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  1. KK dar from done he’s a quality user and breakaway pace he will have role to play at some stage! HB (failing a breakdown prior to Feb) will be an absolute revelation and the definitive story of they year in 2020 - Even Balmey said he’s scared at what Harley might do for Red and Blue next year!!!
  2. Why fascinating? Played there and well late last year and BMAC said recently that’s one thing they found Kate last year as a win for 2020 structure so that’s where he was always gonna be! Pinch hit in Mid when required but with Langdon/Tomlinson Vanders & Jordon likely ins next year (Mark my words On Jordon, he’s going to be a designated kicker & will play from R1 All going well)
  3. I’m saying what’s being looted about from a Dees perspective - Freo are ones adding in his name in disc I suggest
  4. If we somehow do end up with pick 3 or suns stun all and pick Anderson - then pick 2/3 for Langdon/Hill is a near certainty - so barrack for whichever outcome you prefer - but I’m telling you, Anderson is EXACTLY what we need and from R1 next year will show it.. I’d we get all 3 it’d be the biggest coup the clubs ever had in an offseason!!!
  5. Yes - we ALL do! AFL Not compromise another draft for those incompetent buggers.. best they’ll get is start of 2nd round that’s all that’s in rules to give now anyways!!!
  6. Langdon, Anderson AND Hill WILL be Demons in 2019 - barring a major hiccup. Langdon is across the line - Suns taking Rowel it’s a Monty.. Hill only talking to Dees & Hawks, fact! But word is our offer to a Freo is far superior (likely 2nd rnd & pick swaps maybe young player). Also some spec around that it may also involve Langdon & Jetta but that’s just too early on to know. Both Brayshaws receiving spec both ways also yet odds are astronomical either gets moved. Anderson is the light at the end of a shitty tunnel of a year, No chance we are trading the pick unless it’s super deal ie 2 for Hill AND Langdon, even then we’d want a top 15 pick back by throwing in 2nd rnder.
  7. You guys are so bloody idiotic and DELUDED - He’s our best young player by FAR overall in upside and our ONLY elite groundball player. Seriously you ppl scare living [censored] out of me sometimes.
  8. Here’s what MFC need for 2020 & beyond: 1) Continuity in playing list: this is clearly biggest issue and starts now re addressing ALL surgeries on spot to minimise off season inj and ensure better pre season continuity and lack of players missing blocks and sessions ala entire mid group this year. 2) Ground Ball & Pressure players up forward: This is MASSIVE and biggest single diff to Late last year statistically. cats lead comp in all 5 key stats around this we rank 11-16th in same 5 categories. Scoring from fwd pressure, score diff from turnover, score conv per i50, Score diff from post clearance, ground ball get count. Kyle Dunkley is already a good start in this direction as is Chandler & as will Vanders be and J Smith & Hannan when fully integrated and has when has help. Recruiting Targets: these are the type of players we need.. Gryan Miers, Dahlhaus, Josh Thomas, B.Mihocek, Castagna, Mason Wood, Zurhaar, K.Turner, Jenkins, Zak Jones, Liam Ryan, Sheed. We desp need FINISHERS (Jenkins for example, quality finisher) & Ground ball players. Petracca is elite ground ball and he’s literally ALL awe have right now. Vanders will help, Chandler too & Dunkley as mentioned but we need help & need converters or we will likely never get improvement on i50 conversion cus we kick 70.99-18(non score misses) in last 6 weeks and it’s just awful. We don’t need huge names - we need them type as per deficiencies not as per what Melb supporters decide we want cus they know sweet FA From what I read and hear. We need entry 50 help too but I blv we have much to return in this area ie players already mentioned, Melksham, KK & others. 3) Maturity hedge gap between best and worst in areas of skill. We invite pressure atm and knowing WHEN to slow and when to play fast is another huge issue without runners now. fix all this and we WILL contend, fact! PS: seeing our backline area with May & Lever yest was AWESOME! I can’t wait to see these to after 5 let alone 15 games together, it’s gonna be insanely good Lever mark yest showes what he can do and May was good in small and tall - they’ll take some scalps that’s for sure!!!
  9. Wowsers!!! Some players there I’d struggle to put in best 22 of some of their playing years lol Brett Lovett is always pulverising but I’m being harsh - Yeats another id prob say was good but not best of last 30 years for me.. Wilson.. hmm I dunno but a great exercise though and some great calls also - Love Wiz, No Stinger?! Ouch
  10. In: Tim Smith, Neal Bullen, Baker, Pruess Out: Melksham, Hibberd, Keilty & Lewis.
  11. Petracca? Jeff?! GUs? Are you MAD?!?! WOW - the actual football nous on here is just way more of a blind spot than one could EVER anticipate! OUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROBLEM R1-5 was Groundball gets all over the ground, most of all between both arcs.. Jeffry has been a major help in this area and will only improve with time, allowing us a bit extra fwd 50 pressure also, another weakness but Petracca leads ENTIRE COMP in ground ball gets per game IFWD50 - with 3.0 per game.. and you wanna drop him?! Do you actually SEE our entries?! Wow.. Seriously ppl just need to stop the BS and realise we’ve been DECIMATED by inj to ALL our speed and pressure players, understand we’ve FINALLY got some grit & groundball cut through, and hope like hell we get some stability & likes of Hannan, Smith, Smith, Vanders, Jetta, May, Lever, KK etc back by back half in time to storm home or reinvest for momentum into 2020. So sick of keyboard warriors bagging the players they find easy targets without ANY actual insight!!!
  12. Kielty WILL play VS Hawks, Mark it down. Chance Oscar replaces him but I hope not - think we need potential of someone taking grabs up forward or going back. Could both come in to replace Weid but unlikely. Really need Smith, VB, May, Lever back and I think Baker will play in 2-3. So annoyed we put smith back on field to make groin worse he was PRIMED for marking fwd pressure dual role!!! Kielty, Sparrow in for Viney & Weideman.
  13. Re fumbling - 100% SPOT ON!!! Was the absolute reason we couldn’t get any momentum. I think the cos he’s feel same way - I’ve NEVER seen a side fumble this much over the ball, it’s insanely contagious and reminiscent of WC prelim. No idea how it gets fixed but confidence will address a fair chunk of it.. we’ll win 4-6 in last 8 weeks of year once cattle arrive but it’ll be way too late - good news is we’ll have currency to bring in what we need, but not all of it - either a tall fwd, outside mid with poise going inside 50 & players who are clean!
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