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  1. Weekend Monkey: Juventus v Atalanta Juventus win and +2.5 $3.20 (Thought the Italia league was over, but still going).
  2. Total sling tackle with arms pinned. Free kick all day all night. Turned the game.
  3. The umpire was calling play on, but didnt move his arms. Maybe that confused Smith?
  4. Considering the outs and all the traveling the umpires the crowd, we did really really well. We took chances and played 110 times better than last week. Build on this.
  5. Hod I want to beat these cheating whingeing wanking stupid Western Australia nothings
  6. Worried we will run out of legs after the trip to Gold Coast and Perth
  7. Bruce calling that one through, when it was still in the air 20m out.....
  8. I think that Oliver/Hunt goal is the best since Jeff Farmers ...great stuff.
  9. That was the 1st quarter I was expecting to see in the prelim......where has this team been..?!!
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