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  1. They should just jump on a plane and leave the state.
  2. If we don't turn up today we will never turn up.
  3. So about 3 games the way this season is going.
  4. McDonald failed to kick any goals again this week so he is out.
  5. They had Barrass we had embarrassment.
  6. Just play round one then start the finals.
  7. Melbourne to win the first five game and then the season to be cancelled. You know it will happen.
  8. Cant see us winning this but stranger things have happened.
  9. Back to where we were at the end of 2018, don't play well don't get a game. Love it.
  10. That run in the last quarter is what should be exciting everyone. The biopsy look fit, just need a good run with no injuries.
  11. Knowing this team we will win this and lose to Gold Coast at the G in week two.
  12. And that is the best part. I want to believe that it was Stynes finger that touched that last kick at goal.
  13. Didn't Howe leave Melbourne because The Filth PROMISED him the forward job. He played forward for a few weeks and was moved back to where Melbourne was trying to develop him.
  14. Not 5 decades of failure! - 5 decades of a rebuild.
  15. Could never understand why frost was not given a go on the Wing.
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