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  1. Any chance we can get our R23 clash against this mob moved to Arden St? An enjoyable match, looks like competition for spots is fierce. Much to like, J Wagner didn’t get a lot of mentions in the Game day thread, thought he was quite good and steady.
  2. What a take by Gussy to set that up.
  3. Might only be a scratch match but there are players here clearly trying their hardest to make an impression and impressing they are. Some of the ball movement out of defence has been first class and intensity is through the roof.
  4. Exactly what Tomlinson was saying to Lockhart after Lockhart went inboard and turned the ball over leading to North’s first goal. Interesting listening as the North player was lining up. Tomlinson basically told him there was no need to go toward the centre at all. He praised him for the nifty footwork but Tomlinson had led to the boundary and that’s where the ball should have gone.
  5. Spargo has started really well. Watching him close up and he’s made some smart decisions in traffic.
  6. Yeah, heading down at this stage. Only chance to see some of the boys live before the real stuff begins.
  7. A compelling 17 minutes of viewing. Can’t really add much more, will have to watch that again.
  8. I liked Jackson’s intent at getting the ball. Just a small observation. When he was contesting centre bounces there were a couple of occasions when the ball went forward our way off hands and he took off chasing it really fast, even outran our mids to it after jumping. On both occasions he didn’t win the ball as the Crows back flankers beat him to it. The slightly more experienced O’Brien ran the other way and ended up being on the end of it at half forward. No concern there, as I’m sure he will learn when to go for the ball and when to follow his direct opponent. I was mainly fascinated by his agility and instinct to compete.
  9. Stand to be corrected, but don’t they usually call up the captain/s last when they present the players up on stage at the family day? It seems a little odd if they call Viney up as captain and then we hear a change in the next few days.
  10. Replay is on soon, Trac’s performance warrants another viewing I think.
  11. Can’t ask for more than that first up really. Enjoyed the hit out, some really good signs and a bit to work on at the same time. They got through our zone easily a few times but that’s why they have these matches. Love nothing more than crunching tackles ( Viney and Vanders) especially late in games. Hopefully Jones not serious as that seems the only injury. He was looking so good.
  12. Some crazy tackling this quarter. Good sign late in a game on a warmish day.
  13. Pleased by Weideman. Not a lot of the ball but showed some poise and clean hands in traffic.
  14. I find this interesting and I understand your post is about Gawn and Viney. You make no mention of May at all, I’m just curious to see who agrees with the above. The same people that think May should be in the leadership group? I think we all have seen a lot games without having to guess whether Viney has berated or not berated teammates. If the story is accurate I’m happy for Max, I just feel there’s been some unreasonable comments towards Viney on this thread.
  15. A lot to look forward to today. Main watch is Trac, interested to see how much time he spends in the middle.
  16. Bloody hell, so wasteful. Cat Phillips doesn’t play for us anymore ladies. So frustrating watching them bust a gut then turn it over. Newman’s start to the year hasn’t been great.
  17. Best Bet Caulfield Race 5 No.1 Acting $3.10
  18. Anyone catch 7 News a short time ago? Wife text me saying they previewed a story about our captaincy and Viney is set to lose it.
  19. West Coast’s record without occupying bottom, or second bottom and throw in 15th while you’re at it, is in serious trouble when we smack them by 15 goals R1.
  20. Whaaatt??? Hope they don’t come anywhere near here DJ.
  21. Panic meter is locked in the cupboard, is it time to warm it up? Minor aggravation dw? Major?
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