson Salem - Brayshaw* - Michie - JKH(Sub) Goodluck mate!! Hope that helped a bit! Dawes is suspended for round one by the way..
  8. FB: Jetta Frost Dunn HB: Garland McDonald Grimes C: Lumumba Jones Viney HF: Petracca Dawes Cross FF: Garlett Hogan Kent Foll: Jamar Tyson Vince Int: Pedersen Howe Watts Salem Emer: Gawn, Toumpas, Brayshaw, Matt Jones, Michie, Bail, Newton, JHK
  9. Does anyone think we'll get oscar McDonald at 42?
  10. FB: Jetta - Frost - Garland HB: Dunn - McDonald - Lumumba C: Vince - Viney - Salem HF: Watts - Dawes - Garlett FF: Howe - Hogan - JKH FOL: Jamar - Jones - Tyson INT: Gawn or Pederson - Kent - Grimes SUB: Either Michie, Brayshaw*, cross, M.Jones or Toumpas
  11. Seriously... Who is GNF? I am so lost!! Someone please explain..
  12. Okay i'm sorry, can someone please explain who GNF is and what these riddles are. my apologies, havent been keeping up much so i am sorry for any frustration this question may cause! thanks!!
  13. I am strongly against trading him! He is the kind of person that should be a one club player and he has stuck up for the dees through thick and thin! He is a true clubman! I messaged the MFC Facebook page and expressed my feelings against trading him!
  14. I was talking to Dan Robinson from the Swans yesterday and he told me that Tom Mitchell is almost 100% off to Carlton as they are giving him a $2 million deal! He was all but certain that he was at the blues next year. This is coming from a guy that lived with Tom Mitchell..
  15. Doesn't Paul Roos have a no [censored] policy? don't think Robinson would fit in at the dees.. especially if Lumumba comes to the club. There is bound to be a clash between the two, probably because of robinson saying something stupid.
  16. I am from NSW and i am good mates with Dan. Hasn't been annouced yet but he just recently signed a new deal with the Swans.
  17. Not sure if he has been mentioned, but what about targeting Liam Jones from the dogs? Not managing a game there but could be dangerous in our forward line and under Paul Roos..
  18. Of the saints midfield from last year: Hayes (suspended), montagna (suspended), Stevens (injured), dal santo (traded) Compared to Vince, Tyson, Michie, Trengove, Watts, Jones etc we have a big chance of providing opportunities for the forwards!
  19. What I think/hope round one will look like FB: Georgiou-Frawley-Dunn HB: Grimes-McDonald-Terlich C: Watts-N.Jones-Michie HF: Trengove-Dawes-Toumpas FF: Howe-Hogan-JKH/Kent/Blease FOL: Spencer/Gawn-Vince-Tyson INT: Viney-Cross-Fitzpatrick SUB: Blease Don't think Roos will play JKH straight away so Blease will probably hold the small forward role IMO
  20. Dawes - Clarke - Howe JKH - Hogan - Kent As long as it gets in there and goals are the result, I'm happy
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