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  1. Sheesh, the ball girl just gave Sandgren a corkie during the changeover. Definitely a Demon this bloke.
  2. Pretty much noticed the same Webber. Thought Salem, Jetta and Viney were the standouts during the match sim. Salem and Jetta were especially clean with ball, the former looking really good running from half back and through the centre/wing delivering the ball flawlessly. On the negative side, J Smith had a couple of costly turnovers with no pressure from defence, noticed he was cursing himself afterwards. Kicking needs improvement from what I saw. The session would have been close to 3 hours? We arrived at 9:30 and they were already out there. A great turnout by supporters also.
  3. Lady at the scarf collection said the boys at Melksham’s wedding will have a mini training session up in Byron then fly straight to Maroochydore. Also, membership as of this morning is at 30,278. A bit less than this time last year but on par with 2018. Overall, club is happy with the renewals so far.
  4. Lady next to us just asked him about it, didn’t catch what’s actually wrong just that it’s keeping his arm in range. All sorts of gadgets on there.
  5. Mitch Brown, just a feeling he will be playing in the early rounds.
  6. Thanks @dworship, how did Mitch Brown look during the match sim?
  7. Open session Monday with Demon Army snags in attendance, you ripper!
  8. Great pics @hardtack and son. The Maxy chasing Hibbo pics are classic.
  9. In dew course BBP, come on folks let’s hear some good Frost jokes.
  10. These photos are so good they make Viney’s runners look like they have studs on the bottom of them.
  11. Dee Zephyr


    Titans 17 at Chiefs 34 Packers 21 at 49ers 24
  12. Gus back in the middle with Viney and Oliver. Harmes can now roll through if we need someone shut down, I think now most of us are confident in Harmes’ ability to play just about anywhere. Then there’s Trac, all the talk sounds exciting at the moment, just bounce the ball already.
  13. Belting the Cats down there in R19, in turn we seal a top 4 spot and kill off their finals chances.
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