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  1. Monkey Business: Euro Qualifying Mon 4.00am Kosovo vs England England (Win) & +3.5 Goals Match Score $3.10 NFL - Mon 05:00am Detroit v Dallas - Line/Over Under Double Dallas -6.5/Over 46.5 $3.10 Canadian WHL Ice Hockey Mon. 8.00am Vancouver Giants v Lethbridge Hurricanes Vancouver Giants H2H $1.80 17/1 approx this week Monkeys....Good Luck !
  2. Monkey Business: Canadian WHL Ice Hockey Mon. 8.00am Vancouver Giants v Lethbridge Hurricanes Vancouver Giants H2H $1.80 Not 100% sure on the start time as i logged in from Indonesia......might be minus 3 hrs.
  3. Thats exactly what im talking about DZ. Your home and counting the dosh and whammo! How devastating for you. That was quite incredible....fantastic header by the keeper. I shall add AC MIlan to the list.
  4. Im gonna start a banned list of teams and players that are never ever to be bet on again (just for a laugh). Feel free to add to this list as we go. These teams are chockers, impossible to predict, perennial losers or just downright frustrating. On top of the list is Melbourne Victory. The team that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory....and does it often......guaranteed to do your money 9/10 times. Not necessarily in order: Melbourne Victory England V New Zealand (mainly cricket, but probably anything) Canberra Raiders Tom Melbourne Collingwood Rabbitohs Gold Coast (anything) Alex De Minaur (well every-time i bet on him anyway) Arsenal AC Milan ........
  5. Monkey Business: Italian Serie A Monday at 04:00am Parma v Roma Roma Win & Over 2.5 Match goals $2.70 Serie A (Italian League) Mon 6.45am Juventus vs AC Milan Juventus (Win) & +2.5 Goals Match Score $2.15 NFL Mon 8.30am Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers HT/FT Green Bay/Green Bay $2.00 11.5/1 this week folks. Go bananas!
  6. Im glad you had some winners Goro. I started the betting account this year. Its so much better the running to the TAB all the time and thus avoiding the Walk of Shame. (now its just click the button shame). I think theyre actually better cause you can keep track of your total spend etc. You can always cancel it later if it doesnt appeal. I have heard you cant get a housing loan until you havent had one for 3 years though. Not sure how true that is.
  7. I will still put in my weekly Monkey Macca. .....may need a reminder though to take the laptop up the coconut tree....
  8. Monkey Business: NFL Mon 8.30am Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers HT/FT Green Bay/Green Bay $2.00
  9. Yes well said Macca and its been great fun and your insight into the sport has been a welcome bonus. I am going to Indo this week, so will be pretty busy with other things. I will try to get a handle on the Ballarat Cup and see if i hear any whispers. I had a number of good wins over the carnival mainly multis and trifectas, so i am happy with that and mainly played with house money by the time we got to Flemington, with a lot still in the kitty. The picks were always good and we had many results as a team. I will keep an eye on the thread from time to time so post away and will def be back to join the team in the Autumn.
  10. Hope everyone had an enjoyable carnival, i thought it was great. Pity about the weather for the crowds. Well down i believe. Thanks for all the support on the thread.
  11. Bad fall for Rachel Clarke in Adelaide....hope shes ok.
  12. .....having said that, i have the first leg in. ....not overly confident for the rest tho.... however took the same 7 in an all up place, just for a bit of fun....see how we go.
  13. No catch, its just pretty hard to do.
  14. Yes very true G. But this is not really on-line betting, its a competition and its free to enter. You just nominate 1 horse for the last 7 races. Nearly impossible, but worth a shot for free.
  15. Thanks....not sure how i did that......late night selections. Shes back i reckon. Curious also to see if anyone is doing the pick 7 at Racing. com ? Its actually a good exercise in madness and having only 1 selection in each race but really makes you look at the form. Well thats my 2c anyway. https://pick7.racing.com/
  16. Best Bets: Sat Flemington Race 3 No.3 Knickpoint $2.10 (W) Sat Flemington Race 4 No.5 True Self $2.10 (W) Sat Flemington Race 5 No.9 Loving Gaby $8.00 (W) Sat Flemington Race 7 No.3 Admirals Joker (W) $5.50 (W) Sat Flemington Race 8 No.15 Melody Belle $3.60 (W) Last day of the Carnival. Feeling lucky? 698/1 if you are! Good Luck folks!
  17. Best Bet: Sat Flemington Race 8 No 9 Loving Gaby $8.00
  18. Oliver/OBrien is a good combination. Did you know, he is the most successful Flemington Jockey in the last 150 years? He didnt !
  19. Yeah it did....i didnt have Master or Prince for 2nd. I had a mate in Sydney whos been putting multis into Master of Reality since June including the winner of the Caulfield Guineas and the Cox plate. He ended up with 30k for the win and 1500 for the place......i havent heard from him yet, better give him a tingle later.
  20. Yep, the old protest. Been a long time since we had one in the Cup. I somehow managed to go the other way and get the quinella x 2 which i didnt have before the protest......However i had the trifecta boxed 10% with all the four (+ a few others) so im sure it would have paid a lot more than it did. Think it was 5k before and 3k after. I can never tell with ladbrokes what tote you get? Anyway i figured i lost around 50 which was ok. Now what about this pick 7 winners for a share of 200K on Racing.com. It costs nothing to enter. Available Emirates. I think we should all have a go. https://pick7.racing.com/
  21. Sydney Race 2 No 6 Navy Cross? Waterhouse/Bott, brained em last time...
  22. mmmmmm....what about.... R4 The Maccas Run No 3 Shared Ambition...... got to be the Omen bet....pity its so short.
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