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  1. I see Qld have put their hand up for the 2020 Grand Final. Is this the year we lose it?!! Reported on ABC radio afternoon.
  2. There is a Night of Thunder that finished 2nd at its only start, going around in race 5 at Curragh tonight (Fri). No 16 Thunder Kiss.
  3. Thanks Macca.....i dont have a TAB account, only Laddies who dont offer. I think you can somehow get the app or something....but i prefer Ch 68/78 if its on at all i guess, on my big screen tele, otherwise...
  4. Just a side note: Bendigo Race 5 No 6 Julika. Jockey: Michelle Payne Trainer: Michelle Payne Not many other places in the world youd see that ! Captain/Coach stuff.....she needs to be careful or somebody will make a film about her !
  5. Ill watch and punt if its televised Macca....youve somewhat converted me to be a believer....but i lose interest a bit if its not on FTA. Yes a good note to end on. I think we had a lot of fun during the season and some terribly unlucky breaks...but hey..all part of the fun !
  6. You gotta wonder about HK and its future. Cant believe whats going on over there. Under the new Chinese laws imposed over HK a lot of those arrested protesters will be spending the rest of their lives in a Chinese prison. Your guilty if you are arrested under the laws there and your "trial" only determines the length of your sentence. They are talking about mass industry wide walkouts with Boris Johnson already saying he accept up to 3 million citizens. He wouldnt say that if he didnt believe it was at least on the cards. Crazy world atm. Good luck tomorrow tho. Zac in the last race was a tip from Hutchy i believe.....? Thanks for the racing season. Its really been fun.
  7. Front Page just smashed em !.....I told a certain other poster on this thread in a txt the day before, that Newsgirls bro was running around and he thought i was kidding because of the name.....was pretty funny. Dettori has really impressed thogh in this carnival. Truely one of the greats of our time. Its been a really amazing carnival considering theres no crowd....i almost am getting used to it ! Really hope the world gets back to normal one day......a long way away i fear tho... ....well done on the exacta !!
  8. Yep. Close and well done DZ. Hope you got on Cherry Tortoni at Flem....another Night of Thunder who is just producing winners all over the place. Theres one tomorrow night at Dusseldorf in Germany....No Credit Limit in Race 9. No price yet that i can see, but prob run fav.
  9. Best Bets: Randwick Race 5 No.6 Southern Lad $3.00 (W) Royal Ascot: Race 5 No 3 Pinatubo $2.80 (W) Royal Ascot Race 6 No.2 Hello Youmzain $4.20 (W) 35/1 this week folks. Good luck punters !
  10. Best Bet: Saturday Ascot: Race 5 No 3 Pinatubo $2.80 (W)
  11. I agree. Something tells me that John Gosling doesnt give 2 hoots about races in Australia. A few of them seem to have that attitude. After watching that, id just give the Melbourne Cup to Stradivarius if it was nominated. Amazing.
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