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  1. So Jack Martin is Carltanks marquee player LOL.
  2. Surely with his injury history, thats too big a risk?
  3. Joel Smith for Weideman/Petty if fit and firing.
  4. Please note: The season doesn't start for several months yet.
  5. So we shouldn't have to play them twice due to ladder positions last year. How come we always play them over there ? It's like always having to playing at Geelong every year.
  6. It's not the trade period , it's a draft he can do what he likes in private, but by putting it out there in public he's trying to influence the draft.
  7. It's about time the AFL came down on this draft tampering. Martin has no right to name any one club he will only play for. He's open slather for anyone to draft him who will pay his contract. having said that he's probably not worth anything over $600K
  8. Involvement in the game and intensity. Has some good moments but at other times is O. Mac like.
  9. This would be so Melbourne, time for an attitude change
  10. I believe if he refuses to play for the club that drafts him he has to sit out 2 years.
  11. And he gets banned from playing for 2 years.
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