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  1. Really looking fwd to today’s game, Kayo is up and running.... I’m excited at the prospect of Kozzie and Bedford running around, hope they play together for many years to come. Our forward line has the ability to be very dangerous with a good mix of players. All eyes on Petracca, quality opposition away from home and in form, we need him to dominate. If Salem was playing would Hibberd miss altogether?
  2. Website : worldometre Scroll down to Coronavirus update The site is updated every few hours and provides a great in-depth breakdown country by country detailing new cases, total cases, people recovered and total deaths.
  3. Evening DeeVoted, I’m keen to play if a spot is open. I’ve also got a mate (he’s not on Demonland) who is keen to go if you need the numbers. cheers
  4. Understandable but before long he will be a crowd favourite.
  5. Didn’t see the axing of the leadership group coming but I’m happy with the way they’ve gone.
  6. I never bought into the article last year that had Petracca in the top five forwards in the competition. His disposal wasn’t damaging enough, he missed easy shots on goal and went missing in patches never putting a four qtr game together. During last years trade period I threw his name up as a potential trade option. I received some criticism for that but when I asked what games he had dominated off his own boot there was no reply. Saturday’s game was his best to date but keeping things in perspective it was against a largely inexperienced Adelaide side. He now needs to show that form in the home and away season, not just against the bottom sides but against the likes of Richmond, GWS, Western Bulldogs, WCE and Collingwood, then again in finals should we make it. This obviously doesn’t guarantee us a win every time he fires but we need to see consistency from him before we offer a four to five year deal on big money. Other clubs can show interest in him, clubs show interest in every player out of contract. We’ve been good to him as a club and if he can deliver on field he will get rewarded, but right now it’s still very much based on potential and cameos. We only need to look as far back as Hogan to understand how far potential can get you, for all of his bags of goals against bottom sides Hogan never dominated against quality opposition. If Petracca can dominate this season than give him a blank cheque for five years but until then we wait.
  7. B.Crocker 2 games B.Davis 1 game P.Wilson 2 games C.Jones 8 games L.Murphy 32 games E.Himmelberg 8 games B.Frampton 3 games S.McAdam 0 games N.McHenry 0 games B.Keays 30 games J.Butts 0 games M.Poholke 11 games T.Stengle 4 games I’d only heard of Murphy and Poholke before yesterday. Yes we had some first gamers / inexperienced players too but largely we had a very experienced side that has played a lot of footy together. Whilst it was Langdon’s and Tomlinson’s first game for us they are seasoned players. Adelaide have changed their coach and off loaded a number of senior players for different reasons. We’re aspiring to play finals, some talk of a possible top four finish. Are we really going to hang our hat on they had four extra rotations....
  8. 2017 rd 23 v Collingwood. Yes that was a few years ago now but that typifies Melbourne. 2018 preliminary v WCE. We had momentum, we’d beaten them there already during the season. Goalless at 1/2 time. There are numerous games but those two are classic examples. Too often we are slow starters, we take what we perceive to be easy beats too lightly. We struggle to put sides away. Players not working hard enough thinking their teammates will pick up the slack. Lack of skill is one thing, lack of effort is another. Even when the leadership is poor players can take it upon themselves to standup but very few did.
  9. Can we? Maybe for a game here or there that we build ourselves up for, or even a run of 4-5 like we did at the end of 2018. Can we do it consistently for a whole season, yet to be seen. This has been one of our biggest problems, thinking it will just happen.
  10. No doubt but they are just as quick to go if success in not sustained.
  11. North Melbourne have a special running today. Buy a 5 game membership and get upgraded automatically to an 11 game. With the exception of the Suns and GWS surely this is a first? I’m guessing it’s aimed at new members or disgruntled old ones.
  12. Was there a breakdown on the types of memberships?
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