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  1. Gee we seem to not only injure ourselves, but our opposition as well. First Geary now Riewoldt out for 6-8 w.
  2. Yep, follows our 1990s patterns....
  3. Oh these pOrT imbeciles booing absolutely anything including simple possessions by Norf. Its so excruciatingly painful. No idea.
  4. Interesting......but a lot signed contracts last year, so you wouldnt think they would suddenly change their collective thinking.....
  5. There is nothing "dumb" about this thread? Its a good idea. Couldnt do much worse than our current lot. Doubt Hawthorn would let him go atm though. Any chance we could get a new marking coach?
  6. The guy was best on ground easily, has nothing to do with umpiring. Since when did we start booing winners, seriously. F off Essendon. Geelong do it on a weekly basis to, even to their own, so un-Australian.
  7. Yep our 1 tough guy gets totally flattened and forced to leave the field by a guy in his 4th game and not one player went and gave anything back.
  8. Dang sorry, i just saw Friday and 5.00am! Slow burn then. I posted after watching the game, so .......my head was spinning a bit. Dees do that to you. Looks like Feyenoord got up 0-4. nice.
  9. Midweek Monkey Special: Netherlands Eredivisie at 04:45 Thursday NAC Breda v Feyenoord Winning Margin- Feyenoord by 2+ goals $2.15 Friday 5.00am UEFA Club Competitions Arsenal (W) v Valencia and +1.5 goals $2.30 Thursday NBA 10.00am Houston lead at the end of every quarter vs Utah ($2.10) That multi should nag around 10/1 + boost options at various outlets. May the ball be with you!
  10. Midweek Monkey: Friday 5.00am UEFA Club Competitions Arsenal (W) v Valencia and +1.5 goals $2.30
  11. Nice chicken wing by Riewoldt on Fritz.....[censored].
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