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  1. Many good points being made here on both sides of the discussion, but I think it's a bit more than just home team bias. I think there is a lot of confirmation bias behind some decisions. That is team x is a top side and expected to win the game so is more likely to get the 50/50 decisions. of course it is worse when some decisions are just plainly incorrect. But it also happens with individual players eg. champion player Gary has been caught with the ball, but better be sure, lets give him a second or two longer to get rid of the ball. It happens all the time.
  2. Think the half back line needs to be Fritsch Frost Hore
  3. Preus for Keilty, Milkshake can't be replaced so we'll have to settle for ANB. Oscar some terrible efforts against Hawks, but thought he was better this week, actually showed some intensity at times. Won't be dropped. Not sure who replaces Hibberd
  4. Think some people on here are missing the huge amount of work Trac has been doing on the inside.
  5. Think he just needed to get used to the higher level, and since he's still only played a handful of games, writing him off especially after the past few weeks is ridiculous.
  6. There are some on here that think Marty Hore is just making up the numbers. Amazing really.
  7. The last 2 minutes? How easy did you expect it to be. Gold Coast were trying to win too you realise.
  8. Hore has played 5 games and has shown a bit IMO.
  9. If the last 2 minutes, where we won a game that was lost, epitomises where we're at then I'm quite happy. It's the rest of the game that was the problem. How often do you think a game has been won from the position we we're in 1% I reckon.
  10. Yes I was thinking this when everyone was saying long term injury. Plate it asap, back in a couple of weeks.
  11. Anyone have an idea what area of the ground to book for demon supporters?
  12. The little I've seen of Lockhart so far he could be something, shows a bit.
  13. Can not believe Tracs kicking issues haven't been addressed, they're so obvious, his ball drop is so high. One of the commentators even said he dropped it from almost head height.
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