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  1. Still can’t believe we got pick 9 for him from Carlton then wasted it on Gysberts. The silver lining was we ended up with Pedersen but what a waste of a draft pick.
  2. Really not excited by this, mainly because we will struggle to win games.
  3. Kozzy is a gem, we are so lucky to have him. Good to see Brayshaw slowly going mad with his onions.
  4. I swear I remember seeing him in a press conference wearing a Melbourne polo or something of that kind but then he decided to stay at West Coast.
  5. I wrote this in 2011: There is one thing that is stopping Trengove from becoming elite and he needs to address it now. His acceleration is shocking, the first three steps are the most important, and this is the one thing that his hindering his development. Now, the status quo on here will dismiss this and ignore the fact that I do rate him highly. But, we need elite players and he won't reach elite status if this isn't addressed. He will be a very good player, possibly even a club great but we need players like him to tear games open. Trengove's Achilles Heel
  6. Rightly so, we were so bad in that round one game. I don't care if it was meaningless or any other excuses people have thrown around, it simply highlighted that we have not improved or worked on what made us so bad in 2018.
  7. Reduced lists won’t help with the diluted talent (which is a huge issue) only less teams will fix this.
  8. I wouldn’t have picked him up in the Rookie Draft the year he was recruited.
  9. I totally agree, but only because of what we saw round one, before that I was excited for footy.
  10. I’m not not missing the AFL because of our disgusting round one performance.
  11. Looking forward to the next article about why we never should have sacked Norm Smith.
  12. It was only a bit over a week ago we saw him play in a game, I doubt he would have changed too much since then.
  13. Aaron vandenFyfe Sam Weidemiller Ed Clangdon
  14. Still furious we delisted Shane Valenti.
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