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  1. Have a feeling we might be seeing the Cam McCarthy toe poke that stitched us up late in R4 of 2017.
  2. Didn’t play many games for us but was always told Greg Doyle went by ‘Donkey’.
  3. Don’t know MFM but stumbled across some news sort of related to Red Bull this morning....
  4. No problem at all Andy. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  5. 4 points massive if we get them today. We will be going 2-0 after next week.
  6. At the least words of encouragement can go a long way to helping all in need. You can see the rally on this fantastic thread already. Best wishes to everyone on here and their families.
  7. From a football perspective one of the best parts is anticipating a response from the team the week after a loss. We now have to wait 10 weeks that’s if everything returns to normal. Each to their own, I would have preferred a few more samples before judging them too harshly.
  8. One more rule change please. Reduce the last quarter to 6 minutes.
  9. In the same boat Wise, hope the traffic on here continues for a while even if it’s just to give someone a bit of a smile for a few seconds.
  10. If the above is accurate and some of our players are unwell and vomiting I hope the club has taken appropriate steps to get the game called off. I think this a little different from eating a slightly dodgy burrito the night before.
  11. Looking like schools in Vic will be shut from Tuesday too.
  12. There’s a nice little clip of the boys watching the last seconds of the game. Having trouble posting it, it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it.
  13. Can’t believe they almost took Perkins off with a few minutes to go when it was clear her contested work was keeping the ball locked into our attacking 50.
  14. Had the same thoughts when they decided to go ahead with the season D_J. I’m glad some are getting enjoyment out of it so far, I’m just left confused every time I read an AFL article and how new protocols are in place after a game. Avoid unnecessary touching after exchanging sweat for 2 hours? Maybe i just simply need to watch our team again to get back to normality.
  15. Are others struggling with this? The game is disintegrating rapidly.
  16. Is this really going on? I haven’t seen anything from the two games so far. I’m guessing players have their own personalised water bottles out on the field as not to share.
  17. @Lucifer's Hero Quoting post #900 I sincerely hope they deal with these people appropriately Luci, they are a major part of this shi*tshow, excuse the language. Very saddened to hear good people are losing their small business and some families are already struggling with losses of income, yet my place of employment has been forced to go the other way due to this panic and hoarding. Basically, I’m in supply chain for a major supermarket. Our distribution centres are experiencing demand volumes never seen before and quite frankly, we can’t get the stock out to supermarkets fast enough. So now, we are open 24/7 and about to start hiring to help us with the pressure. Over 500 employees in our DC and some are working extremely long hours to ensure all stock gets out as quickly as possible. We are a selfish race at the worst of times and I have no idea when things will get better. Again, stay safe ‘Landers.
  18. Good luck ladies. It doesn’t really matter how we got there now, same for the Suns playing in their first ever finals series as club.
  19. There’s been a few sports ( NHL, NBA) over the years that have had reduced seasons mainly due to pay disputes. There’s no * next to their name in the Champions column and fans still celebrated the team’s success like crazy. To some the gloss might be taken out a tad due to no fans in stadiums but if we get to the stage where fans are permitted back in for the GF all tickets should go to the members of clubs and not the corporates. Would be a nice touch to acknowledge the supporters for sticking with their clubs through this. Nice to dream.
  20. We Will Not Stand Still Said Gil. Has a nice ring to it.
  21. Same here Macca, not comfortable one bit with it all going ahead.
  22. I read the Crows are live-streaming their training session this morning. I like it, even if the season doesn’t go ahead it could be a pleasant distraction to some. If it does go ahead it gives their fans a chance to see how the team is preparing for R1.
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