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  1. Omac before Frost. Petracca is a star. Carlton will beat Melbourne. What next people....
  2. I don’t see an issue. He’s clearly in our starting back six along with May and Lever.
  3. How much longer until Melksham is back?
  4. Favourable yes but we’ll most likely lose some of the Thursday/Friday night games we worked so hard to earn. Only ourselves to blame, the cycle continues....
  5. We have a run off perceived easy games coming up, then our last 5 are Eagles : TIO SAINTS : Marvel Tigers : G Pies : G Swans : G Barring no more injuries will be interesting to see how we fare 2nd time around in our last five matches.
  6. Oliver is our best young player (He’s younger and a star in the making). This situation is all too familiar for the club and it’s supporters. Watts : I was in the “don’t trade him” camp but quickly got over that. We played him too early, didn’t develop him, played him out of position, then it was the coach. Every new game/season was going to be the one when he reached his potential. We held him too long, got Fritsch who I don’t think we’ve seen the best of yet but had we moved earlier could of got more. Hogan : I was vocal early last season on trading him was happy when a deal was reached. I couldn’t buy into the whole “he’s kicked 40+ goals two years in a row, hes the best young fwd in the comp garbage “, because he couldn’t take a pack mark, struggled for accuracy when not directly in front and failed to dominate a top 8 side. We moved at exactly the right time and got May. Petracca : We’re still waiting for a break out game, still waiting for him to tear a game apart. Still waiting for any kind of real consistency. He’s done nothing as a fwd, give him the rest of the season playing on the ball. Based on his performance over the remaining games should determine whether he is traded or not. We can look to blame Goodwin, McCartney or any of the line coaches or acknowledge that we may have another high draft pick bust on our hands.
  7. Just want to throw this one out there.... What would we seriously get for Petracca? I’m not looking for picks but a player. I don’t see him as damaging and think his disposal is average at best. For someone his size his tackling is also questionable. I ask the question because I see his situation the same as Watts. Trade him now and get something decent in return or hold in anticipation and it becomes a gamble. When we went on a mini run late last year (Eagles/Giants/Cats/Hawks) I didn’t see him as the catalyst. Reading the post match discussion there are comments ranging from - His best game of the year - Did some good things. - A C- for his efforts today. - He’s being held back by the coach. Like Watts we are continually waiting for him to tear a game apart. I personally don’t think he has it in him, I’d like to be wrong. Now the season is over play him permanently on ball, he’s not a fwd. He had the perfect opportunity to take a couple of burst steps and nail a goal but instead hack it fwd supposedly under coaches instructions. Its all well and good to throw up mock scenarios of the type of player we need, but we do need to give someone up. Petracca is not a game changer.
  8. The kick was a hack pass, he can’t tackle, there was other times his disposal was poor today. If today was a pass to the coaches then there lies the problem.
  9. I agree with Petracca looking pass it off but this for mine has only been in recent weeks. I put this down to his inability to convert simple set shots. Great players demand the ball and kick the goals when they’re there. Today’s effort just highlighted where he’s at. I agree he’s trying but he’s clearly not what we thought he’d be. He has no excuses he’s just not that good. I’m happy for him to be traded to improve our list come years end.
  10. Petracca wins the ball 35-40 metres out from goal, slight angle, no confidence to take a couple of quick steps and nail the goal (he had the space and time), instead he hacks the ball forward in what was an attempted pass. He’s a junk time player with average disposal. TMac is having a year to forget, should he dropped, probably, difference is we know he is capable off. We’re still waiting for a break out game from Petracca. Any danger of laying a crunching tackle. No he wasn’t the sole reason we lost today but he’s not going to get anywhere near the likes of Treloar/Sidebottom/Pendles in his career. Our seasons shot, if we’re serious he should be dropped in a bid for him to realise his potential. I personally hoped he’s moved on at years end in our bid for a genuine mid of key forward.
  11. The Petracca attempted tackle on Moore : drop your shoulder and put him down.
  12. People get excited by the mark he just took, a player with ability would have taken a couple of steps and nailed the goal.
  13. That’s why, last 2-3 weeks he refuses to have a shot. Takes the pressure of himself.
  14. Trade Petracca, I know we need mids but I’d take a key fwd.
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