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  1. Anyone else enjoy Gus playing the role of the resident ‘joker’?
  2. Cornes is going to journo, two days after our article he was getting stuck into C Curnow. Unfortunately they have to write something when there’s no footy being played. This doco is brilliant so far, just look at the 3 players in the first two eps, Jones, AVB and Bennell...you could easily mistake the title solely about them and their journey alone.
  3. Made him feel at home straight away. I’m sure the pic said ‘Welcome to Melbourne.’
  4. Good episode. Interesting Burgess warned them about doing 36-37km of running coming up the week after the hill sprints and they didn’t clock over those figures once last summer. I believe there’s 5 episodes in total.
  5. Made the mistake of watching the 40 second snippet of this episode on the AFL website. Only 6.5 hrs to go.
  6. It’s only a couple of games in but there are signs that this team might’ve just clicked. Still a few good players missing too. The ball handling was better than last week as strange as that might sound, they seem to be on the same page and the hunting in packs was a great sight. Paxman is reliable as you can get but you still can’t help being impressed with her composure. Sidestepping by opponents in the wet and dinky little kicks around the corner landing on teammates chests. Great to start the weekend with any Dees’ win I say.
  7. For simply entertainment levels in my time Farmer would probably top the list along Jakovich, curious where most think he ranks overall 90s onwards. I’d have him in the top 5. Agree with most on The Ox pre knee, he was amazing.
  8. Good stuff, Shelley Scott deserved a goal, thought she had a ripper of a game up forward.
  9. It’s too early to start kicking couches. Playing so well, just get some reward.
  10. Bit tough tomorrow. Best Bet Flemington Race 3 Number 15 River Night $2.70 Place.
  11. Ah yes, B Lovett....some of his handballs covered more distance than my kicks. A very good footballer.
  12. Hopefully a ‘Lander snuck in during their morning run.
  13. The club has posted a GIF on the website this morning about Valentine’s Day hugs and if that video was taken this morning it looks like the boys are getting ready for a training session at Goschs.
  14. Maybe it’s because of the ever growing admiration for this bloke, but I would like to see Harmes in the LG. Preference would be - Viney (C) Gawn (VC) Jetta, T Mac, Harmes/Lever
  15. I like Brisbane’s Doomsday scenario.
  16. That does sound like he’s talking about the Saints, my bad. I’m not on Twitter, it popped up in a conversation last night about our captaincy that he was reporting our vote was done. I assumed it was on 7 news. Do we usually announce the leadership group before the preseason matches commence?
  17. Woewodin stiff to get traded to the team that holds the record for most losses in GFs.
  18. Did anyone catch what Mark Stevens had to say yesterday? Apparently the players have voted for captaincy with an announcement coming as early as next week.
  19. Is Tomlinson an option to Ruck as well? I remember GWS used him there in the finals last year, I could be wrong.
  20. Unlucky for Preuss. He looked like he worked extremely hard in the off season. This will test our depth early on, an opportunity arises for someone else and let’s hope they grab it.
  21. Thanks for the report Deespicable, I found the above interesting only because I’m struggling to place Smith in the 22 let alone as a key back. A lot to play out until Rd 1 but he’s behind May, Lever and O Mac for mine in the talls department. He’s highly rated by a few on here due to his athleticism mainly, I just hope his body holds up long enough to put up a decent block of footy.
  22. What a 5 minutes to turn up to Swooper. Again, let’s hope nothing serious so close to the season. Unfortunately there’s not much left to cross when it comes to Vanders and hobbling.
  23. That’s why I enjoyed the episode. Some of us can only get to a few training sessions a year to see them and it’s strictly business. So what if some of the boys ran a few laps at some local park, the fact is they are doing it and to see which players group together is interesting. They are still working hard and also loved some of the talk like Preuss “Bull__it” and Max’s expletive. A bit of banter is always enjoyable. Noticed Frost in the early part, wonder if they will show us anything around the planning of trade period.
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