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  1. For me Moonie it’s not a case of is he more of an inside or outside player, but that he’s is a player that wants to take the game on and takes ownership of it. We’ve had players in recent years that pass off when running inside fifty rather than take the shot, team rule or afraid of missing? Players having set shots on goal, twenty to thirty metres out with little angle, trying to kick around their body only to miss. It’s almost as if some players don’t want the responsibility.
  2. Who was the last player from our team to get the ball from the stoppage and burst inside fifty to kick a goal? So what if he was third in the chain of possessions, that’s his role and he nails it. He manages to find himself in the right spot on numerous occasions and uses the ball well by foot. I hope we’re looking at him at pick 8 should he still be available.
  3. Could we not say the same about all the players in the draft.
  4. All things considered it’s not that bad, considering next year is our away ANZAC and QB games we cannot afford a repeat of last season. Lots of Sunday games but if we’re being honest besides Melbourne supporters no one wants to watch us play at the moment.
  5. I can’t wait to put Hibberd in my best pre season best 22.
  6. For some posters it’s not ok to pot JKH and Stretch but for Frost it’s open season.
  7. Very tired last night, didn’t even think of that one mate.
  8. Not thread related.... Jetstar has a sale on with free return flights for the months of April, May and June 2020. Bit hard though considering the draw isn’t out yet. So we booked our flights for QB, the only assured game at the moment. If you live interstate it’s worth having a look.
  9. Where did this originate? So in seasons 2016 - 2018 he laid 126 tackles in the goalsquare? At a quick glance he had more tackles than Tom McDonald who covers quite a bit of ground. Year Games Goals Tackles 2014 20 40 27 2015 21 46 28 2016 24 62 46 2017 21 45 52 2018 22 46 61 2019 11 22 18 We can overlook the 2019 season because according to most it doesn’t count for our players so going off his previous five seasons his numbers look alright. I can’t see how having him on board for 2 seasons would hurt us that much.
  10. I’d take him, but apparently the terms “role player” , “upgrade on what we currently have” or “depth” can only be used on certain players.
  11. If we were to take him on a two year contract what would it take in terms of a trade with the Crows?
  12. So much confusion. Broken down in its simplest form “if we’re being honest”..... Lets remove the +’s and the -‘s and just have ratings of a, b , c and d. If Dusty and Fyfe are an A, then Oliver must be a B. That would put Petracca as a C. Then based on last years form where does that put Jones and Hibberd. 95 % of our list were C and D grade this year.
  13. I’m guilty of being seduced.... I was waiting for a full phantom draft to see what other small forwards were available if any this year.
  14. I’ve got no idea who he is, I’ll look him up. I just keep reading how the talent will drop off, that and I miss the days of Flash. Thought he’d be worth a look.
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