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  1. True, but it annoys the [censored] out of me. I know respect must be earned but everyone taking pot shots wears a bit thin sometimes.... I get what you're saying tho.
  2. The purest in me would suggest "Too High".......;-)
  3. Brereton showing us no respect on Fox Footy, Implying he was on his phone for much of the first half. We cop it from all sides and sit and take it.
  4. Both holding....for 5 minutes, blow the whistle, [censored] free kick Richmond...Cheating [censored].
  5. Max's head ripped off....Play on. FMD.
  6. Holding, Holding, Holding, Holding.....[censored] umpire, Change the record.
  7. Again......I am so angry at the standard of umpiring....disgraceful.
  8. God this umpiring will be the [censored] end of me.
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