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  1. Missed the second part of the day’s racing, managed to listen to the ‘Makybe’ in the car. Missed out on a decent collect too, will try and catch some replays later, one thing I took out of the call was hearing ‘Mr Quickie’ flash home for 3rd. Could be a serious player for the Cups and I see he’s favourite for the Caulfield Cup. 

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  2. Will feel very dirty next Friday night. As much as I can’t stand Geelong I will be cheering them on against the Tigers. Hoping they somehow get over the line. Uncle and Aunty Richmond along with the cousins have become unbearable since their flag. Will not attend another family gathering if Richmond win the flag again. Yuk!!!

  3. I hope our offer is good enough to convince him to switch. A serious talent is Elliott and would love him in our colours. Gut feel is he will stay a Pie. They have persisted with him through his injuries and now that he’s getting a good run at it he seems elated to be a Pie judging by his reaction on the final siren against Cats last week. Can’t take too much out of reactions but that’s how I read it at the time. 

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  4. This should be easy to comprehend but feel free to aid me to fully understand. 

    Randomly selected for a test, ASADA person watching him do number 1 whilst half naked and sees him swapping the sample but takes it to the lab for testing anyway or there you go Willy, pee in here and I’ll go make us some cuppas. 

    How could this happen?

  5. 40 minutes ago, Red and Blue realist said:

    According to Dwayne Russell! Seriously can't believe any other media outlet would use him as a source, has to be the worst of all the commentators who makes things up to suit his port or cats agendas. 

    No argument from me on his commentating being well below par. Wouldn’t know if he makes or doesn’t make stuff up. The rumours on up to 10 Crows’ players though have been strong for the last two months, more interested to see if it’s worthwhile poaching one of them. I hope we dip our toes in the water in regards to Laird.

  6. Another whisper of a very good player being linked to Geelong. Dangerfield calls a few of the shots apparently down at Cat Park according to Dwayne Russell. As previously stated, I would take Laird if available, not sure about a top 10 pick though.


  7. Something’s got to give if the last two trade periods are anything to go by. We want to add some needs and if Frosty is the one to go for whatever reason so be it, don’t mean to sound harsh as I thought he was exciting for most of the season. Supporters were using Hogan’s bad record against top 8 teams last season as one of the reasons they were happy with the trade and I’m interested to see if the same ones are overlooking Frost’s deficiencies in order to keep him. I do admire the passion from fans though with the petition and their support of Frost.

    Unfortunately this was such a horrendous season it’s left me feeling very frustrated like most and frankly beyond caring about ‘fan favourites’ departing with the exception of a handful of current players. Maybe a bit late to the party in that aspect, but the club needs to rebound quickly. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, Older demon said:

    I filled in an online petition some started with a submission to re-sign Frosty. It is run by change.org I think it would be a grave error in judgement to not offer Sam an new contract, but then the FD have made a few blunders in recent times. I cannot divulge more without giving away my identity


    Interesting comments in there, one could easily misinterpret it as a get rid of O Mac petition.

    Curious, did we have a keep Jesse or Watts petition?

  9. On 8/12/2019 at 11:53 AM, Lucifer's Hero said:

    Frosty is likely to bring in a good draft pick.  So the club may be holding out to trade him or perhaps made him a low ball offer and he is considering his options.

    Frosty will be competing with Lever, May, Petty and maybe Oscar for the third tall.  He may get better offers in terms of # senior games, contract length or $.  He deserves to play in a senior side and not just be on the list as depth.  I doubt he will stay on our list and wouldn't blame him if he left. 

    I just hope we don't do what we did with Kent:  Offer a 1 year deal and another club offers 3years and we give him up for pick 60 something.  


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  10. Too funny. From an article back on the 14th of March. Wonder if we could have used those 6 weeks to teach guys how to kick at goal.

    MELBOURNE has spent the past six weeks feverishly "upskilling" its playing group in response to the new runner restrictions, co-captain Nathan Jones has revealed.

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  11. 13 hours ago, Dr.D said:

    Tomlinson is cr@p. Marks the ball, a million decisions go through his mind so he freaks out and kicks it long down the line everytime. will definitely slow down our ball movement.

    no idea why we aren't interested in Papley. he is exactly what we need. exactly. 

    Maybe we have expressed interest in Papley, who knows? It was reported some kind of  clause was triggered in his contract and it now runs until 2023 and there were rumours the Swans could ask for 2 first round picks (which sounds ridiculous to me) from the Blues. If those reports are accurate, would we be willing to part with something that high for Papley? 

    What do ‘landers think he’s actually worth?

  12. One of the Sams on SEN a short time ago continuing on with Todd leaving us but no further info into his future. 

    I thought I also heard him say this will be our last coaching/FD change heading into 2020. I might have heard wrong though as there were a couple of ‘cheerful’ school kids in the car. Anyone else hear it this morning?

  13. 5 minutes ago, Rusty Nails said:

    Are we ANY chance of getting Bolton now??

    I personally don’t think so Rusty. It was reported a few days ago WCE have made a major play to lure him back home. Just what they need, more damaging small forwards. 

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