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  1. The bench should be Harmes, Preuss, Fritsch and C. Wagner.
  2. Team as a whole - Season’s best performance
  3. Tom McDonald isn’t a defender and Petty was very good in his second game. We really miss Joel Smith, I can live without Weideman who lacks agility. Preuss, Tim Smith, Joel Smith and Tom McDonald playing up the ground and running more would be my ideal big forward combination.
  4. Our forwards don’t move enough and we simply don’t win the ball once it inevitably hits the ground. I’d love to know the stats but at a guess I would say we only regain position no more than 20% of the time the ball hits the ground in our forward line.
  5. His first two touches were brilliant. I’d not seen much of him at Casey but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was the kind of player better suited to the open style of AFL over VFL.
  6. It’s true, but Petracca and Garlett kicking easy goals would have helped too. We could have had the game sewn up by the final break.
  7. That was a new look team and I liked it. We were quicker, more mobile and had better agility. Preuss up forward would have been good to help provide relief again McGovern. Baker and Petty a big tick. Wagner, Smith (despite brain fade), Lockhart and even Stretch were all solid. Get a Fritsch back into the forward line, get Petracca a sports psychologist, get Preuss in the team, keep Lewis and other slow players out and we’ll be fine. The focus this week at training should be how to pick the ball up off the ground, we simply can’t do it.
  8. Oh well, the best we have played all year. We can’t afford any slow players, hopefully we won’t see Lewis again. Preuss up forward would have been good.
  9. Two Oliver missed handballs created that West Coast goal.
  10. Gawn has to get that ball out of bounds on the wing then.
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