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  1. Really? A First round draft pick Vs a Cat B rookie. Wouldn't any result from Bradtke be considered a bonus.
  2. My first thought seeing this was he was calling for a lift off the ground.
  3. Hence the suggestion to myself that I should probably stop reading these threads! 😅
  4. How do his skills compare to our other forwards?
  5. Is it just me or do we seem a lot more fragile this year compared to previous! I might need to stop reading these threads.
  6. That's brilliant! Great to see. I'm staying optimistic that he is going to work out for us.
  7. Seems like a pretty unqiue bloke and not your average footy bloke. I reckon him and Gawny should get along pretty well.
  8. How many 199cm rucks are there? Wouldn't this guy be more likely to be playing forward with the occasional forward ruck contest or punch hitting? How tall was Hogan?
  9. Oh no, I've entered the Boomer echo chamber. On a side note, anyone know when Bennell will start with the group. Suspect he will slot into the rehab group.
  10. Apologies if I seem a bit thick, but who are you referring to?
  11. Interesting no one commented on this in training thread.
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