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  1. Moonie, we agree, but @Sir Why You Little needs something to be enraged about, imagine the impact on his mental welfare if he didn't I was thinking about a CFMMEU controlled building site as a glaring example of what SWYL is looking for
  2. With all respect to Dec, who I think has improved every year he has been at the club, I have no issue with coaches putting team balance ahead of a players feelings, we will know by the end of the night whether team selection was correct As none of us were there and taking into consideration the relationship between Dec and Drunkin, we don't know exactly what was said Goodwin has an open door policy, so if Dec wants a reason, he only has to ask, been told by multiple players they know exactly where they stand with Goodwin and other coaches
  3. If ypu were a coach, if you are so right ALL THE TIME, on anything to do with the club, why aren't you in a job at a footy club?
  4. Unfortunately most peoples opinions these days are formed from reading or listening to so called experts in the media, this not only happens in footy but across all facets of day to day living The number of posts that repeat verbatim something a media pundit spouts, mainly because the said pundit gets paid for providing content, borders on plagiarism Of course some nuff nuffs like Mark Stevens read some unsubstantiated twaddle on here and turn it into a story and then posts on here to stoke the fire I am lucky enough to get told a few things, but keep them to myself, as I am asked to Mahoney and Pert are too smart to let twaddle get out of hand, they will put a lid on it if they think it is necessary If we were playing better none of this would even happen or be reported/speculated/rumoured
  5. Ok, the Jetta injury Nev felt a bit sore in the knee and in the interests of the team pulled himself out of the Sydney game Had a scan back in Melb, all clear, trained fully Wednesday and Friday As mentioned previously a St Kilda player caused the new injury Now 3 guesses where I got that info from And as for the unfit at pre season start for a few players, absolute toss, Misson didn't even feel the need to pound uo and down Anderson Hill And the GPS all the players wear plus the manned tracking unit at both training and games must be fake And discussing rehab with Jake Lever, told me his load was monitored every session, obviously lied
  6. We are losing, finals may be disappearing, some players are horribly out of form Rumour, fake news, in depth analysis from every man and his dog, absolute twaddle on here I wait for the club to confirm or deny anything, not interested
  7. My main question, how much time some have on their hands or very little in their lives, to post the same thing over and over again, as if it will change anything It's footy we were poor and got beaten, move on to next game Personally I think it was Checkers fault, only one not to get a name check I can just see Goodwin before the game 'Ok boys I want basic skill errors, a lower work rate that the opposition across the board and no connection between the defence, mids and forwards'
  8. It's not speed, didn't see a St Kilda player sprint past, it is clean ball use and workrate to get on the end of the kick, we lacked the workrate and the pressure to stop the clean disposal
  9. Ah a loss Disappointing result with team defence found wanting again Skill errors aplenty And Demonland overflowing with over emotive twaddle again We are missing Hannan's sparkle up forward and AVB''s grunt in the middle, nobody has effectively replaced them yet I'vee listened to the coaches at training, they are not coached to play like that Our game plan which worked 99%of the time last year requires the game to be played in the forward half, with the defence pressing up One skill error or turnover and we are scored against easily Get back, if we can what we were doing last year, which we did against Sydney, and we may start winning If we don't expect a few repeats of today
  10. So no more of your posts on here as well then?
  11. Early means he only did 90mins instead of the 2 hours everyone else did, decision Friday
  12. I saw Hamnan, AVB and JKH in Edwins I thought Chandler shone today in the drills I thought the kicking in the windy conditions was really good One frightening bit was Petty, they were doing a defensive spoiling drill involving a couple of bags, McCartney shouted 'crash it' as Petty approached the second bag, he did, he spoiled but then did a complete 360 in the air over the bag, which collapsed underneath him He landed face down but bounced straight up, I think the accompanying laughter from everyone was more nervous relief than anything
  13. Preuss only had the shoulder lightly strapped, had no difficulty or discomfort with the shoulder when I watched him Obviously a lot of physio and a test on Friday, as per club website
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