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    Chiefs , 49ers, Patriots
  2. Saturday Best Caulfield Race 7 No. 9 God Of Thunder $4.60 Thinking they will go like the clappers in front which will enable GOT to get a cosy run behind them and swoop home.
  3. All so confusing yet exciting. Hoping there’s a forward landing at our doorstep later out of this.
  4. Not sure about harder last year I-D. I think we were smarter and more controlled when showing aggression. The ‘Unsociable Dees’ of 2017 cost us the 4 points a few times, Lewis, Jesse, Salem and Bernie all copping weeks which didn’t help our cause at all.
  5. We were ‘Bad Arzzez’ in 2017 remember. Humble is the word that springs to mind now.
  6. Mahoney enters the building. Intriguing to see if this power play is used for a player trade. Maybe Yokozuna’s Mail?
  7. Finally, I can contribute something a little useful on this topic by selecting undecided.
  8. Same here Macca, found itself in an awkward spot during the run and ran home well but the winner was way too good. I always tell myself to remember these Pat Carey roughies over longer distances but I never do lol. Naivasha second at $100.
  9. Monday Pick. Brazil Campeonato Monday at 08:00 Sao Paulo v Corinthians Selection: Over 2.5 Match goals $2.80
  10. Me thinks this carnival for the big races will be impossible to predict more so than previous years. We have new names popping up with eye catching performances. You just don’t know where to look at the moment, intriguing to say the least. Feel free to post up your Boxed Tris and F4s, I need all the help I can get.
  11. Bingo. Well done binman, very strong win.
  12. The suspense is killing me. Can we have another clue please? Preferably something like the amount of behinds he kicked this year.
  13. Hoping for one more snag, maybe Yokozuna’s mail comes to fruition about an exciting forward prospect. Interestingly, a few player managers were interviewed on radio leading up to trade week and they predicted this trade period could see a record number of players switching clubs. Unless they extend it until March can’t see this happening so far.
  14. Maybe we should fill our forward 50 with murky water and let him boot the ball over it. Still believe he can reach greater levels and it’s quite scary to think what it will look like. So glad he’s ours.
  15. Dee Zephyr


    Panthers, Saints, Cowboys
  16. We now have a real winger for the G. Welcome Ed, the frustration of 2019 is starting to ease.
  17. I’m starting to believe Damien Barrett really rates Frost. His sliding doors in the last 5 weeks. Sep 13 If there were a heap of problems in 2019 ... then I didn't see Sam Frost as one. Need to keep him. Sep 20 If I've said it previously ... then I'll back over it here. Sam Frost is a player worth keeping. Oct 4 If you've had a season that was only one step above hell ... then I have zero idea how you've allowed one player who actually tries every single week, and who hurts with every single loss, to walk. Yes, Frosty has his flaws. But there's no way I'd be allowing him to leave. Today If Ed Langdon and Tomlinson are the ins ... then that at least balances the loss of Frost.
  18. Saturday Best from Caulfield Race 3 No. 2 Loving Gaby (Win) $2.70
  19. By no means was my post intended for you BW, apologies if it read that way, just think Buckenara’s grading isn’t a true reflection of Harmes.
  20. In my world Harmes is higher than a C sheesh, have a look at a couple of the names on the C list. His finals campaign was brilliant in 2018 and probably our best in the prelim. If that’s not elevating your game I don’t know what is. One of our consistent performers this year also. Others need to pull the finger out.
  21. Will attempt a search, might take a while though.
  22. Yoko was spot on more than once in 2018 when it came to team changes. Would post them well before the official announcement, if it’s the same source there could well be something brewing here. That’s my belief anyway dd.
  23. A chance this gets done today? Was 50/50 on Ed in the first half of the season but after watching some Freo games at the back end of the year this guy took his game to a new level I thought. Was out of puff myself just watching him run up and down all day to great effect.
  24. Interesting, a couple of work colleagues (Blues fans) told me earlier today the Blues are considering making a play for Gaff. They claim to have a reliable source from within and they couldn’t contain their excitement at the possibility. If true not sure how they fit Papley, Gaff and even Martin in.
  25. The last time we recruited a player from a losing grand finalist we made the prelim the following year. Get behind him, welcome Adam.
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