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  1. Monday is here and still gutted by the result. Effort was fantastic all night, it really is frustrating when no reward comes with that type of effort. Reflecting on Max’s game, what a star of the comp. He had less than 8 minutes resting on bench for the entire game and tore shreds through two of them. Pity everyone will remember Ryan jumping on his face rather than talking about the competition’s best ruckman and his Herculean effort on Friday night.
  2. Another case where players stopped thinking a free would be paid in the Hawks/Tigers game. RIP Holding the ball.
  3. Monday monkey Heading over to South America. Brazil Campeonato 00:00 Monday Sao Paulo v Bahia São Paulo Win & Over 1.5 Match goals $2.20
  4. Did they leave the sprinklers on at Marvel tonight?
  5. Ken Preuss has gone mad, he looks like he’s about to blow a valve with those frees against.
  6. What do we think of Petty second up? I thought he looked totally different to his debut. Confident, gathered several intercept possessions and i thought he took a great pack mark which wasn’t paid. Good return to AFL level.
  7. Just had a quick look and by my guess I think he ran at least 23 metres.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ You’re hitting Birdies LG. Hitting them sweetly.
  9. Not sure what’s happened to his kicking. He was going at 17% DE at half time. Much improved after half time but that handball, sheesh. Should have thrown him forward in the last to jump on the back of McGovern at least. As for the overall game, gutted. It was there for the taking.
  10. Port game from last year all over again. Damn shame and can we hire a composure coach.
  11. Absolute crap, in the back my butt. Incorrect disposal first
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