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  1. It's great to read a rational analysis of where we're at.
  2. Wish you and Prodee were back full time. Sick of listening to the perennialy negative.
  3. Or was it, as the commentators said, Kreuzer not knowing which way he was going?
  4. Think he struggled in his first game and was dropped, which led to a couple of posters saying he was no good and would never make it. Since his return he has been great.
  5. loges

    Sam Weideman

    He runs under the ball I reckon.
  6. Well if that's the case Saty, this season is even more disappointing than I've realised. And I was already immensely disappointed.
  7. Too much use of the word spray on here. I'm sure what May was trying to do, was to point out to Frost what he did wrong and what he should have done, maybe a bit too animated for some but it's an emotional game. Of course the word spray has a more negative connotation and suits certain agendas.
  8. Unfortunately, this is just the type of game we will lose. Load up on Carlton at the head to head.
  9. Can you tell me what we've had to pat ourselves on the back over?
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