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  1. loges

    Lyndon Dunn

    Always able to find a negative.
  2. This problem of opposition moving the ball easily upfield also raised its head in the first half of the Marsh series game against Adelaide, but because we got on top and won comfortably nothing much was made of it. We obviously have problems with sides that move the ball in this manner. I remember last season GWS smashed us using the same method.
  3. It would have to be a very heavily performance based contract.
  4. I think we've all done this in one form or another.
  5. Wore my Melbourne gear into work which was crawling with ESSENDON SUPPORTERS.
  6. I certainly hope it comes Robbie, we certainly need it, but I've seen him not prepared to present. It's his fifth season now when is it going to happen?
  7. For those who think Weid will be any sort of answer...............Good luck with that.
  8. But then you look at the forward chances that are gone before the ball even arrives because we just kick blindly to a contest or worse to the opposition
  9. Pretty hard to mark in packs of 6
  10. That's the most disappointing thing isn't it, nothing seems to have improved.
  11. Yes but he wins the ball and has a crack, more than a lot of others
  12. Predicted it, probably all West Australians, it's the ones they haven't paid to us.
  13. Was prepared to give benefit of the doubt until this year, there were other issues last year but all the structural issues haven't been addressed. I'm not one who likes to bag the club ad nauseam
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