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  1. I stopped reading this thread ages ago, occasionally have a squiz to see if the irrelevance is still there, the comment re Salem confirms this Question remains did @joeboy actually watch the game?
  2. So how do you rate Hunt or not 'small' enough? Or you just prefer a bit of negativity
  3. Told me on Saturday at least another 4, weeks, confirmed by Misson today Bit os self aggrandisement from me there, isn't that right @Bitter but optimistic
  4. So another poster who only watches the game for errors
  5. 'Watching' the game Mistake type post Mistake type post Pithy comment Mistake type post Just watch the [censored] game and post in the breaks or just don't [censored] watch it It's a poor game, poorly umpired between two struggling inconsistent sides, I wasn't expecting much else
  6. Great reading @KC from Casey whilst at work, very helpful, not so great the pithy comment, make you feel better?
  7. Preuss and Corey Wagner did the Captain's run this morning at Gosch's No sign of Gawn? But could be testing away from prying eyes
  8. Credibility? You do know this is Demonland? My credibility is on par with every other poster We are basing our opinions on what we have seen, heard, read etc Unless of course we have a poster, hiding behind a nickname, who is actually a member of the FD If so, they should emerge with a definitive statement Otherwise this whole thread, is like all others on Demonland, opinion and conjecture, with the same level of credibility for each post
  9. Goodwin when justifying playing a player, coming back from rehab, specifically said on a few occasions 'we think he has done the amount of training load required' So who is right?
  10. Those three are important players, but we shoukd have the cattle to teplace, we haven't Part of the rehab is skills based Is Misson's statement a justification We are having a year similar to the Bulldogs after their premiership A coach who didn't change a winning game plan Players unable to reproduce the form Confidence 'Older' players clocks ticking louder Etc etc It is easy to say the pre season was poor, players did all the loads required of them either in rehab or main group, I watched them all train at very high levels of intensity before the season started Just hasn't translated to game days My opinion, using the pre season as an excuse is a cop out
  11. Read my post, you're making excuses, which I tefuse to accept
  12. Wow the naysayers making excuses I am with @Sir Why You Little on this one I watched the players who had post season surgery come out of rehab, every single one said they were fitter than ever, I watched the 2k's, they were The issue this season is down to skills, form and consistency of 4 qtr efforts, they have all been lacking Losing 3 really important players in AVB, Melksham and Jetts hasn't helped To use the preseason as an excuse is a cop out There was no new game plan to learn or implement All our issues this season have been above the shoulders
  13. I love Demonland after a loss, poor comedy gold, we got smashed around clearances and contests and not one 'midfielder' to be dropped
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