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  1. Well played Jordan Lewis. Hope some of our boys are jealous and strive to be as successful as Lewis. Thanks for your service Jordan.
  2. Well picked @Macca and @Wadda We Sing. Pity about Chelsea. Apologies Wadda for the no update, often when I’m trying to settle the little one, it’s me ending up with a pacifier in the mouth and dreaming of a Dees flag.
  3. No biggie mate, don’t go out of your way to find another one if nothing stands out. Entirely up to you, I’m easy.
  4. Sorry to interrupt your Cricket chat fellas, I don’t mind it btw but paging @Wadda We Sing......Napoli game is on next Sunday I just noticed. Bring in the 12th man....
  5. Had a look back to see when we last played them. Goals - Bugg 4, Kent and Garlett 3 each. There really is no one left to kick a sausage, bring Hunt back in perhaps.
  6. Happy with the draw Macca, you can count yourself unlucky though. VAR to Spurs’ rescue again late in time added on. Technically the handball was there imo, it’s just incidents like that were missed or let go pre VAR. Observe away mate, I get annoyed too sometimes with the all the factors that bring on some unfortunate luck. I thought Miss Iano was home with about 100 to go, would have been a nice collect, didn’t do the place multi which made me double curse for a bit. That’s the game though. No good last night, the Luton leg was the only one I got right out of 3 and while I’m here.... Monday Best EPL Monday at 01:30 Chelsea v Leicester Chelsea Win and Over 2.5 Match Goals $2.60
  7. That explains it then thanks, my apologies. The ladder i saw had them both on 103
  8. Lol, Crows and Port both on exactly 103% and Crows get 8th at the moment because....anyone know? Head to head is 1-1 with Port having the greater winning margin between the 2.
  9. Yes, I will renew for all of us. I try not to worry about the financial aspect even though it’s hard more often than not with 4 young kids. It’s become a great family outing over the last few years (obviously not enjoyable this season). The kids understand the game a bit better now and I’d like to keep it that way. I also understand people have a breaking point, I’ve also asked myself if the time invested on Game Day is really worth it, especially after performances like last night.
  10. Crows can find themselves back in 8th if Port keep this rubbish up. They’ve already lost 4%.
  11. Same here Macca. I have my weekly over 2.5 goals 3 game multi across all English leagues. Midnight is a really good time for me to kick back and watch a game or two. Haven’t decided on all games yet, will be including the Luton v West Brom game for overs. Not sure about the winner though. Hopefully I can last until the Spurs game starts.
  12. What a finish at the Gabba! Just wow Brissy. An ex Cat with the clutch moment. Gold!
  13. Unlucky Wadda, couldn’t get a run at all. She had plenty to give to the line and finished well. One to definitely watch.
  14. Someone to kick 10 on Scott Thompson in his farewell game.
  15. Best suggestion this weekend by far, on my way!
  16. The interesting bit in that vision ( and it’s not a long clip) is we have a captain 5 metres away from the incident and seemingly just walks away. Wonder if anyone saw Jones have a chat to Oliver about it.
  17. Is Lewis definitely retiring? That could have been his last game at the G. For anyone brave enough to stay beyond the siren, was he clapped off, given a thanks, anything?
  18. Yeah, can’t bloody wait for the bottom 6 fixture next year with some cracking time slots. We couldn’t even break 100,000 in total for the ‘ Big 3’ games. That was far from a professional outfit out there tonight, really disturbing to witness. How quick things can change!
  19. Harmes tries to break a tackle in the last, gets pinged and 3 Sydney blokes fall on top of him letting him know all about it and not a single teammate steps in. Yeah, Harmes stuffed up but someone step the hell in and help. Sydney had a pack mentality tonight, don’t even know what to say about us anymore.
  20. Someone better ground all flights next week and make them swim across Bass Strait. Where’s the f....n heart?
  21. BB Saturday Caulfield Race 9 Number 6 Miss Iano $5.50
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