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  1. Yes, watched on FOXTEL the first two quarters then went to bed. Woke up at 4.30 and then looked at my iPad. Did not sleep after that watching the replay. Just confirmed to my beloved how “mad” l am!
  2. Yes, l have heard Pert on the media since he took the MFC job and he seems incredibly full of himself. It seems all about him, and not the team. His cameo during the Pies practice game on the video was simply narcissistic nonsense. It was all about him and he did not ever talk about “us”, meaning the MFC. Such a contrast with Jackson, who was so completely committed to the Dees. It won’t end well...
  3. As l previously posted last week, Max will be targetted and defeated by superior forces. He was today. To not field Preuss to give him some heavy hitting backup was stupid in the extreme. At this rate, we will waste our biggest asset. Every side from now on will employ the same tactics, unless we retaliate big time Mid-list at best...
  4. I agree. From what I have seen of the team so far this year they appear to be quite uninspiring,. I know it is early in the season, but the zip from last year seems to have gone missing. 3 and 3 in the first six might be optimistic. Hope l am wrong, but l fear l am not. Usually l am optimistic this time of year....
  5. Yes, l think it is a matter of team balance. Weid and Tommy seem to play more complementary roles than Weid and Jesse for some reason, and l think this will be greatly enhanced by pruess this year, with Max also playing more down forward given our additional genuine ruck strength. A combination extremely difficult to match up on l would have thought particularly in dry conditions.
  6. The Preuss/Gawn combination to dominate the AFL, particularly in the drier months, and September. No team has the cattle to match up on them, so Viney, Brayshaw, Lewis, Harmes, Trac, Jones get silver service for the whole game and not just 70% of it. Max turns himself into a Paul Salmon style Ruck/Forward and kicks 40 goals for the year. Preuss has an outstanding year rucking and resting on bench. May wins all Australian, but Lever struggles with knee all year. Hunt returns to form off half back and gives us the run and carry we have been looking for, gets his kicking accuracy sorted out and kicks over 20 goals for the year. Dees win grannie by 37 points from the Pies going away in the second half!
  7. My best 22 for 2019: FB Jetta. May. Oscar HB. Hunt. Lever. Hibberd CC. Salem. Jones. Harmes HF. Patracca. TMac. Brayshaw FF. Pruess. Weideman. Neal-Bullen Foll. Gawn. Oliver. Viney Interchange: Vandenberg. Lewis. Spargo. Melsham Emery: Garlett. Stretch. Frost Fritsch Hannan Kolodjashnij Excellent side. Think Hunt on half back if back in form and has tightened his defensive skills, could provide a real springbord. Fritsch, Frost, Hannan Garlett all very unlucky, but all will get their chances in 2019. The more l think about it the more l think the Preuss move is inspired. Very few sides have the cattle to match up on it, and lm sure it will allow Max to go to the next level. Extremely good value for an admittedly very good player in Tyson, but one surplus to our needs now.
  8. Agree. Preuss trade opens up a lot of options for us: 1. Max playing a defensive role down back when we run into an Eagles type ambush again. 2. max playing a Paul Salmon type role - more round the ground and up forward. 3 max gets to rest more up forward. Preuss is already an accomplished ruckman who is a similar size to Max. He will learn a huge amount from the star no. 11. The eagles proved how effective two ruckman can be in finals. I think this is a really smart move, and is not a mystery at all. Can’t see Preuss playing too many games at Casey, except on very wet days.
  9. I agree our ball movement is terrific and speedy. Intimidating at times to opponents, and fabulous to watch, but with a few honourable exceptions don’t think our players are particularly speedy across the ground, but our game plan more than makes up for it.
  10. I really hate to say l told you so. I find it sad the way on here where you wear your heart on your sleeve and say what you really feel, the way that prompt$ unbelievable vitriol from fellow Demonlanders. Still l guess we should always remember we are on the net, and you take what you get in dealing with those mindsets!
  11. In my view they are, as Champion Data has been saying all year, playing a superior brand of football. Their best l have no doubt is surpases all comers, the question we all have is can they deliver on the day? I have been madly following this football club for 50 years, and for the first time in my living memory before a big game l have an innerving calmness about the result here. Gone are the nightmares they will fall into a hole. Their brilliance is just so good, that somehow or other you feel they will get it done. It is wonderful... Go you mighty Dees!
  12. It is always a huge task to hold onto players who do not get a game but have serious talent. If we go as far as I think we are about to, there will be a dozen clubs trying to pillage our list. It is a serious issue for us. i would nominate Jaydn Hunt and Tom Bugg as the most likely targets. Sadly because I think especially Hunt has serious talent given his speed and ball smarts. Speed IMHO is not one of our strengths. I would hate to see him go. The question is what can we get for them, and what do we really need?
  13. The point surely is that the elite player group ie top six, will fire in big games, as will the opposition’s otherwise they would not be classed as elite. Basically cancel out each other, except where teams have individuals of such brilliance that they turn a game through individual brilliance and skill. These are rare beasts, but no-one can deny that Franklin, Gawn, Nicnak, Dangerfield, Dusty Martin regularly do this, even Hawkins, Clary and Rance. If the elite six was so important, then Geelong would be clearly on top of the ladder, but they have so top ended their salary cap, that their bottom six are, not to put too finer point on it....ordinary. In this, we should give credit to our recruiters: their strategy of picking the eyes out of the second tier leagues has been masterful and greatly stengthens our bottom six players through people such as Hannan, Fritsch.and Vanders. It is a lesson others such as Carlton and St. Kilda should note, but I rather suspect neither has the elite recruiting skills we have. We are in good shape.
  14. Vandenberg spent the first part of training with Viney doing running and drills. Half way though, Viney very obviously ran across the field to join the main group which was met with very loud applause and cheers from the players. This is a seriously close group. You can see how committed they are to each other, and to their leadership. Vanders subsequently joined the main group for the session
  15. Attended training/family day this morning. I reckon about 2000 people there on a chilly morning. I have been attending training off and on now for I suppose 5 years and it is interesting to see how the club has evolved in this as it moves to elite performance. Mostly in the past training has been pretty regimented and predictable. Today I noticed a crucial difference. It was much much more accountable. For instance, in front of us there was a match simulation amongst I suppose a dozen senior players with handballs and kicking, marking etc. For the first ten minutes or so, they continually missed their targets, which prompted the coach (l didn’t recognise him) to yell at them very loudly, to the extent when it continued he brought them in and gave them a serious dressing down. After that it was almost flawless. i have never seen that before at a Dees training session. I suspect it reflects the elite demands that are on this group. About time too, but also symptomatic of the group’s expectations and how ruthless they are now to achieve them. lt was wonderful to see.
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