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  1. I'll post some pics of Mr May doing the work previous to the video, probably tomorrow.
  2. The video guy was a 'late' arrival, that is May at the end of 100 minute training session
  3. Both he, Nev and Nietschke participated in some of the drills, so rehab is just a word With the soft tissue injuries he had last season I am glad he is building up slowly, although at the end of the session he was doing 50 metre repeat sprints flat out
  4. Training is on today Wednesday and it's bloody freezing pics tomorrow or late tonight Lots of ball movement by hand and foot again Lever made an appearance just knocking off the rust May and Jetta again out 'rehabbing'
  5. I am more concerned with Fritta and the impact pre season is having on him, he had a full head of hair yesterday Methinks he failed something in the games the boys play and the hair is the penalty
  6. Seemed to go on a 'war' tour visiting historic sites, think he is one that, as somebody else has said, would benefit from the mental break, he would still be doing what is required Interesting that Nate Jones hasn't appeared also
  7. I think in his first interview he said a few more weeks and back into it I doubt he would want to start later at a new club, unless he 'has to take' the extra time
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