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  1. Sounds all good and heard it all before - its what a lot of us have been saying for years. Building a winning culture is easy to say and very hard to do. I am not sure what expertise he has in this area - let's hope he has experience in the business world on changing culture. If he doesn't then bring in an expert consultant and let's do it properly. Only this time let's act on the consultant's report!
  2. What if Jack is thinking what position will I play next year under a new coach given that Clarke, Dawes, Hogan, Fitzpatrick and Howe will all be available? What if Jack is thinking that that he may end up in defence and that is a position he doesn't particularly want to play? What if Jack has already been told by the MFC that we will be putting him up for trade at years end in the hope of gaining a quality midfielder? I totally support trading him as long as we get a quality midfielder or high draft pick for him. We have a quality forward line if we can get them all on the park. Our backline is also good for talls. So where does that leave Jack - on the trade table!
  3. This club has a history of putting in insipid performances each year - on average 3-5 per year. Regardless of who is coach and what playing group. Its a cultural thing that has plagued our club for decades. We will come out next week and have a crack but we will fall back to our insipid ways again. Mark my words and count them during the year. Changing culture is not easy and I thought Neeld was the man to do but now I doubt it.
  4. A great man. A huge loss. Thoughts and love to his family.
  5. He can't handle a tag as others have said. But when he is tagged his head drops and basically he's resigned to the fact that today is not going to be his day. When not tagged he is a wonderfully creative player who delivers the ball so well (best in our team). Unfortunately opposition coaches have quickly jumped on that so now at his age with reduced pace if he is not prepared to work hard all the time when he is tagged then he is of no use to the team. Work hard or play for Casey - end of story.
  6. Hope we give him a second chance on the rookie list.
  7. How many more times does he need to stuff up before serious action will be taken? More counselling - yeah that will work. A week here and there and then things return to normal and it all gets forgotten until he stuffs up again. The Stevie Johnson example clearly worked. Missed 6 weeks and wasn't even allowed to train with his team mates during that time. That would have hurt! I can't believe anyone actually believes that the penalty is too harsh for what he did. This penalty should have been dealt out to someone who has NOT offended before. For Sylvia it should have been much harsher and yes the team will suffer - but rebuilding of the club culture is more important than one very good playing missing a few games. So I repeat - how many more times is he "allowed" to mess up before a real penalty is imposed?
  8. Don't forget to mention that Garry Lyon was on the panel that selected Dean Bailey because he did a good powerpoint presentation.
  9. Regardless of how good or bad Mark Neeld ends up being the fact is that once again we have accepted mediocrity. He does not fit the profile that we initially said we wanted - experienced and successful senior coach. We couldn't get Malthouse over the line - the Saints better not get him. We couldn't get Clarkson over the line - always going to be tough but we failed. We couldn't get Lyon over the line - did we go hard enough? Our culture emerges again. Don't expect different results if the culture stays the same.
  10. Firstly the media are in the know more than most of us. Secondly the club wants us to sign up as members and then once we are a member they ask for more money to suppor the cause. This is all well and good but there needs to be a level of transparency from the top office as well. Like all of us I was devastated after the Geelong game but that devastation turned to anger when the loss uncovered all sorts of other issues in the top office. Clearly we don't need to air our dirty laundry but to have the CEO on the verge of being sacked and then reinstated for another year was a joke. The way that leaked out could have been handled much better by the club - even you must concede this RR. Then this "secret" report that we as members help pay for has not been the subject of any comment from the club. We deserve better than that - there needs to be a level of transparency not cover ups! The MFC needs to manage the communication coming out of the club better so members are informed and not left to speculate. Managing communication is the key - not cover ups and not airing all our dirty laundry. There is a balance and the club has failed on this. It all gets back to culture - something I have been banging on about for quite some time. A club with a clear and strong culture would manage this. This topic was about our 50 year scorecard and I put the results back to just one thing - lack of culture. It walked out the door the day Norm Smith walked out.
  11. If it has been acted on then from the outside I have failed to see the results. We as members have been ignored - we don't need to know all of the contents of the report but in the footy business world you not only should be doing the right things but you should be seen to be doing the right things as well and the club has failed miserably on this. We needed to get some well placed tactful feedback from the board giving us belief that all issues raised are being act on. The media have spent some time dwelling on this report and the lack of action by the club. They are in the know more than us and that coupled with the deafening silence from the club is enough for me to conclude that nothing has changed (at least prior to Lyon coming in and doing his own review).
  12. Here's a suggestion RR. Why don't we engage a consultant to review the operations of the club from top to bottom and pay them an exorbitant fee then ignore their findings!
  13. Green should continue with it. Beamer the next captain after him and then maybe JT or JG (if he can stay on the park). I don't think we will have a shortage of leaders in the future but until then lets not try to eat our own!
  14. To change the culture of the club it has got to start from the top down. Certainly the coach must have it (and I think Ross Lyon does) but all officials within the club must live and breathe it. We have a long way to go both on and off the field.
  15. I only said I'd calmed down a little - still seething inside!
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