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  1. Training reports on here during the week initially had the boys not doing practice at goalkicking, shortly after it was reported they came out early in the morning and practiced before the session. Surely it would be better to incorporate it between drills and after the session where the legs are a little heavy rather than when players are as fresh as daisies. Wouldn’t we better off in front of goal if we prepared properly for it? You know...’Play like you train’. Very frustrating as a supporter to see so many simple shots missed all year. If we are frustrated how would the boys feel? It saps confidence, how many of you actually hold your breath without realising when watching some off our chains towards goal? I nearly passed out from one passage, not knocking their effort it’s there, but sometimes they make it so hard for themselves to score a goal.
  2. Monday best. Brazil Campeonato Monday at 05:00 Atletico MG v Fortaleza. Atletico MG Win by 2+ Goals. $2.50
  3. Possibly our best 3 games for the year are Eagles X2, Crows and we fall agonisingly short. Liked the fightback from 30 odd down, used it smartly forward of centre most times but once again missing goals equals a lack of scoreboard pressure. Add in some errors at crucial times and good teams will find a way to punish you. A bit left field to use Gus as a tagger on Yeo, played well i thought. In all honesty, the next 5 weeks can’t come quick enough.
  4. Seriously just keep Fritsch inside 50.
  5. Hunt might not have big numbers but he’s having a very efficient game up forward. Bring it home Dees!
  6. Looks like he’s running with Yeo, Yeo also 9 touches only.
  7. Hunt is working extremely hard so far. He’s covering a fair bit of territory.
  8. lol, Lewis with four marks already as a forward but has inherited the yips.
  9. The AFL has come out and stated the Thompson free kick was wrong. Fair enough to admit error but let’s see some action and send said umpire to the magoos. "The AFL Umpiring Department advises the free kick awarded to Brisbane Lions' Oscar McInerney against North Melbourne's Scott Thompson in the fourth quarter of last night's match at the Gabba was incorrect," the AFL said.
  10. Was it paid as a block or in the back against Thompson? Either way I thought it was soft, pity that will take centre stage as the contest was very enjoyable. Refreshing to listen to Jason Bennett call the game, no theatrics and definitely not an attention seeker when calling the action.
  11. Don Pyke silent staredown coming up. Hopeless Crows. Their midfielders can get the ball but some of them have the turning circle of the Titanic.
  12. Sheesh, I saw about 4 kicks that travelled a total distance of 7 metres and the marks were paid before Jenkins’ 4th.
  13. A few Carlton mates have gone bonkers. They are truly cheering for Essendon tonight simply for the pick swap deal. Madness! Would love it if the Hawks rolled the Cats and just keep rolling on Brissy. What luxury the Lions have, they win by 8 goals at Port and can afford to omit 3 players for 3 very good ones.
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