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  1. THANKS for the reports Demon Jack - much appreciated!
  2. Once again, THANKS for the informative posts
  3. Great interview - thanks for posting!
  4. Frosty! Would be the blindside of the decade!
  5. BOLD move - there's something BIG about to happen, I can feel it in my waters!
  6. -MICHAEL WARNER Footy's $250m disaster club (Gold Coast) has been handed an extraordinary three-year national draft rescue package. The Gold Coast Suns will have picks No.1 and 2 in November's draft, as well as the first pick in the second round, currently pick No.20. In next year's draft, they'll get a mid-first-round pick, currently pick 11 and in 2021 they will get the first pick in the second round, currently 19 The move hands the two best prospects in the country, young guns Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson, to the Suns on a platter. It means at least three more years of compromised drafts to assist the battling expansion club.
  7. Well the only saving grace for me from season 2019 is that we beat Hawthorn, and by doing that the Dorks missed out on finals!
  8. I don't always agree with your 3 word analysis JoeBoy, but I do enjoy reading them - thanks!
  9. I honestly thought we'd show some pride and have a real crack this week. Once again MFC let me down!
  10. Josh Jenkins - I know a lot of you will not agree, but he's a big strong bloke who presents and he's not a favourite son at the crows at the minute. Worth a shot I reckon.
  11. Three-peat (apologies to Frosty!)
  12. Worst game of football EVER!!!!
  13. How good is it to shut those Hawks Ferals up - we all have 'friends' that support them. Going to be a great week!
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