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  1. West Coast. Would love to see the Home/Away breakdown. Those Perth umpires deserve a bullet.
  2. Wouldn't be a training thread without saty whining about negativity. I appreciate the news from every other track watcher. It's always better to hear about the good and the bad. Keeps expectations real.
  3. Who was the nerd who deleted my post, and why? Would people honestly take offence to that, when others can joke in every thread about wanking themselves stupid? Double standards dude.
  4. Incorrect. "Growing the game" means "growing my bonus" We really can't whinge about Gil too much. The big nerd saved us from the tanking thingy.
  5. What does a robo-debt have to do with choosing cigarettes over your kids shoes? Nonsensical. Like I said, I don't care about his parenting skills, only his footy. But if it helps him to give his all, that's wonderful.
  6. His footy is the only thing I am interested in. Not his parenting skills.
  7. True, but it's not a magic wand either.
  8. I think people might be placing FAR too much weight on a baby turning around a once (supposedly) poor attitude. How many busted [censored] losers have you seen with kids in tow, durry hanging out of their mouth and kids sans shoes? Plenty.
  9. Not near me. Airlie Beach. Had a ship here the past 2 days. Awesome place.
  10. Jack Viney relishing being part of Melbourne’s pre-season under Darren Burgess after years of injury troubles

    Sam Landsberger, Sunday Herald Sun
    November 23, 2019 7:39pm
    Subscriber only

    It took just one Ollie Wines text message for Jack Viney to get excited about the arrival of Melbourne’s new fitness boss.

    Actually, it took just one word. “Jealous” was Wines’ reply when close mate Viney asked what the Demons were in for under Darren Burgess.

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    “From that moment on I was rapt,” Viney told the Sunday Herald Sun.

    “From all the dealings I’ve had with Burgo he works you hard, but you can tell it’s all for a reason.

    “He used to take (Wines’ Port Adelaide) up to Dubai and do some crazy camps like that, so I’m sure he’s got something along the track for us.”

    As a rule, AFL coaches don’t like surprises. But Burgess – who quit Port in 2017 to join English Premier League giant Arsenal – seems to love them.

    “He doesn’t necessarily tell us how many sets we’ve got,” Viney said.

    “Normally players want to know how many repetitions or how many sets of something we’re doing, but he’s keeping us on edge. It keeps it interesting.”

      Jack Viney takes possession during a pre-season drill.   Jack Viney pushes himself during pre-season training at Melbourne.

    It’s been a pleasant surprise for Viney to simply be a part of pre-season.

    Rewind 12 months and the co-captain was recovering from ankle surgery, among the 17 Demons booked for post-season operations.

    “I’m not sure how much of last pre-season I completed percentage-wise, but from memory I started around our pre-season camp in Maroochydore at the end of January,” Viney said.

    “That doesn’t leave you long before JLT and the season kicks off. Now that I’ve missed a few pre-seasons I understand how critical they are to setting up a good season.

    “Missing out on the hard work you do get a bit lonely and lose a bit of that relationship with the group. It’s just good to be out there all suffering together.”

    It’s been a bumpy ride for the ball hunter. Early in Viney’s career he had surgery on “a bung hip”, then he broke his fibula and then there was a stress fracture in his foot.

    Since suffering a plantar fascia injury three years ago it’s been setback after setback on that part of his body.



    Dees circle forward with pick 10

    Could Port Adelaide land another Burgoyne?

    Top prospect Flanders draws Petracca comparison

    Crows improve draft hand with second pick swap

    Has North assembled AFL’s best young crop?

    Who has the ‘real’ No. 1 draft pick?

    But after playing an equal career-best 21 games in 2019, Viney is confident he has given those niggles the boot.

    “I’ve actually been hanging out to be healthy at this time of year so I can get training,” he said.

    With Viney cured it is time for the rest of the Demons to banish their season from hell.

    Step one has seemingly been to give the club a facelift. Viney said that with so many fresh eyes around, the Demons were “enthusiastic” to get to work each day.

    “There’s a lot of changes. It’s not so much in the coaching area – we’ve got Richo (Alan Richardson) in, obviously – but there’s a lot of new faces in the sports science department,” he said.

    “There’s Burgo and then Burgo’s brought in bits and pieces here and we’ve got some really good new physios in.

    “There’s heaps of new faces around the footy club, but in terms of the coaching, that’s all pretty similar.”

      Jack Viney leads Melbourne into battle this year with Nathan Jones.

    Sports science boss David Regan has joined after stints at the Miami Dolphins and New York Mets while performance data scientist Robert Younger has crossed from Port Adelaide.

    The revolving door has also seen Viney’s father, Todd, depart the club.

    “When he left I thought it was going to be a big deal, because I’m so close with him and I always went out of my way to say G’day to him,” Viney said.

    “But I actually haven’t even thought about it until you mentioned it. It’s been a smooth transition.”

    Todd Viney has grown a beard and shifted to a property near Lancefield to enjoy the fresh country air and the life of a farmer.

    “He’s always had a passion for the country,” Jack said.

    “He moved us all there when he retired (from playing), up Echucha way, and he’s loving it.”

    Viney was due to head up after sweating through Saturday’s running session, which Burgess hopes translates to an improvement in fourth quarters next season.

    “Last year we were Monday to Friday and weekends were free, whereas this year Thursday is one of our days off,” Viney said.

    “The Saturday morning running session is a bit of a top-up. It’s no footballs on the Saturday, purely running-based.

    “It’s a different program and that motivates guys.”

