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  1. Would you have Lyon in a Neil Balme type role?
  2. I wonder how many similar posts you'd find to this one in 2016 on a Richmond forum.
  3. Goodwin yet to mention anything about the gameplan.
  4. You must drink every mention of 'forward connection', 'flow', 'back to the Melbourne way', 'injuries'.
  5. That definitely doesn't help, but the manner in which we just give up is the most embarrassing thing. Teams who roll over like don't win flags.
  6. Again, I think its disingenuous to be commenting on his skills and ability given the circumstances. Lever has hardly had the opportunity to demonstrate his wares at this club in his current tenure. Posters on here seem to have a very short memory as I recall him starting to hit some pretty good form prior to his knee injury against the dogs. It's no secret that a player's skills will suffer when they are running around the ground stuffed from a lack of fitness and game time. He definitely is not on his own here. EDIT: Also worth pointing out that Lever played one VFL game before returning from injury and injured himself again. In my honest opinion, they should have delayed hsi return by another month. I'm not Dave Misson though...
  7. Are we seriously potting a bloke who has: Just come off a year long break from an ACL injury; Hasn't completed a pre-season; Has played less than 20 games for the club; and Is playing in a backline that has been both putrid and had a load of pressure put on them from a one way midfield, not to mention the revolving door of VFL players. I'll reserve judgement for when we have at least have half the list fit and he has had a decent run at it. Young and smart intercepting defenders with leadership qualities don't grow on trees. Apologies if someone else has already pointed this out, I haven't read all the posts in this thread.
  8. Thank you. Not sure how easy this is to fix, but if we can somehow in the off season address it, maybe there is hope?
  9. Our complete inability to change game plans and respond to a team changing tactics on show here. A few players have been very average, but no attempt to change things up. Move trac into the middle for [censored] sake.
  10. Will be gone by the end of next week. They won't want to miss out on what is available given the ammount of teams in the market right now.
  11. Tough on Joel Smith. I honestly believe he is going to be a very good player. Looked like he was about to tear the game apart before injury in the pre season.
  12. There is a serious lack of belief out there. We all know our players can hit a Target and can pick up the ball. We watched it for a season.
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