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  1. North Melbourne 9.2.56 defeated Melbourne 4.10.34 Same story as last year and the year before. Can’t kick straight.
  2. I concur. With Gawn & Preuss as our main men in the ruck and Bradke being developed, there’s not much room for Williams. A more mature ruckman as a back up makes more sense.
  3. I wonder if Josh Mahoney is waiting for someone to give him a bell any time soon?
  4. There were a lot of things I couldn’t see happening a week ago that are now getting close to reality. Dont jump at conclusions in this game.
  5. Disappointed to wake up this morning only to discover that the Vics were beaten by the All Stars. AFL greats re-live their glory days as All Stars defeat Victoria in the EJ Whitten Legends Game at Adelaide Oval The highlight must surely have been Shaun Smith playing against Joel Smith but I wonder how the younger Smith is going to manage the task of flying home from Adelaide in time to make it to the Casey game?
  6. On that basis, we had better take advantage of home ground advantage against Sydney & GWS because we won’t get much help from the umpires in Perth.
  7. Good to see Mitch White back after a long period with injury.
  8. Doesn’t rule him out for this week against the Pies, surely?
  9. Pies win. Something’s very wrong in the world today?
  10. Do they still have one or do prospective players no longer train with the AFL club's.
  11. The way the MRP/Tribunal has been handing out penalties for low acts, this should be a 4 week penalty reduced to 3. Taylor Walker could be in trouble with MRP for pushing Jason Johannisen into the goalpost
  12. I'll stick my neck out and say that Joel Smith will be an out. Oscar might be lucky because of Smith's injury and the fact that none of the others coming back from injury are likely to be ready. Not sure who the next in line for Smith's spot might be but perhaps Jack Watts goes back into defence and Spencer or Pedo give Gawn a chop out in the ruck.
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