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  1. WE will be taking picks 2 and 3 into the draft. Im happy with this.
  2. Welcome to the club H. Can`t wait to see you streaming off the half back line.
  3. Danger was never coming this year . Re open the thread in 12 months
  4. Now saying that's were trading for pick 12 to swap with St.kilda cause we badly want petrecca. Lol
  5. I'd be happy going to the draft with picks 2 & 3. Clubs need to make us offers now. The ball is in our court.
  6. Haha mate you can believe what you want. Paddy will be a crow this year and next.
  7. Paddy won't be going anywhere!! I know for a fact he won't even be put up as discussion from Adelaide !
  8. Paddy is staying put this year... Won't be traded !
  9. If collingwood get pick 4 for beams , there going to be going hard at Danger.
  10. If it's 4 years at around 450k-500k it wouldn't be enough to get #3
  11. If Paddy noms us at the end of next year, there isn`t much that other teams can do.. Don`t underestimate how much the Goodwin factor will play. Very well respected by all Adelaide players. The Judd of Adelaide !
  12. I`m hearing we are targeting Paddy, but next year free agency period. On thinking we get him for free without having to use up a pick. Would it be worth giving up a pick 2 or 3 (if Frawley compo is correct) which could be a 10 year player. Or wait a year and use pick 2 on a kid, pick 3 on a ready made player, then get Paddy as a free agent?
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