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  1. Will need to be good to be better than the kid who just popped his shoulder.
  2. Listened to the podcast with Glenn Bartlett during the week. Thought he was doing ok till he scoffed at the question about there being pressure on Goody considering our garbage record over the past 18 months. Came across as arrogant and dismissive of the growing anger from the supporter base. The excuse for last year was injuries etc. An aberration they said. With the best injury run I can ever remember we look to have given north a top 3 pick while managing to go backwards on even last years form. There is something unfixable about this club. Spent the day concreting and only remembered the game was on a few minutes ago. Realised the best way to spend my weekends was Demon free. Think I will take that approach every week now. The club has a mountain of a task to retain my 3 memberships next year. Im sure i wont be the only one.
  3. People were ready to burn the place down when Neeld had the reigns. Goodwin has about 500% the talent under his command and yet we are back to being the butt of the football world's jokes yet again. Goody cannot coach. Roos made a hasty and catastrophic error in pushing for him to be the one to take over. I'm over the corporate speak coaching. He is a massive failure who has zero ability to inspire his charges to play with the 100% intensity for 100% of the time that is required to win a flag. He is CLUELESS when opposition coaches change style mid-game. We have a flag capable list, but not a flag capable coach. Something must be done before it is too late.
  4. And then they did something that we haven't done for 56 years. They produced one of the great teams of the modern era. Rightfully dismissive of our blokes.
  5. Rather play Freo in Qld than in Perf. Heaps better for us. Looking forward to a Collingwood-like run of M.C.G games later in the season. Looking at the draw. Excited to see the very real prospect of the Eagles losing their next 2 games and being down the bottom near the Dees.. Would be absolutely HILARIOUS to have the AFL announce a Perf grand final only for the Eagles to miss out.
  6. The level of arrogance from such a low info base as yourself is staggering. James Hird has a rival in the narcissism stakes.
  7. Do some quick swotting on Einsteins theories around teleportation. Only a few gaps to fill and *boom*, the game is all yours. Please tweet some vision for us when you get it figured out.
  8. I'd even accept a rosey training report from saty at this stage. At least every player will be doing something great. Makes it easier to believe when there's no footage.
  9. and a loss, just for the sad sacks....
  10. 43 Demonland members scrolling through this thread currently for some footy related action. Poor bastards.
  11. ...and run over the top of ourselves.
  12. Hoping to get the 4 points today but by no means complacent.
  13. Great idea. in that spirit I'm also excited to see O'Mac collect his Coleman medal.
  14. The community where that guy lived was astonished that the govt at first attempted to put it down as a WuFlu death. The poor guy was in the terminal stages of cancer and he was not going to survive. The pressure for the AFL to salvage some dollars out of this season will be immense. Let's hope it was a false positive, or at a minimum no other Essedon players or staff caught it from McKenna.
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