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  1. I had a chat to the Bionic Man, as Gus called himself, doesn't seem to overly concerned with the setback, still running
  2. That is complete rubbish, you are just ignoring other posts in this thread, which is normal for you, for his size Jeffy had no qualms about tackling or contact, that's how he got the final shoulder injury, by putting his body on the line 1 bump in a highlight reel, against junior opposition, I have watched Kossie at training, he has some exciting traits, when he gets fitter, he will be good to watch but he is also not getting near to bringing down the bigger more mature bodies
  3. Amazing we had an Indigenous forward in Jeff Garlett, who could bring magic but was accused of 'going missing', seems if you have a good junior highlight reel this is ok I would be very surprised if Kossie plays round 1, he runs out of steam very quickly at the moment
  4. The knees are fine, he had a groin injury to contend with in his rehab, hence the caution
  5. Again the answer is can't be arsed You need to temper your expectations on Kozzie, he sat out the last bit of training, the tank was empty He is way behind Jackson and Rivers with his fitness base
  6. I've had a haircut, if you are at the open training on Monday, you will notice it, it's the one with the band aid on
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