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  1. What's your point? The rule changes have equally been applied to Geelong, West Coast, Brisbane, Colonwood etc. WE failed to adapt. It's always us. Why add to the constant excuses for poor performances?
  2. Maybe the team made finals DESPITE Goodwin last year? We've has a terrible run with injuries, but it cannot be used to simply wave away this seasons disaster. He has no idea.
  3. "That was a huge concern. We're stressing ourselves a lot with how we're using the ball," "Our decision-making, our fundamentals, are really stressing our game" "Our inability to hit targets and just execute the basics is really stressing us and is causing us concern." Goodwin if [censored] clueless, and his corporate speak is infuriating.
  4. This sums up the Melbourne Football Club quite nicely. And lets be honest, we are one of the few clubs in the AFL's long history who could be relied upon to turn a supposed contender into an embarrassing cellar dweller. Back to being the butt of everyone's jokes again. A well earned title from the once again insipid mess of a cub.
  5. Nah, he'll raise his chin skywards, while dribbling on about "making connections" I Expect a win, but think we will lose.
  6. An absolute plodding game by Lockhart today. Could not believe how slow he was. Not just straight mine speed, but a bloke that size should be nimble on his feet. Lockhart played like a 170cm Garry Lyon post back injury. Beached whale.
  7. We are a [censored] joke. Our forward coach needs the bullet immediately.
  8. Jacko was a physical beast Trac just looks like one.
  9. You do realise that was 2 different posters? What a stupid reply.
  10. Agree with this. We have had a terrible year as far as injuries go, but to only have won 4 games, including falling over the line against the bottom 2 teams is a huge concern. Have always detested his corporate language. I've always seen that type of crap as someone who can't think on their feet, so uses canned, empty rhetoric and [censored]-speak. Maybe he can't get the players to relate to him.
  11. Weids is a typical young KPP. Can't seem to read the play. Is nowhere near strong enough to win a body on body contest. Is not fit enough to play the Nick Reiwoldt game. Goes missing far too often. But when he attacks a contest with "that look" in his eyes, i can't help but think he will one day explode onto the scene as a real focal point. Still young. Give him another pre season or 2. I think he has the goods.
  12. Petracca and our first pick for next year would make me a very happy camper. Or even Petracca and a first round pick swap this year. Yes, I'm serious.
  13. I have it at 500% Is it a wombat?
  14. Ha, I'm sitting in front of the laptop, squinting hard trying to figure out what that microscopic picture is. Just calling for the young wifes eyes to help me out.
  15. This sums up Melbourne perfectly Talking "window" when we are 1 game away from a number 1 draft pick.
  16. A famous sage once said, "Marge, I don't hate your mother, I just wont be sad when she dies." Sums up my feeling for the club at present. Won't be heartbroken if we lose. Disgusted yes, but sad no. I'm tipping a garbage, uninspiring 10 point win where I feel flat as a tack afterwards.
  17. All i want from this game is for Goodwin to not talk to the press. His corporate speak makes me want to stick a chopstick in my ears.
  18. Some comments are quite personal, but Bimnan, take your p.c/misandry elsewhere. Not needed on this site, same as the personal attacks on players. Oscar is playing shockingly poor football. Zero physical strength in the contest Can't jump Very slow to move. I like his field kicking, but he is not a link player, that's Salems job. Oscar is in the side to shut down a tall opposition forward, and for almost every game of his career he has been incapable of doing this for most of a game. I'd like to know if we have a strength coach who has been working with him, because it looks like he still has not gained any over the past 3 seasons. For an up and coming side to play for the big one, it's entire list needs to improve. Oscar does not appear to be on that trajectory.
  19. I would want the world to end if I lost my wife. Thoughts are with Brad, his kids, and family. R.I.P Mrs Green
  20. Jackos back killed his career. The most explosive player I've seen in a Dees jumper in my 50+years
  21. Hands looked good. Give him Petraccas spot if he can kick straight.
  22. From flag favorite to beating Gold Coast by a point with 1 second on the clock. All game I as accepting the season was over. So much so that the winning kick was barely greeted with a grunt. We are still the Dees of the 1970's
  23. HAAAA "A low scoring thriller" "A cracking game" The commentators on Fox Footy.
  24. 20Tom McDonald 3 3 6 1 2 1 0 2 2 0 41 21Jeff Garlett 4 1 5 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 23 21Oscar McDonald 4 1 5 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 25 Just wanted to post our lowest 3 possession getters. F.M.D what happened to T Mac?
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