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  1. Well, where do we start? Jake Lever replaces Marty Hore (collar bone) ✅ Max Gawn replaces Tom McDonald (knee) ✅ Oscar McDonald replaces Harry Petty (concussion) ✅
  2. So, at this early stage, it’s all tied up at 1 each.
  3. Came up for the day from Brizvegas and found the conditions hot and humid at Maroochydore where the Demons are holding their pre season camp. I stayed around for a while but must confess the temptation of the surf got to me in the end. I was very impressed with both Max Gawn and Braydon Preuss who both stand out with their height and imposing physiques. If the powers that be decide to play both in any given game, they are certain to cause a lot of grief to opposing ruck combinations and their defences when one of them is resting up forward. The club’s midfield is highly touted but many of them are still in rehab - Jack Viney, Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver and Angus Brayshaw. No doubt the club is being conservative but it’s amazing how quickly the season comes upon us ... There were others in the group - Jake Lever, Steven May, Kade Kolodjasnij, Jay Kennedy Harris, Charlie Spargo, both of the clubs category B rookies Bradtke and Walker and a few others notably Mitch Hannan and Jake Melksham were no shows. This gave a few players the opportunity to impress - Alex Neal-Bullen, Christian Salem, Christian Petracca (to the relief of many Demonlanders), James Harmes and the two key forwards Tom McDonald and Sam Weideman. Joel Smith was good as was Bailey Fritsch who looks like he will be taking a wing. And of course, Neville Jetta’s work was simply immaculate. Of the new players I liked Toby Bedford (a live wire), Tom Sparrow (strongly built for a kid) and Corey Wagner (gets a bit of the ball). Apart from the large numbers in rehab, I came away with optimism for the year. Oh ... and if the way Viney attacks things while in rehab, heaven help the opposition if and when he gets back going full bore.
  4. Agree with Norm here - no need to go small. Pick two mids or one mid and a tall with those picks. Pick Bedford as your small later on.
  5. We played Port Adelaide at the MCG in Round 1, 2013 and were humiliated. I’m not talking about revenge but it’s time to put them in their place.
  6. I want to report them for poaching!
  7. People have been asking that the thread be closed from as far back as page 2. Probably a good thing the mods didn’t listen back then.
  8. This name sounds interesting - Bigoa Nyuon 18-May-01 195 84 Dandenong Stingrays Rowville Junior FC Rowville SC The name sounds Sudanese and since he comes from the Dandenong Stingrays which is in the MFC Next Generation Academy zone, he could be in the same category as Toby Bedford is in this year. One worth watching in the future.
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