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  1. He didnt do a lot when the pitches were normal. I thought his bowling was pretty bad a lot of the time and hes very inexperienced. Anderson is the one id be worried about. Yes i couldnt understand our bowling today? Brilliant yesterday gone today. We get Smith back.
  2. Yep, stupid stupid thing to do. Gave his resolve away. Stokes was incredible and determined. Had the luck and the crowd on his side. Leach had no clue, but tried hard as he could. Lyon could have run him out but took his eye off the ball. We definitely lost it. Greatest successful run chase in the history of the game.
  3. Yes but Pain threw the review away, that was crazy. It was miles outside the leg stump. You may as well say well we dont want that review. I just cant understand it.
  4. That was the most incredible innings and incredible game. Speechless. 1-1 2 tests to go. Bring it on.
  5. Not sure i would bring Lyon on here....but what do you do?
  6. Dont think ive ever seen a game like this one.
  7. Mmmmmm....and que the one day match
  8. I really like listening to Warne, he reads the game so well. Often he predicts the strategy, fielding positions, tactics and often knows what happening before the players do. Its also great to hear Micheal Holding really takes you back.
  9. Yep Stokes call and he called yes after hitting it straight to a fielder.....big mistake.
  10. Well we are favourites again now.....
  11. Well thats it Macca and it is a great sport, if not one of the greatest. I dont care that much to be honest because if they win then it keeps the series alive and it would probably go right down to the wire. They may have Archer but we have Smith coming back in. They also have to find a spot for Anderson, so who would they leave out? Many questions yet be answered.
  12. I think from now it turns into a one day match. 6 wickets 120 odd runs. Butler is the specialist 1 day game run chaser. As England start to sense victory and go for the runs, this is where they can lose a few quick wickets as they let their guard down, Both sides could then sense victory and every run will be crucial, if its not already. I think which ever team wins, will have the wood over the other for the rest of the Series. Will be a very interesting next few hours.
  13. Odds now: England 1.44 Australia 2.75
  14. Yep spot on. Stokes is the key. Edit odds now are: England 2.20 Australia 1.67
  15. Drinks. Im pretty confident the game wont last till tea....... Bairstow and Stokes would need a solid 100 run partnership from here and one edge is all its going to take to break it. They look like brothers from another mother ! 173 to win.
  16. Well its certainly a turnaround Macca. They really copped it in the English press. Roy just proved hes a one day player and both he and Burns played rash shots. Roy will be dropped. Yep Root 66 is playing a Captains knock and if he saves them he will reinstate himself as Englands leader. Stokes is the one they have to remove. I think he could carry the innings.
  17. Weekend Monkey: Monday 1.30am EPL Tottenham V Newcastle Tottenham (W) Match +2.5 Goooalaaaa $1.80 Spanish Primera Monday at 03:00 Leganes v Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid Win & Over 1.5 Match Goals $2.60 Portugal Premeira Liga Monday 03.30am Portiminense vs Sporting Lisbon Sporting Lisbon Win (+2.5 Goals Match Score) $2.75 Banana return 13/1 approx. Shake the tree. Good luck Monkeys
  18. Weekend Banana: Monday 1.30am EPL Tottenham V Newcastle Tottenham (W) Match +2.5 Goooalaaaa $1.80
  19. 2-90 Well so far so good you would have to say by the Poms. About time Root put in a captains innings. The partnership (Root and Denly) would have to sat together for another 100 runs at least. I still cant see them getting past 250. 1 wkt and the collapse will be on. The only thing they have on their side is time.
  20. Thanks for your time at MFC Jordan Lewis. Bought intelligence and composure to our club
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