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  1. I feel like we lose at least 80% of ground ball contests in our forward line. It's bonkers that we simply do not know how to crumb the ball down there.
  2. He didn't have much of a list to work with.
  3. It was a great game, but we can't keep believing it is the norm and not the exception.
  4. I stopped watching the last few minutes but what is this Fritsch miss I keep hearing about? By the way, Fritsch was is and always will best as a forward option.
  5. We are getting a good run from the umpires. What is it about our forward line that whenever the ball hits the ground we are always second to it?
  6. Our forward line will function the best it has all year.
  7. I'm surprised we didn't send him back out to be honest.
  8. In round one against Port Adelaide his second efforts were non-existent, not much has changed? We would be mad to not look at trading him.
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