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  1. All of this nonsense for a fluffy ball? Come on guys......... The highlights vid of Kemp looks sensational. I'd be smiling if we got him at 8, although we all need to remember how Norf supporters carry on whenever draft time comes about. They "won the draft" year after year. There are still as many misses as hits in the top 10. Would be nice to finally get some stars on the list.
  2. Read Mach5 post again. I think he has the right idea. It's possibly to throw their mind off the pre-prepared answers in the hope of giving away something revealing about themselves. Makes sense to me.
  3. But what if you choose nothing? I think @Mach5 has it sussed. Seems to be the only point to it, as the test would immediately reveal that @ding has a schitty temper that makes it hard for him to make rational choices.
  4. dings pronouns are they/them in case you were wondering.
  5. Colvin looks nice and aggressive in those highlights. Nice to see. Welcome to the Dees girls. Hope you can have plenty of success in the Red and Blue.
  6. I also worry about midgets inside the top 10, but really, our entire drafting record is why we haven't won a flag since the draft was introduced.
  7. If our Football Dept think he will improve the team, and his contract demands will not cost us other required players, it would be negligent to let him slip through to Carlscum. It would also be so typically Melbourne to be the Gentleman and let him go wherever he chooses, BUT if he really was getting $600k+ p.a from the Blues, is he actually worth that? I've never seen anything from him other than "could be" footy.
  8. Draft him. [censored] Carlton and their scheming p.o.s Silvagni.
  9. If we are chasing a player from them it needs to happen in the next few hours. Not sure what else we are chasing from them. Even their second rd 2020 is worth next to bugger all.
  10. I reckon it's more likely to do with his gumby arms, and long distance swimmer hips, but each to his own. He has some decent traits, but christ he was exposed this year. Lost count of how many times i saw him escort his oppo to an incoming mark, head down and 10m behind.
  11. Not exactly desirable traits for a small forward though hey?
  12. Is there a decent highlights video of Serong showing the traits of a pick 3? I had a look on Youtube and the 1 video I saw left me horrified that we would consider the kid with that pick. Looked fat, slow, and zero agility. Surely there must be a vid showing something special?
  13. So many seem keen to trade 3 to GWS, but what if they then take the player we wanted at 3? It's a gold star pick. We need to nail it.
  14. Pick swaps can occur up to draft day. The fact this has been done already suggests either us or Norf are looking to trade picks for players.
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