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  1. Happy New Year everyone....im back from my hols, hope everyone had a good Xmas Monkey Business: NFL Playoffs Mon 10:15am Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers @line -4.0 $1.92
  2. Monkey Business: Italia Serie A Mon 1.00am Bolognia v Atalanta Atalanta (W) $2.00
  3. Hey you guys, soz i was half way up a volcano on the Indonesian island of Lombok yesterday, also dodgy internet. Probably Allah doesnt like me punting ! Hope the tips went ok and ill be back for next week. Cheers D.
  4. Monkey Business: EPL Monday 12.30am Leicester v Everton Leicester and match score +2.5 goals $1.95
  5. He could always be vice captain to keep the peace, its not the u/11s. He can handle it. There was rumors of in-fighting among the co-captains and leadership last year, not a good look.
  6. Yep its a good read and the club is handling it all very well and making sure we all get used to the idea of having one captain again. Good on ya Max.
  7. Yeah it was a good pick for sure!.....i was really annoyed i couldnt bring home the bacon...........i really could find nothing, so it was a bit of a throw at the stumps....they didnt even score, i was gonna, shoulda woulda could a, take Max Verstapen in the F1 who won, but he was 1.80 which for an F1 where anything can happen was too short.
  8. .....found us a new logo !
  9. Monkey Business: Euro Qualifying Mon 4.00am Kosovo vs England England (Win) & +3.5 Goals Match Score $3.10 NFL - Mon 05:00am Detroit v Dallas - Line/Over Under Double Dallas -6.5/Over 46.5 $3.10 Canadian WHL Ice Hockey Mon. 8.00am Vancouver Giants v Lethbridge Hurricanes Vancouver Giants H2H $1.80 17/1 approx this week Monkeys....Good Luck !
  10. Monkey Business: Canadian WHL Ice Hockey Mon. 8.00am Vancouver Giants v Lethbridge Hurricanes Vancouver Giants H2H $1.80 Not 100% sure on the start time as i logged in from Indonesia......might be minus 3 hrs.
  11. Thats exactly what im talking about DZ. Your home and counting the dosh and whammo! How devastating for you. That was quite incredible....fantastic header by the keeper. I shall add AC MIlan to the list.
  12. Im gonna start a banned list of teams and players that are never ever to be bet on again (just for a laugh). Feel free to add to this list as we go. These teams are chockers, impossible to predict, perennial losers or just downright frustrating. On top of the list is Melbourne Victory. The team that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory....and does it often......guaranteed to do your money 9/10 times. Not necessarily in order: Melbourne Victory England V New Zealand (mainly cricket, but probably anything) Canberra Raiders Tom Melbourne Collingwood Rabbitohs Gold Coast (anything) Alex De Minaur (well every-time i bet on him anyway) Arsenal AC Milan ........
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