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  1. Charlie Curnow dominating yet another game.
  2. The Keilty/Petracca set shots were disgraceful. And Weed gets dropped after how many games....🐔
  3. Woweeeee, was thinking maybe some belting rain.
  4. Anyone watching Crows v Freo.... What is happening over there?
  5. Missed it, what was he reported for? cheers
  6. Petracca’s set shot on goal highlighted for me where’s he at, an average player at the moment.
  7. Petracca’s set shot.... I keep reading about these little things Petracca does. How about the big things? Like going back and slotting a very gettable goal, he continues to miss easy set shots. How about when there’s a boundary throw in 30 metres from goal he starts 10 metres defensive side and bursts through the stoppage at pace collecting the tap from Gawn and slots one on the run. Whilst I acknowledge the small things are important in having the complete game some place too much importantance on them to divert away from the fact he is still yet to really deliver. Still very tradeable at this stage.
  8. Trade Petracca now. Can’t excuse that. A potato farmer.
  9. I didn’t see any of the game, was at dinner, for mine both teams move the ball quickly and both are relentless when they don’t have it. Difference being as you say “Pies have the skill”, Tigers don’t so it becomes “chaos”. Pies need to work at maintaining the rage, the last 2 weeks after great opening qtrs they’ve let the opposition kick 5-6 goals in the 2nd. Whilst they won both games the Bombers nearly got them. On a side note the food at Chinchin in Flinders lane is beautiful.
  10. Collingwood have expanded Richmond’s game plan by introducing skill to it.
  11. It amazes me that clubs still don’t turn up mentally to games, Port and the Dees would be the top 2 without a doubt. A lot comes down to the clubs leaders, but it’s all right because we can always call them “great clubman”.
  12. At the airport biding my time before the flight. My presence was clearly the difference when we played the Swans and am hoping for a win again tomorrow. Hoe many changes for both sides since lasts years semi final?
  13. Ben Brown better contested mark than Hogan and can actually kick from outside 50.
  14. Big difference between getting a game and taking the team fwd, hence why they’re no longer in the team.
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