    Demons' spring cleaning

    Changes at Melbourne this off-season

    Brendan McCartney (defensive coach)
    Craig Jennings (strategy and education co-ordinator)
    Todd Viney (player personnel)
    David Misson (elite performance manager)
    Jade Rawlings (VFL coach)

    Darren Burgess (performance manager)
    Alan Richardson (director of coaching)
    David Regan (sports science boss)
    Robert Younger (performance data scientist)
    Jordan Lewis (part-time skills coach)
    Dr Peter Brukner (medical consultant)

    Adam Tomlinson (GWS)
    Ed Langdon (Fremantle)
    Mitch Brown (Essendon)*
    Harley Bennell (Fremantle)*
    Pick 3 (Luke Jackson?)
    Pick 10 (Kysaiah Pickett?)
    * Brown and Bennell likely to be added to the list.

    So, what happened in 2019 – when the pre-season premiership fancy nosedived all the way to 17th?

    “We just couldn’t get rolling,” Viney said.

    “We understood that pressure and expectation and people getting complacent were traps for a young team in our position, so the whole off-season and pre-season we were trying to make sure none of those things happened.

    “But for whatever reasons we didn’t get it done.”

    The Demons’ territory game didn’t stack up either as they became the worst team in history at converting inside 50s to goals.

    “The coaches did a massive review post-season and they’re rolling out some stuff to help that,” Viney said.

    “That’ll come with better chemistry up the field as well. We feel like that’s going to lead to better inside 50s and efficiency.”

    The Dees have turned to Greg Stafford for part of the solution, with the ruck coach transitioning to become the goalkicking coach.

    “Stafford blew the coaches away with how passionate he was in that field and the boys that have had a lot to do with him so far they’ve been extremely impressed,” Viney said.

    “It’s all in an effort to help us when we do get it inside 50m converting.

    “He works more intimately with forwards but also some selected players – whether that be midfielders or defenders – that tend to have shots on goal.”

    Richardson has begun as a director of coaching, signed to offer support to senior man Simon Goodwin.

    “I’ve had a little bit to do with Richo and been really impressed with him,” Viney said.

    “He’s a huge pick up, just in helping Goody and helping develop the other coaches. He’s been in footy a long time, a really experienced cat and just a good operator too.

    “He’s so cool, calm and collected.”

      Jack Viney collides with teammate James Harmes while attempting to tackle St Kilda’s Jack Steele.

    And then there’s the top-up of on-field talent.

    Viney bumped into Harley Bennell on Friday, with the former Gold Coast jet set to start training with the Dees on December 3.

    “He’s really close with ‘Maysy’ (Steven May) from their Gold Coast days and speaking with Maysy he’s rapt to have him training,” Viney said.

    “If we can get him here, his body holds up and he’s training to his potential then it’s going to be an enormous win for us.

    “I’d love for him to be part of the Demon family, along with (delisted Essendon forward) Mitch Brown as well.”

    Viney played TAC Cup with free agent signing Adam Tomlinson in 2011 with Tomlinson and fellow wingman Ed Langdon – a running machine – joining Viney in Melbourne’s midfield meetings.

    As for the November standouts?

      Harley Bennell will start training with Melbourne next month in a bid to reignite his AFL career.

    “Bailey Fritsch has really come back and knocked the door down and Alex Neal-Bullen took out our 3km,” Viney said.

    “People probably expected him to because he’s one of our better runners, but he’s still got to actually come out and do it and he’s flying.

    “(Christian) Petracca’s looking really good and (Clayton) Oliver and Maxy Gawn, those guys that rock up every year looking fit.

    “The whole list is in a really good spot.”

    And that’s more than what could be said this time last year.

  11. Which cruise Red? We get lots of ships where I am. had 1 yesterday in fact.
  12. Surprised nobody cares about Barry Halls pro boxing debut. I reckon Gallan will smash him. He never stops going forward, can throw a big punch, and is always moving his head. Hall looks MUCH slower with his hands. Lucky if it goes the distance.
  13. Big fight tonight. Who's your money on?
  14. All of this nonsense for a fluffy ball? Come on guys......... The highlights vid of Kemp looks sensational. I'd be smiling if we got him at 8, although we all need to remember how Norf supporters carry on whenever draft time comes about. They "won the draft" year after year. There are still as many misses as hits in the top 10. Would be nice to finally get some stars on the list.
  15. Read Mach5 post again. I think he has the right idea. It's possibly to throw their mind off the pre-prepared answers in the hope of giving away something revealing about themselves. Makes sense to me.
  16. But what if you choose nothing? I think @Mach5 has it sussed. Seems to be the only point to it, as the test would immediately reveal that @ding has a schitty temper that makes it hard for him to make rational choices.
  17. dings pronouns are they/them in case you were wondering.
  18. Colvin looks nice and aggressive in those highlights. Nice to see. Welcome to the Dees girls. Hope you can have plenty of success in the Red and Blue.
  19. I also worry about midgets inside the top 10, but really, our entire drafting record is why we haven't won a flag since the draft was introduced.
  20. If our Football Dept think he will improve the team, and his contract demands will not cost us other required players, it would be negligent to let him slip through to Carlscum. It would also be so typically Melbourne to be the Gentleman and let him go wherever he chooses, BUT if he really was getting $600k+ p.a from the Blues, is he actually worth that? I've never seen anything from him other than "could be" footy.
  21. Draft him. [censored] Carlton and their scheming p.o.s Silvagni.
  22. If we are chasing a player from them it needs to happen in the next few hours. Not sure what else we are chasing from them. Even their second rd 2020 is worth next to bugger all.
  23. I reckon it's more likely to do with his gumby arms, and long distance swimmer hips, but each to his own. He has some decent traits, but christ he was exposed this year. Lost count of how many times i saw him escort his oppo to an incoming mark, head down and 10m behind.
  24. Not exactly desirable traits for a small forward though hey?
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