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  1. Did Freo sign Hogan to the 8 years he wanted? I thought I read somewhere it is only a 3 year contract. I really think there was something more to all of this if that is the case.
  2. I think Mahns did exceptionally well given he had to deal with a massive basket case of a club that only appointed its list manager a few days before the period began, who happens to be one of the worst cases of little man syndrome I have ever encountered (I used to be neighbors with Peter Bell in Ascot Vale when he was at North, he has always been a f l o g who thinks he's smarter than everyone else).
  3. Sent forward after getting a knock according to Goody post match
  4. Smith was sent forward after getting a minor injury, Goody confirmed in his post match
  5. I agree, right now his best position is high half forward with stints in the midfield, but given the change to the forward structure, I think he's learning where he fits in around those big guys. I'm not worried about it because he's an extreme talent, but no doubt the coaches will be working with him so he influences games like we know he can.
  6. People, we'r talking about Flighty Blighty here, he works balls to the wall on whatever floats his boat at any given time, had some huge successes and failures based on that, logic & reason be damned...... his MFC 2018 comments here will fall into the failure category ?
  7. I want an enquiry into why MC hates the MFC so much!!
  8. Hard to split ANB, Harmes & Melksham as players to really impress me most in JLT 1, followed by Salem. Gawn I kind of expected. Oh yeah, calling it early..... we won the Watts trade hands down. Fritsch will play and influence more games this year so long as his body holds up, you can tell he's a freakish talent, whereas Watts will forever be untapped. Heart was barely in it for a club he loved, goodluck Hinkely cuddling him to his fullest potential....
  9. Took 2 seconds on google, that too hard for you? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/video-jack-watts-sends-heartbreaking-message-to-loyal-melbourne-fan/news-story/1742fef5bdd9d53e5a11d21f7be1264e https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.triplem.com.au/sport/afl/news/jack-watts-has-a-cheeky-dig-at-melbourne-in-a-fan-video/amp
  10. thevil1

    Liam Ryan

    How did I 'blast' away? What you said was wrong.....
  11. thevil1

    Liam Ryan

    Wrong, we will use 4 picks in the draft & if any more rookies are picked up they'll have to qualify for Cat B status.
  12. In rough order...... North, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Carlton, Freo, Collingwood, West Coast, Saints, Bulldogs, Hawks, Bombers, Geelong, Tigers, Port (such an easy draw, I don't rate them). We'll be up there with Sydney, Adelaide & GWS imo.
  13. Your hilarious!! You a Melbourne supporter still or just a Watts supporter these days? We will smash that soft as butter Port side from pillar to post. I hope Jack plays well, nothing against him, but Port will be this years flop, plenty of pre season hype, talked up as flag favourites, but ultimately they'll only bully the lesser teams & do nothing in finals. Hinkley has just doubled down on down hill skiing football.
  14. We are top 4 bound in 2018, stop stressing fellas
  15. Anyone else excited about us playing Port next year? I can't wait!!!
  16. Because only the bitter whingers bother to comment as they are hurt about losing the match winning favourite bloke jack watts. I'm wrapt with Lever, top 4 here we come. About time we got a bit ruthless too, Jack was taking us nowhere.
  17. He won't make either at any club let alone us, hence his public statement to be picked up by a club on the up where he has a few ties to the fd. Will play for Werribee or Williamstown at best. Comments about him finally having his body right were also made by Dawes when we delisted him & he still hasn't managed to put on any boots since.
  18. He's still having digs at Nathan Jones, probably another still bitter about golden boy Jack being dumped by the club & taking it out on a bloke who really bleeds for us...... pathetic excuse of a 'supporter', wish we could dump a few them off on port adelaide along with Jack the way they are carrying on.
  19. This, game has passed him by & I'd rather put time into tim smith, cramerie will be full time vfl in 2018 for sure.
  20. Was a cat b rookie, he is already signed for 2 years and will be promotedto main list at the draft, was announced ages ago.
  21. thevil1

    Ruck depth

    Pedo played his best footy there.
  22. Gawn, Hogan, the 2 captains, Petracca & Oliver. That is it, it's far too crowded otherwise. Or if going with past champs as some want, just Jako & the Wiz so I'm g'teed to smile. Daisy should be on a banner of her own for an aflw board, best women player in the land & genuine pioneer. (Btw, after we win the flag in 2018 it should be PJ, Mahoney & Goody on the banner in 2019.)
  23. You don't beat Rance by tagging him because that means he still dictates his movements & plays his game of going to the ball regardless of his man 'tagging' him. You beat him by effectively playing through his man like Geeling did with Taylor or how our forwards have played ok on him previously or by effective short balls into the forward line or by quick crosses that shift the whole defense with a quick hit up to a lead. Its all easier said than done & that's what makes them great defenders, but that is how you normally beat a dominant 3rd man defense up like those that have used Rance, McGovern & Lever. I really think Lever will be huge for us for this very reason.
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