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  1. Over investment in defence, you mean everybody on here would still love it if Omac was the Number 1 key defender? On TV how do you know he ignored a couple of good options as the camera concentrates on the kicker? We need stability, which we have lacked, so the coach gets a period of time to just concentrate on getting the team right, of course with the proviso that results happen
  2. Not sure about the skills, we have a few with excellent foot skills but that can be cancelled out by poor decision making I.e. we may have the ball in the hands of one of our good users, say Salem for example, but it gets spoilt by forwards not following the structures or running patterns they have been coached to utilise and we end up bombing it in The first quarter against iCarlton s the perfect example of where the kicking skills, decision making etc all worked to perfection, I am sure Goodwin is as frustrated as everybody as to where the [censored] it has gone
  3. Brayshaw 3rd in Brownlow just needs to reach those heights again, second in coaches votes so getting there Oliver, please still 2 years off what is regarded as prime Viney is Viney, when fully fit, just entering his prime and is fit Petracca, starting, finally, to fulfil the promise Add Bennell, when ready and Harmes We also have Jordon and Sparrow who are being allowed to develop without pressure Gawn has the talent to work with The midfield contested ball in not the issue, it is the poor execution, skill errors and decision making going into the 50 I have watched pre season training, the connection was excellent, it is under the pressure of games that the players are unable to execute You really think Goodwin and the coaches are not frustrated watching the team fight hard to get the ball and then blow the opportunity As I have said before, you can't coach skill errors or poor decision making, you can practice and practice, but the coach can't stand next to a player in the heat of a game and direct them Edit: it was a good question, where have all the experts gone?
  4. Somebody calling you out again, life of the party, that's hilarious coming from you Mr Rain Cloud There are a few posters who don't always bag the Club, unfortunately you are not one of them The opinions you don't like are those that don't agree with yours, you don't have to like them, so you try and get rid of them, expel them from your fiefdom, is that correct? If any coach doesn't bring success to any club their future is looked at, it's part of the industry, Goodwin is no different, you sticking pins in the doll you have at home won't affect that The media will look at this thread and think there are a lot of supporters not happy, WRONG, it's the same group of whiners putting the same phrase fifteen [censored] different ways
  5. In what context, as our opponent this week, as an example that could possibly contradict your assertion, as a suburb, the character from the IT Crowd? Please explsin
  6. Learn what? That some are like sheep and dare not go against the rest of the flock, otherwise they will be open to derision or abuse That all opinions are valued That anybody on here has any idea what happens Inside the Club, myself included
  7. A large number of supporters or a small group of perpetual whiners? Results make the decision That takeover at Richmond was a resounding success wasn't it, just a quick example of people powerπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€£
  8. Diminish the thought of others, II don't need to, they manage that themselves by sheer repetition A slight spel check error that I didn't pick up in ration, like when maroons appears when I am looking for a descriptive noun for some posters on here We have the 'is ? the right guy' in some form or other over and over again and it is usually driven by the same small band of whiners I will repeat, if Goodwin does not coach a team that is consistently successful in the timeframe allocated to him by the Board, which at the moment seems to be 4 years, everyman and his [censored] dog knows his position could become untenable
  9. I support the incumbents, I have my questions on some decisions, but I make sure I air them in a constructive and non abusive way to somebody at the Club, to see if I can get an answer, which I may again not like, but that's life The thing is I realise I don't make the decisions on CEO, players or coaches, unlike some on here Decisions will me made
  10. Wow, vox populi, no, a core group of about 40 to 50 perpetual whiners, try going back to 'is Daniher the right guy' Even the comedian who started the petition got 27 supposed signatures, so over 30000 members, so that makes a win/loss ration of what? The club does listen, to well balanced, non abusive opinion, but it's just that, opinion doesn't mean it is right
  11. So 2% is everything right? Your credibility sank with the post from the Daniher era
  12. He wouldn't look out of place contributing to Demonland then All this after 3 games in a season like no other I am not defending him, but believe he is on the right track, it's the players who let him down against Carlton and to some extent against Geelong You can't coach skill errors or poor decisions a la Lockhart (to take players on in your 50) They don't get coached to make a simple skill error or make a poor decision, but when they do it's the coaches fault
  13. It's neither right or wrong, it's an opinion piece Remind me again how successful Wallace was as a coach at Richmond?
  14. Come on, you know they know heaps, they keep telling us they do πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ Love trawling the old topics, some interesting views put forward As for the side Omac been really good in the 2 scratch matches earned a spot on the EXTENDED bench Nev unfortunately needs to find a bit of form, same with Jones, don't think the break did either of them any favours It was mentioned during the break by a few players that Spargo is one of the better players in the squad for good Inside 50 entries Bennell still needs the miles, he is getting there Jackson and Brown if we decide to go tall
  15. So why did we go with a Roos pick, who also spent a year under his tutelage?
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