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  1. When reading posts I usually look at the poster's title to see who it is. When it's Deemania 56 I don't need to.
  2. Yes there was because I missed it, had to check the fine print to find it.
  3. Pretty sure there's others who need to work more on their game.
  4. The correct interpretation, I believe was not that good that they should have won by as much as they did.
  5. So at Essendon last year, didn't he kick over 20 goals for the season. would've nearly won our goal kicking..
  6. Don't rate him on what? One game or his Essendon form.
  7. Changes should be out AVB, Melksham in Brown/Weideman (whoever is going better in the scratch matches) and Bennel
  8. I'll add this, I could understand the Qld gov. position if there was a reported case of a member of the public contracting the virus from contact with a player or official from the AFL but there isn't.
  9. I assume we have one Essendon player in 14 day quarantine which no one really knows if he should be or not and no effect to the general public, which surely is what Qld is about.
  10. Doesn't matter if they're staying playing and training in secured facilities. It shouldn't get out to the wider community and I'm sure they'll be tested before and after they get there, complete overreaction.
  11. OK I'll answer my own question. Whilst you can contact to a degree with front on spoiling, don't think you can take out the whole body as what happened on this occasion.
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