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  1. Is Bedford known for his running ability or has he come back in ultra good knick?
  2. Article on fox sports saying Dee’s are firming on Jackson at pick 3.
  3. He’s put a $1m contract on his head to scare off other possible suitors.
  4. Some of his games this year were reminiscent of Zac Dawson’s 1st few games.
  5. Pick 3 + 8 for Smith. Mahoney praised for getting deals done.
  6. They have 0 high paid stars. They’d have an open cheque book.
  7. The training induction. Bring a bottle to drink water and bring an empty to wee in.
  8. We were gonna take him on a tour of our facilities then we remembered we don’t have any.
  9. Ok. Who do we move our attention to now?
  10. I suspect there is a higher financial offer from the hawks and we don’t want to match. if this ends up being frost out, Langdon in, that’s a win.
  11. Great speech Max. This guy is the right person to lead us forward.
  12. There really isn’t a lot of content on this live stream.
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