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  1. No lateral movement either, rarely is able to evade opponents.
  2. Rivers with 60 metre kick outs down the middle, yes please.
  3. Fritsch the half-back flanker almost took mark of the century in the forward line.
  4. This is great and I love the no leadership group part.
  5. He'll play every game in 2020 if fit.
  6. I love it when our club makes the right decision.
  7. If they changed the name it would be getting the acclaim right through the AFL media that it deserves.
  8. He’s now chief chip dispenser.
  9. I was genuinely waiting for someone to say “so that’s a shepherd!”. Each episode is getting better and better, very enjoyable.
  10. As predicted, Mitch Brown will be a very handy pickup and helps fills the void left by Pedersen.
  11. It picked up a bit, start of the game it was gentle.
  12. Not give him contract extensions.
  13. Good to see ANB spent all of 3 seconds over summer working on his crippling fumbling deficiency.
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