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  1. That's right he slams players heads into the turf, trips them up, kicks their feet etc etc, If we got a group of 10 certain posters on here in a room, the footy IQ level may just reach double figures
  2. All the tough guys behind their keyboards And the point of a melee? Goodwin does not want undisciplined acts on the field Oscar Mc moved Vardy away, Vardy has been pilloried in media and social media, much more impact
  3. The club sees a 'serious ' injury to a young player as an opportunity rather than a serback They give them teaching/learning opportunities as well as building them physically, Baker this year physically bears no resemblance to last year, he also has a greater understanding of the game, chatted to him about it They are doing the same with Aaron Neitschke, already put on a couple of k of muscle whilst off legs, has Nev Jetta to keep him company at the moment, which can only be a good thing
  4. I got absolutely nothing, so didn't push it Crossy pushes the rehab guys hard, at the end of the session, May got to do repeat 100's with Crossy and Bernie Vince (who is still in great nick) pacing him, and increasing speed each time, did about 7 or 8
  5. Joel has the dreaded OP, train, see if pain returns, if not, ramp up training, etc etc spoke to him yesterday, he was ok JKH and Hannan expect a run in VFL next week
  6. Probably Lever was flying for marks, tackling, twisting and turning, as I said bouncing around whole session with a big smile The vibe is always up Goodwin not a believer in wallowing They practice the connection constantly, it will get there
  7. They trained ball movement, tackling, spiking, running, handballing and kicking drills Jake Lever bouncing around, ready to go Steven May did 2hrs of work with Croosy
  8. What you mean they don't put the beer down and dribble [censored] all over their keyboards Awful game, both sides trying not to lose, but we got the 4 points Coaches will review and make changes if necessary
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