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  1. I know, let's start a thread on an unsubstantiated rumour, so the normal haters can start their posts, without the need for games
  2. And it was? So it was McCartney, he had an opinion on everything, doesn't necessarily mean that opinion was right Talked a few times to him, didn't agree with everything he said, seemed to have a bit of underlying bitterness about the whole industry Note ex coach for going forward
  3. Your opinion, thought the comment was awful and 'a coach', who? Never been a fan of opinion based on anonymous facts Besides which don't care a jot what anybody on here thinks of me, even though they may think so, they are not that important
  4. Name the name Brayshaw has battled his way back from concussion issues, maybe the 'coach' didn't see him in tears when he got knocked out at VFL level in a comeback game To even be playing still at AFL level is a testament to the fact he wants to be an AFL footballer, could have walked away and no body would have blamed Anonymous heroes behind keyboards taking pot shots
  5. Half the team turned up ready to play Nothing to with the coaches
  6. Why is Stafford on thin ice, Plapp is the forward coach love game day thread
  7. Because you have no idea what role Goodwin wants him to play and unlike you Goodwin obviously thinks he can play that role It's like on here, some posters profess to know a lot about footy and then proceed to show they don't, in my opinion of course They excel at trollng though to compensate
  8. Not for the first time, mind your own business, and let the mods handle it His comment, in my opinion, was out of order, the Club has done an excellent job in providing information under the circumstances Why blare the noise about AVB, imagine how he is feeling now
  9. If you bothered to listen, Tommy Mc said Spargo is one the best kicks, kicking into the 50 So he will be link between mids and fwds
  10. What a pathetic answer, the club has hit all media channels to provide info, did you not watch Max on Facebook, the Inside Melbourne with the 3 Amigis etc etc a cheap pot shot again
  11. You are also forgetting the input from the players, Goodwin and Burgess gave them a plan whilst they were on their break, they ALL bought in If you also listen Goodwin states the players were 'confused with the meaages they were receiving in 2019, Goodwin has ensured during the pre season that EVERYBODY is on the same page Pert has done what a CEO should do, keep his head out of the media, unless required and make sure offield is ticking over
  12. Nah, sorry, said before like having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents, they troll to call others trolls, laughablr @dazzledavey36 you seem to be in the minority that thought Hibbo had a poor game Same with some who thought Jetta was poor, so how much influence did Puopolo have?
  13. Ha ha, a troll is someone who personally attacks another person rather than posting anything relevant Congratulations So you are going to attack anyone with a different opinion This site is constantly spoilt by posters not accepting differing opinions and playing the man I have backed up why I disagreed with @The Swimming Dee on Bedford, just awaiting a reply on Bedford's goal
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