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  1. Perhaps as an inside mid he'd still have some relevance but essentially he's due for a rest, maybe due to be turned out to pasture. This can be done with gracet so that he develops a niggling injury, has family issues, needs time away from the game - there are any number of ways to ease him into retirement. And that is where he is headed. I agree with the poster who recognised that he wasn't taken away from the co-captaincy role because Viney is an iffy proposition and the captaincy can't be handed over to him as a stand-alone man so it is a dilemma and to resolve it may well require a vice captain to step up. But if it's Tommy Mac then we have another guy under an injury cloud. There must be a solution and I'm sure it will be found.
  2. Jeez Louise Hema - depressed, faithless and hopeless from your last 2 comments. Drop the negativity. Get a grip, son.
  3. The voice of reason! Really looking forward to seeing Keilty included. he can go forward too I think.
  4. And don't forget : other favoured teams got beaten at the weekend. Weagles for example.
  5. We did look slow, I must say and as for slow individuals : Petracca and Jonesy are 2. Jones fails to hit the scoreboard at crucial times even when he is in the clear or on a set shot. He needs a rest and so does Vines, so Sizzle can be the captain for a bit. Naturally he will need to play better than he did Saturday! Stop picking on Spargo, I thought he wasn't too bad - Keilty can come in for Frost, May for Oscar - and WHAT DOES MELKSHAM HAVE TO DO TO EARN A FREE KICK????? Come on umpire!
  6. I'm expecting to see a bit out of Keilty and Hore as intros to our line-up.
  7. Is it the bright lights? They look a bit wide-eyed!! Maybe Pie-eyed.
  8. I'm enjoying reprising some of these players. And I'd like to find a spot for Clint Bizzell.
  9. Port have good players _ Westhoff cuts us up regularly, for example. Yes, no room for complacency. I think we have the wood on the Power though.
  10. Probably done before at some stage but here is my dream forward line : Farmer Jakovich Neitz Lyon Schwartz Jurrah Couldn't fit in some greats here, such as Norm Smith and others like Robbo and Darren Bennett and can't yet find a place for current players. Not sure whether Fred Fanning should be on some sort of forward line interchange with others.
  11. Make it $20 to be a member. For this you get the scarf, stickers and stuff and the membership base would climb.
  12. Of course it has to be handled 'delicately' AF and I'm sure it will be. I saw Jones slowing in the last couple of games - as he did last year. His day s are numbered and we will be looking to Angus Brayshaw for our next captain.
  13. We used to say this about Doug Anthony if anyone remembers.
  14. Yes! Let's grab Andrew Brayshaw and Zac Jones as well.
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