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  1. Needs to be more damaging in my opinion. Showed some glimpses and has some pace. Maybe with a more functional forward line and more options he can become a bit more adventurous.
  2. I see many people comparing Baily Fritsch to Robbie. I never had the pleasure of watching Robbie play, but I'm struggling to see the similarities based on the highlights posted. They seem to be very different players. Can anyone shed some light?
  3. Saty are you able to give a bit of a summary of how traning went?
  4. Most likely could have kept Holden here, but Joe Hockey and Abbot played chicken with GM and lost...Or maybe this is what they wanted?
  5. Not really. We've sold about 10,000 more cars than them year to date, which is a fair bit in the Aussie market. In recent months though they've been selling around 3,000 cars a month which is about the numbers we're doing.
  6. Not true, but not as far from the truth as I would like
  7. They sold 437 Mustangs in September, not exactly huge numbers. Ranger they absolutely knock out of the park. If they sold them at Colorado numbers they would be in serious strife. Every single one of their other carlines are terrible sellers. Holden has given up on Commodore and is pretty much just waiting for its commitments to Opel to expire out so it can stop importing them. Full disclosure, I work for Holden.
  8. I like how he refers to himself as "Fitness Coach" and not "Elite Sports Performance Manager" or whatever it was Misson came up with.
  9. If the Ranger didn't sell, Ford would be in a much worse position than Holden. It's the only car they can sell.
  10. How the feck they got Membrey as an A Grader?
  11. Sounds like it will be down to who has the best to offer when it comes to medical and conditioning. How do we compare to Saints in that department?
  12. I'm sure the club have asked the same question. I'm trusting the necessary due dilligence has been completed and they have weighed up the risks.
  13. Agree with most of this re Frost unfortunately.
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