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  1. I think the thing in our favour compared to the UK is the population density. Along with Holland, the UK is one of the most densely populated places going around, ditto Hong Kong. We are lucky everything here is so spread out. I drove past Flemington yesterday and the overall size of the place is just so enormous, its like a small suburb. Might be one of the safest places around to be honest. But as the worldwide toll continues to spiral who knows whats coming next.......never fear Macca, my snails are almost ready ! EDIT: All Victorian racing cancelled now.....Looks like NSW still going for now.
  2. Does this mean we are back to the longest pre-season ever or is it Mad Monday tomorrow? Im totally confused !
  3. Yeah ok, that will work. Look on the bright side, maybe you could go and get a life....
  4. Fed govt will announce lockdown tomorrow my sauce says, announcement in the afternoon, maybe 6pm. ...not that it would take a rocket scientist to work that out, but thats what i heard.
  5. Yeah been onto that one for a while, its great. Its only the facts not the politics. If you click population tag at the very top, it gives you the current world population live update and the top 20 largest countries, the amount of births and deaths in a single day etc....
  6. Because they can catch it from other players through the close contact sport and then take it back to the community which they otherwise would not if they were minimalising contact like everyone else. Contact sports all over the world have been cancelled for the same reason.
  7. I was looking forward to beating T.h.E. F.i.L.t.H. twice....
  8. That look on Scotts face..... that will last me a long time.
  9. Good work Macca. I knew we could count on you! Im not sure about the Chilian form guide, but i did notice Uraguay was abandoned ! Im considering constructing a racetrack right here Macca. We can start training snails midweek and have them at the track by the weekend. You can each have your own stables and its an easy drive up the highway to Ballarat. Barrier draw every wednesday night. Hey we can even have a city vs country cup ! Winner takes home a fresh pack of imported toilet paper.
  10. Well now im wondering if these next few weeks will be the last of racing for a while. Im sure the sport could go on, but what if a few jockeys come down with the virus, will they close it down to stop it spreading. Panic stations i know, but we are now entering unprecedented territory. Lets hope for a swift turnaround around the world. If you want to have a look at the actual figures with live updates and no media or politcal interference then have a look through this website. It even tells you the amount of people on the planet inc births and deaths if you click on population tag at the top. Its quite amazing.
  11. I think i was sort of pointing to the bigger picture....but carry on.
  12. I cant see the season getting completed. NZ now requiring 14 days quarantine, so there goes NRL
  13. Looks like Rosehill might be abandoned due to poor visibility That would be a first for us. Still 1 pick to come in R8.
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