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  1. Was it paid as a block or in the back against Thompson? Either way I thought it was soft, pity that will take centre stage as the contest was very enjoyable. Refreshing to listen to Jason Bennett call the game, no theatrics and definitely not an attention seeker when calling the action.
  2. Don Pyke silent staredown coming up. Hopeless Crows. Their midfielders can get the ball but some of them have the turning circle of the Titanic.
  3. Sheesh, I saw about 4 kicks that travelled a total distance of 7 metres and the marks were paid before Jenkins’ 4th.
  4. A few Carlton mates have gone bonkers. They are truly cheering for Essendon tonight simply for the pick swap deal. Madness! Would love it if the Hawks rolled the Cats and just keep rolling on Brissy. What luxury the Lions have, they win by 8 goals at Port and can afford to omit 3 players for 3 very good ones.
  5. Has there been a week this season where we read ‘ No Change’? Can’t recall. I don’t think it will happen this week with at least Baker getting a run again. A bit late to ask for a settled line-up but at least the defence is getting some work together and I feel they will do a good job at restricting the Eagles scoring. Problem is, unless we magically start converting and taking our chances at the other end this could be a long day.
  6. Hocking mentions people should take some confidence that they are looking at the right things. On the evidence here so far I think it’s the total opposite. Even the people I speak to at work or elsewhere are fed up with the running of the game and constant changes, yet all we hear or read is that there is plenty of positive feedback from the public. Where are those people? I’m genuinely interested to hear if anyone thinks the AFL is doing a good job at the moment and why.
  7. Cheers Rusty, sorry my bad, it’s kick rating I meant over the last month. He has lowered the eyes over the last few games and managed to hit a few targets, I’m also curious to see if the rating has trended upward lately.
  8. Yes balls, just wanted to add his defensive work in the forward half might be a little underrated. In a year where we have struggled with ‘retention’, I think Trac has worked hard defensively to keep the ball in, especially in the last 6 weeks or so. Often he reads opposition defenders well and puts him himself in a good position for an intercept or simply just sticking an arm in to bat the ball down. I like what some of the young players have shown also, for me it’s Trac that’s been a big positive. He’s received a lot of negativity and I’m glad he’s starting to show what he’s capable of. Pity it’s been in a horrid year, can’t wait for next year though when he starts getting some more support.
  9. Wonder if Robert Harvey puts his hand up again for the senior gig.
  10. Apologies for the slight sidetrack, I also touched on this on another thread. Do you think we should still target Hill and/or Langdon? We are lamenting poor kicking skills and those two aren’t rated highly either according to the article.
  11. Interesting to see his efficiency over the last month. To me his kicking has been a lot better in that period.
  12. Interesting you bring up kicking binman and I do agree with the above. I was just reading a stats file article on AFL.com.au on where we have gone wrong this season and it’s about contested ball and some kind of kick rating system. I always find these data systems a tad complicated but on ranking numbers alone it doesn’t look good. Goody said on Sunday it’s our ability to get the ball and effectively using it on the outside that’s posed a challenge. The article also touches on our interest in Langdon and Hill for outside issues, yet those two are not strong performers in the kick rating metric this season. Some like stats, some don’t, it was an interesting Tuesday morning read anyway. FWIW Jones is ranked as our highest performer on this system.
  13. I’m surprised Maxy hasn’t copped a fine for the big boy comment.
  14. I thought Hibbo had one of his better games for the year. Looked like he regained some attack and dash back and although he didn’t have many disposals he did gain us some much needed territory at times.
  15. I’d like to see something new. Jordon has been good the last two weeks and many on here have noticed. Hannan unfortunately has no impact lately, probably missing his buddy Melksham, our balance is totally out of whack without him. Dunkley was quiet and ANB just needs to get reward for effort but is that enough now. Fritta just stay forward. Anyone know when Weid is available? In: Baker, Jordon Out: Hannan, Dunkley.
  16. Oh Sh_t, Blues play Suns in Melbourne next week.
  17. Indeed Luci, Lions are a serious threat the way they are playing, like them a lot but I will put a little hate on them just for tonight. They are keeping Essendon in the 8.
  18. Frustrating again, missed chances that make you scream at the telly and a heap down on output yet we nearly won it, although the Dogs hammered the points early in the 3rd and it might have been game over. The Dogs were allowed to clear from kick-ins easily yet ours seem like extremely hard work to even find someone standing on their own. The start of the 3rd was painful after all their behinds. Would have preferred a goal from them just to get the ball back in the centre. Time to experiment with a new zone defending kick-ins because this one is clearly not working. Re-ignite the small forwards thread, where are our players when the ball hits the deck? It really stood out today, similar to the Lions game. Petty definitely showed a bit up forward. Keep him there for the rest of the year and Salem is looking at a top 3 B&F finish. Thought Trac was very good again but a miss like that can’t be excused.
  19. Monday Monkey MLB Monday at 04:10 Milwaukee v San Francisco Milwaukee -1.5 $2.05
  20. They kept us in it, surely we don’t produce another woeful quarter like that to finish off. Fumble after fumble, no crumbing at all when the ball hits the deck.
  21. Very good fight back. We look better moving the ball that little bit quicker.
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