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  1. Was one of the few highlights from last year. Was very impressed with his poise.
  2. Makes sense, it will be our biggest weakness in 2020 unless Tom McDonald can recapture his 2018 form and Weideman can double his output.
  3. Imagine actually choosing to buy a Jeep. Easily the worst least reliable cars on the market.
  4. I think it's more who he is dating which is the reason for its success. Fair play to him.
  5. Correct. I really like Harmes, by the back end of 2018 he was one of the best 20 players in the AFL for while there. However, not sure we needed to sign him to a five year deal as I doubt he was going anywhere else.
  6. That's crazy, you'd think he got to play Melbourne every week with that rating.
  7. I still remember that game where Melbourne thrashed Gold Coast and yet somehow Bennell and Ablett were easily the two best players on the ground. It’s such an un-Melbourne thing to do to get him and I’m all for it.
  8. He'd be our second bet key forward behind McDonald and our third best key defender behind May and Lever who are both injury prone so yes we should look at getting him.
  9. Even without the concussion issues taking McCartin pick 1 was madness. I just really hope he gets better and can move on because there is far more to life than footy.
  10. What's he like at kicking set shots?
  11. ANB isn’t getting a game if those two guys are playing.
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