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  1. Gawn’s already been making his ongoing contribution, so he’s perhaps not really seen as a reason that they’d ‘spring back in 2020’, unless he takes his game to an even higher level this year, if that’s possible.
  2. Thanks - sounds encouraging. About a quarter of those drafted this year seem to have come from WA. Even if we accept the strength of the “go home factor” that so many seem concerned about, I don’t see how the two WA clubs can accommodate all of this year’s WA draftees supposedly wanting to return home from their respective non WA clubs in a couple of years or so. Player list number restrictions, salary cap, trade requirements - don’t see how West Coast and Freo can pull off bringing all those players - and that’s just from this year‘s draft - back to WA.
  3. 4. Greater Western Sydney (received from Adelaide as part of a pick swap; originally received from Carlton in 2018)
  4. The 9 news item also mentioned Oliver and showed footage of him going down. Also mentioned and showed Melksham nursing a hand injury, but suggested that it was minor.
  5. Ruckman Jack Hannath recruited by Fremantle?
  6. On that basis the Gabba in Brisbane should probably be the true “G”.
  7. Except for Anzac Eve, which happens to fall on a Friday night next year.
  8. He was seemingly just ‘taking the [censored]’ out of Melbourne all along, where he has previous form: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5053641/Jamie-Elliott-arrested-drunkenly-urinating-bin.html
  9. the “big dance” Can’t it just remain known as the Grand Final?
  10. Yeah Bonar first...then Cumming.
  11. Not sure that many are on the same page as our fd...possibly players included.
  12. My main concern if they did happen to win their last two games would be that it might lull the football department, players etc. into another false sense of security ahead of pre season and next season, and the opportunity to continue with the usual positive spin “We always believed in the game plan, we’re playing “the Melbourne way” with those last two wins of the season, launches us positively into next season, no need for a review, overhaul. rebuild, just need to tweak a few things” etc. Not that I particularly want them to lose their last two games either, but at least that would leave the stark reality for all to see of so few wins for the season and keeps the heat on all concerned at the club to try to actually do something about it.
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