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  1. He looked excellent at senior level, his debut against West Coast was particularly good. He has poise and composure which we greatly lack, will be a payer if his body holds up.
  2. I love how Salem is seemingly the only player who doesn’t lift his non-ball drop hand in the air just as he is about to kick. There must be something I that.
  3. https://demonland.com/forums/topic/30701-welcome-to-the-melbourne-football-club-jimmy-toumpas/?do=findComment&comment=669816
  4. I wear my Melbourne New Era hats all the time, will be sure to get a new one for 2020.
  5. At least the team would mean something.
  6. I had totally forgotten Grgic played in that Grand Final.
  7. What makes you think Goodwin is so good? I'm genuinely interested.
  8. I'm all for it, but it should be Victoria versus South Australia and Western Australia versus and Allies team (which isn't perfect but better than All Stars).
  9. The best commentator Melbourne moment I can remember: I get goosebumps every time I hear "Melbourne fans, breathe it in!"
  10. For those who don’t know or can’t remember I originally created the “Air Jurrah” image after his debut against Essendon. I decided to then get the t-shirts made and 100% of profits went to the Mt Theo Program in Yuendumu. From memory we raised about $550. A Demonland member got a tour of the club once and saw the Air Jurrah image in Brent Moloney’s locker:
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