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  1. 4 unpaid free kicks in a row to Melksham.........unpaid....Disgraceful .
  2. I really hope we are playing at 40%......If not we have a bit to do.
  3. Clarry's been quiet too. We appear to be half arsed in our tackling. Hope they get their act together in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Thank you very much. Yes Col always was on for a chat and the first to put up his hand to help out. I think if you drill down we were something like 2nd cousins but were always aware of each other and always had a chat about the footy. He will be missed. Thanks again. Greg Sylvia.
  5. I am a relative of Colin and am shocked and saddened by his passing, Life just isn't fair sometimes. Just in relation to the origins of the name, It is widely believed to be of Portuguese origin. De Silva, De Sylva are some of the derivatives. My Great Grandfather, who would also be a lineal ancestor of Colin was from the upper north east of the USA around Boston Massachusetts. Regards. GS.
  6. Long bomb forward and................turnover....FMD.
  7. Classic...in the goalsquare.....panic takes over.
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