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  1. Rant for the day. A Selwood/Mathieson clone in Callum Brown. The amount of times he throws his head back staging for a head high free is increasingly annoying.
  2. Absolutely. Watching some old games during lockdown the umps didn’t wait for 8 blokes to gang tackle a player before they decided to ball it up and as soon as they grabbed the ball it was up in the air. On your comment above about the NRL HB I agree, since resumption the NRL spectacle has been fantastic.
  3. Turnovers will destroy you. SPS with a shocker of a kick. No wonder people break TV remotes
  4. Certainly exciting news about our HQ with social club within walking distance of the G, Bartlett sounded confident. Any guesses which areas?
  5. Was listening to RSN this morning and they were talking about a greyhound race that’s gone viral, in particular a dog by the name of ‘Good Juan’. So I looked it up and found this extraordinary. ‘ Winx-Like Numbers’
  6. Come on....fess up, sounded like someone was trying to ring through earlier. Really enjoyable interview gents, great job.
  7. Yep, as frustrating as the modern game. The instinct has been coached out of players. The game looked better when forwards actually ran at the ball rather than running with it. Screw the trend of scoring from the forward half Goody, it’s clearly not working for us at the moment. I don’t fully buy the notion of our boys being that lazy in two way running, what I see is a lot of confusion ( structure/zone wise) when the opposition commences slow movement from the back. If we stand here they are bound to turn it over eventually mentality.
  8. Yes Wise, it’s not all doom and gloom here, I thought we played poorly and funnily enough we still had a chance to win the game when it looked lost. That’s the frustrating part for me, if we can get consistency for an entire game we will be alright.
  9. Amazing how a game of footy can leave you frustrated the next morning. Maybe we should just leave Trac deep forward if we continue not to play Weid. The only one that looked likely in beating his opponent one on one when thrust forward for patches in the third. Surprised to see Gus only play 67%, thought he was one of our better players, he and Trac worked well together in a couple of centre clearances but in order to give Gus more midfield time, Trac needs to go forward imo especially with this shortened version of AFL. Yeah we got close in the end but we always talk about what could’ve been.
  10. Uncontested possessions, uncontested marks, why allow them to dictate the tempo all day especially with shorter quarters. So friggin frustrating, it was evident from quarter 1 what their plan was. Is man on man not allowed anymore?
  11. Let’s see how the coaches address this at quarter time. Obvious Geelong are getting numbers back to crowd our forward line and when they win the ball they are happy to chip short and frustrate us. Reminds me of Round 1 2018 before we came back at them.
  12. Heard some ‘experts’ in previews of our game say our weekend off last week is like a bye. They reeled off a stat of us having a 4-6 record after a bye since 2011. Irrelevant imo...last week was no bye, usually the boys have a few days off. Have absolutely no idea how it will turn out today, with pretty much a full list available the pressure will be on for some to lift their game. What a nice day to be at the G.
  13. Lol, best part of the game was the camera work on Townsend’s shot. Just showing the ball in flight and teasing Ess fans with the accurate kick thinking it was through. Touched an inch out, great theatre.
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