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  1. Can't wait to see him in the backline.
  2. I predict that this thread becomes a mess and will need a template.
  3. No, he’s a good pick up who costs nothing. I’m happy about it.
  4. How is saying he will be our second-best key forward a buzzkill? I'm happy we signed him, it would be a buzzkill if I said he was our worst.
  5. Welcome to our second-best key forward.
  6. Smith and Fritsch could be the x-factor we need because they are both so mobile and have great leaps.
  7. Weideman's problem is unless the ball is delivered to him on a platter in front of his eyes then he really can't do much else.
  8. I'm very happy we got Pickett as a genuine small forward was long overdue but unless Tom McDonald can get his foot right and return to his 2018 form our forward line is easily bottom four.
  9. The fact he supports the players challenging score reviews says a lot.
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