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  1. Well the only saving grace for me from season 2019 is that we beat Hawthorn, and by doing that the Dorks missed out on finals!
  2. I don't always agree with your 3 word analysis JoeBoy, but I do enjoy reading them - thanks!
  3. I honestly thought we'd show some pride and have a real crack this week. Once again MFC let me down!
  4. Josh Jenkins - I know a lot of you will not agree, but he's a big strong bloke who presents and he's not a favourite son at the crows at the minute. Worth a shot I reckon.
  5. Three-peat (apologies to Frosty!)
  6. Worst game of football EVER!!!!
  7. How good is it to shut those Hawks Ferals up - we all have 'friends' that support them. Going to be a great week!
  8. OH FFS - 50 metres penalty in front of goal again. Free Kick Hawthorn alive and well!!
  9. Mike and Mary Hardy on 'The Penthouse Club' tv show every Saturday were hilarious. RIP Mike.
  10. Stop kicking to them and we are in this!
  11. Buddy to have a quiet night - will kick 11 goals straight!
  12. I don't know whether to laugh at or console those members who this year upgraded their memberships to one which guaranteed a grand final ticket. Hopefully the club spends that extra 'money-for-nothing' wisely!
  13. Melb - 33. Pies 16. 18 minutes in second 1/4
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