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  1. You normally come in here to grandstand, but I think this is a solid point that is worth thinking about for the players. I certainly agree about the "parasites" part.
  2. The people who signed up in March and April are legends. Well done people. Every member is solid gold for the survival of the club. (appreciate that many are losing their jobs and can't afford to continue) Very proud of our supporters.
  3. Jason Norrish Personal information Date of birth 26 January 1972 (age 48) Original team(s) Claremont (WAFL)[1] Debut Round 14, 3 July 1993, Melbourne vs. St Kilda, at Waverley Park Playing career1 Years Club Games (Goals) 1992–1994 Melbourne 20 (2) 1995–2002 Fremantle 128 (23) Total 148 (25) 1 Playing statistics correct to the end of 2002. Career highlights Doig Medal 1998 Fremantle vice-captain 1999–2001 Sources: AFL Tables, AustralianFootball.com "Norrish made his debut towards the end of the 1993 season and played in five of their last nine games. The following year he missed the first seven games, before playing in most of the remaining games, including all three finals."
  4. Great post. Marcus Seecamp was a player who I would love in our side now. Solidly built half-back who would run through a bus crash to defend a team mate. Hard as woodpeckerlips. A 195cm player who measured 185cm in height.
  5. Dead set one of my all time favorite Dees. Gave us fantastic value at C.H.B after crossing from Adelaide. Great judgement of the ball in the air, gutsy as hell, good 1 on 1 but had the prerequisite ordinary kicking foot on him.
  6. Does anyone else remember the dog Daniher destroying Clarks knee after a tackle? Could not believe my eyes, and was sure Daniher would be suspended for it, but of course, no, nothing happened.
  7. "Lally" Bamblett from memory. Could play too.
  8. That's the cookies from your porn site visits doing their thing.
  9. Anyone who complains about this is a mug.
  10. It is coming like it or not so sit down and let people talk about it without your usual whining.
  11. How on earth would Dusty fail to get a gig?
  12. I remember my Dad smacking me over the ear after I sat on his pie during the finals loss to the Eagles at Waverley Park.
  13. Just what I needed to lift my spirits. A story about the pain Essendon suffered after being caught cheating with Performance enhancing drugs.
  14. I wouldn't hold my breath. They will be in the same position as the AFL in trying to make up for lost time. I'm thinking more along the lines of watch what the AFL does to the smaller clubs re: fixturing/travel etc in order to maximise the games income by favouring the large clubs even more than they do now. The AFL want games in the N.T and this is a perfect excuse to bring them back. Lets wait and see.
  15. Imagine what the draw will look like for the next 5 years with the AFL trying to use the fixture to claw back the lost cash. Are we taking bets on more N.T games? This is going to be a long term disaster for the poorer clubs. Starting to think a boutique stadium (redevelopment of Optus etc) might be part of the mix to lower costs of game day operation while maintaining T.V revenue.
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