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  1. They obviously didn’t learn after last years video.
  2. I think I need to read the available options a little better, this year is my 15th consecutive as a Redleg and until I read your post I had no idea about the two free passes. I only get down for about four games a year but always takes guest by purchasing GA tickets as well as Redleg guest passes. Thanks.
  3. You’re right....just spoke with the club regarding other matters with my membership, asked about pictures and was told only six we’re on offer. Honestly how much of a savings would it actually be.....
  4. Contacting the club tomorrow to have him on my 2020 membership. So excited we picked him up, his highlights have it all, exactly something we’ve lacked for many years. Can’t wait to see him play live, so far we’ve only booked for QB, will be revisiting the draw tomorrow.
  5. The kid might be a player one day, but right now we are a team devoid of skill, we need classy ball users, I wish him well but I think we should of went the other way.
  6. With pith 10 let’s target a tall defender to take over from May, think about it, we’ll be set with a fullback for the next 10-12 years.
  7. Why the wait, would love to see any footage of him playing forward.
  8. Young and Pickett. Watching Young put his teammates into space on the G would be a sight to behold. Pickett will get members out of theirs seats more times in during the first 4 home games than we were for the whole of last season.
  9. I’ve watched about 4 and 1/2 minutes of him, not doubt he turns the ball over on occasions, all players do. I’m guilty of using the word continually, I’m not going to start every sentence with “could be” or “has the potential” just to safeguard myself against doting wordsmiths. Put it this way, you could put any players highlights of passes together that played for us last season and it wouldn’t look half as good.
  10. Is there a player currently playing at our club in any position that can continually nail passes like he does? Hitting up teammates in heavy traffic and/or putting them into space.
  11. If that is the case surely it’s been that way all along then? The only way i could see it being the opposite is if someone had copped a head knock.
  12. Post 340 : Pennant St Dee “He’s better than Natanui below his knees, more of a footy brain and better by hand and foot. He doesn’t have Natanuis leap or explosiveness but I see a player with more mobility who covers more ground and can actually take contested marks on regular occasions.” Add to that his ability to tap the ball to advantage and his blind turns and breaking away from a stoppage before throwing the ball onto his boot blindly. Please remember only he will have the same time at AFL level as he does in under 18’s, none of the other potential draftee’s will. Post 356 : Mach5 “I don't see him as direct competition for Weideman (who is a 2nd forward) but I think Jackson would actually play as the number 1 key forward if deployed in the forward line. He has the size and presence to be the main target, create-a-contest type like a Tom Lynch, Tex, Walker, Travis Cloke, etc. I think this is part of the problem with T-Mac too, as he's more of a very good 3rd forward roaming far and wide, using his mobility to advantage. If we're expecting him to be number 1 KPF we're in trouble”. This was followed by Post 357 : DeeSpencer “Don't agree with that. Jackson has no goal kicking pedigree. His best use up forward would be creating contests at times but otherwise just staying out of the way by occupying a man. That's how West Coast, Brisbane etc other successful teams with 2 rucks play. On the other hand Tom McDonald put up 1.5 seasons of high quality key forward play. He had 2 excellent finals both with goal kicking and up the ground play and paired well with Weideman“ DeeSpencer’s comments make sense to me but before long Mach5 returns serve. Post 361 : Mach5 ”I don't think goal kicking has anything to do with it. It's about presenting as the number 1 target who continually makes a contest, competes to prevent opposition intercept marks and brings your crumbers into the game. It's not always about pure marks and goals”. Good to know that your no.1 forward isn’t required to kick goals, this is where people remind everybody that Collingwood were 90 seconds away from winning the GF with Cox. Post 383 : Binman “Buddy's talent was obvious but there were question marks. So much so they took roughly first. But do that draft now and everyone would take buddy in a heartbeat. Is jackson our buddy?”. I would of thought there are still some question marks hanging of over Jackson’s head, ability to take a pack mark and his kicking both in general play and set shots on goal. Will he be able to dominate at AFL like he can at under 18’s. Post 435 : Dr Evil “In terms of pure talent Jackson is the most talented player in this draft with the highest ceiling. I think it's a very easy choice at pick 3. there are Hayden youngs every year“. In previous years the most talented player generally comes in and has an impact straight away. So in short, he’s already got Natanui covered in a lot areas of his game, he can come in and play as our no.1 fwd, could potentially be our Buddy because his talent is so obvious that he is clearly the most talented player in this years draft. If he’s not going to dominate then I don’t know who will.
  13. I’d like to start by saying I love Angus and am a massive fan, I’m not put off him by his output this year for we’ve seen what he’s capable of. I was disappointed when his name was throw up at trade time, I actually think he’s done more to date than Petracca but that’s another discussion for another day. This also isn’t a retrospective should of / could of.... I just thought at the the time (from what I’d read and heard on the radio) that Roos was heavily into DeGoey. I would of thought the recruiters have been tracking these players for years and have a list of needs from the coaching department but ultimately the coach has the final say as he’s normally the first to go when the club isn’t performing. At the moment are we into Jackson as much as the media / draft commentators are? For many on here it’s a forgone conclusion, so far the interview that was posted on here last week Jackson, Young and someone (can’t remember) were all being considered at pick 3.
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