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  1. If we can get through a full season without a reference to English Flogball, it will mean we had a good season. That's enough for me.
  2. I'd sign Oliver to a 7yr deal in a heartbeat. The power really is with the players right now. Good luck to him. Hope they lose De Goey to a crap club.
  3. Jurrah ate him for breakfast in the softness stakes. Lumumbas biggest problem was his softness between the ears. A huge dose of self importance can do that to a bloke.
  4. R.I.P Broady, and thoughts with the Broadbridge family. Was developing into a quite good half back. Very courageous and determined. @ding and I have paid our respects at his resting place on Ko Phi Phi Don. Do you still have the pics Dingus? Fondly remembered and sadly missed.
  5. Where did you get that from AF? I'm up in Queensland working in the mines, and we are dealing with accommodation problems brought about by new and very large coal mines opening. Just got a huge pay increase because they are worried about staff retention. That does not happen when mining is in trouble. Simply wishing it to be true does not make it so.
  6. West Coast. Would love to see the Home/Away breakdown. Those Perth umpires deserve a bullet.
  7. Wouldn't be a training thread without saty whining about negativity. I appreciate the news from every other track watcher. It's always better to hear about the good and the bad. Keeps expectations real.
  8. Who was the nerd who deleted my post, and why? Would people honestly take offence to that, when others can joke in every thread about wanking themselves stupid? Double standards dude.
  9. Incorrect. "Growing the game" means "growing my bonus" We really can't whinge about Gil too much. The big nerd saved us from the tanking thingy.
  10. What does a robo-debt have to do with choosing cigarettes over your kids shoes? Nonsensical. Like I said, I don't care about his parenting skills, only his footy. But if it helps him to give his all, that's wonderful.
  11. His footy is the only thing I am interested in. Not his parenting skills.
  12. True, but it's not a magic wand either.
  13. I think people might be placing FAR too much weight on a baby turning around a once (supposedly) poor attitude. How many busted [censored] losers have you seen with kids in tow, durry hanging out of their mouth and kids sans shoes? Plenty.
  14. Not near me. Airlie Beach. Had a ship here the past 2 days. Awesome place.
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