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  1. Knowing this team we will win this and lose to Gold Coast at the G in week two.
  2. And that is the best part. I want to believe that it was Stynes finger that touched that last kick at goal.
  3. Didn't Howe leave Melbourne because The Filth PROMISED him the forward job. He played forward for a few weeks and was moved back to where Melbourne was trying to develop him.
  4. Not 5 decades of failure! - 5 decades of a rebuild.
  5. Could never understand why frost was not given a go on the Wing.
  6. More to the point why was it not reversed when the North player hit Oliver.
  7. At least it didn't hurt our percentage only our hearts and minds.
  8. No it was ten goal into the wind and only 2 goal with the wind.
  9. This!!!!! Even my little dogs was barking down the f---in line.. $287,000 is overs.. Why does it still hurt so much doctor.
  10. He is far to Umpire conscious for mine. If he played for us that would be the end of him.
  11. Shouldn't the question be "Will you spend the extra $240 on a grand final guarantee"
  12. I agree with how bad it has been and how bad it looks but, Every player will get a min of 4 extra weeks of preseason and a lot will get an extra 8 to 12 weeks. This team has just looked unfit all year and that makes you miss easy kicks and handballs at this level. If the problem was deeper we would have heard a lot more come out. Interesting thing will be to see how many "if any" ask to be traded out.
  13. He won't be sacked, this team will get a big preseason in and jump back up the ladder.
  14. Well if both Melbourne and Sydney are going to tank next week we need a name for the game.
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